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Saturday, March 31, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

EWWWW . !!
omg whart the blardy FUCK !
got one idiotic guy called L4wR3nCe lUc1F3R added miie , said ii look like 25 years old .
ii dowannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!
thart guy ashoo damn irritating one narhsx , he ask miie whether ii got boyfriend marh then ii say ii dowan to have .
he asked issit cosh nobody want miie .
ii`m single by choice k euu bastard .
he somemore stiiu ask miie go find him coshh alort of his friends wanna know miie .
ii know why they wanna know miie for la horhsx and ii`m nort thart kind of desperate and sluttish girls who anyhow meets guys thart aren`t even fucking connected to miie through maii friends .
and he added , "i noe y u dun like boy liao...u like gal" .
chaonehneh . whart the fuck . stoopiid shitty asshole .
honggan . its so hard to find decent guys nowadays .
ohplease who the hell does he think he iish , just becoshh he got so maniie damn angkong on his body he thinks thart he`s God`s gift to girls .
ii spit on uuer goddamn angkongs .
ii dunno why but ii just have alort of angst inside today , feeling pek chek for no damn reason at all .
the end of the world may be coming as far as we know .

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Friday, March 30, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

after school today went to causeway point wiibe lydiaBURGER , leehaoSEXSLAVE and yingjieKOR to buy bag .
ended up buying a jacket .
LeeHao`s famous in woodlands now !!
coshh being our beloved sexslave , it iish normal for miie and Lydia to order him around marhsx .
so he was carrying his own bagpack , a shoulder bag , a sling bag and a plastic bag .
everybody that walked pass him will turn behind and stare de .
sooooooooo damn fucking hilarious la .
the 3 of us were laughing away like craziie , except for LeeHao , he was twuu busy basking in the attention and adoration of the maniie shoppers at causeway to join us .
no need to thank us la LeeHao , ii know we`re sweet .

popularity in just an hour at woodlands .
power .
and the photo ii took of him ish undeniably "kiiute" .

3:44:00 PM

Thursday, March 29, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

ii reallii lurrve piggybacks .

6:41:00 PM

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

we had 2 and a half free periods today then got so much time to do alort of things .
like for example , trying to strip LeeHao , but miie , lydiaBURGER and sallyBABIIE onlii managed to get his shirt above his chest nias , how disappointing . we intended to whip his shirt off and throw it down to level 1 . nevermind next time free can try again .
miie and Lydia ashoo dragged him to the girls` toilet .
ii can tell he felt so honoured becoshh he cried tears of joy .

took some photos of LeeHao . wahahahs he look verii the "shuaii" siials .
but laziie to put up on blog la .

got yingjieKOR to piggyback miie when we were going back class after refilling their water bottles .
so long neber get piggybacked liao hehhhhhhs SHO FUN SHO FUN ii want again !
ii piggybacked Afiqah twuu and swang her around . gawd she reallii verii light lorhsx .

ii absolutely adore YingJie and LeeHao . they`re so fun to play wiibe .

made a rule thart no one else iish supposed to bully LeeHao except for miie , Lydia and Sally .
we own him , our personal property .
and he`s ashoo our personal sex slave .
it`s his fuqi okiie . . tiish priviledge comes onlii once in a bluemoon .

5:53:00 PM

Tuesday, March 27, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

stayed back at school today from 2pm to 5pm .
peii-ed lydiaBURGER until she completed her cca and took the time to revise maii history instead of just stoning like whart ii owaes did last time .
then Tan Yee Kan walked past while miie and Lydia were studying .
when he realised who we were , he stood there for awhile staring at us either in disbelief or shock .
hahaaas dunnchh say him la ii maiiself am ashoo shocked at maii abrupt change in attitude towards maii studies .
so maybe falling out of lurrve was a good thing after all . . . iif euu dunnchh mind the occasional stuggles not to cry every night when alone in the room then it`s okiie .

desmondKORKOR said ii look like LindaLiao .
siiao , who the blarding effing hell iish thart ?

life`s twuu short to live it just for euu ~
ii can and will get over euu ; it`s just a matter of time .

6:06:00 PM

Saturday, March 24, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

freakiiiie .

last night when ii was in maii room sleeping wiibe Honey , she suddenly stood up and started barking non stop at absolutely nothing facing a corner of maii room . she then got down maii bed , slowly went over to thart corner , looked up at something that apparently ii couldn`t see as there was nothing there and continued barking wiibe her tail down .

scared the fuck out of miie .
ii grabbed Honey and practically flew down the stairs to maii bro`s room , where ii spent the night .

ii wonder whether ii stiiu dare sleep in maii room tonight or nort .

6:42:00 PM

Friday, March 23, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

ii`m sooooo damn boreddddd now la .

maii younger brother got caught shoplifting in j8 ntuc tiish afternoon ,
maii mother after picking miie from OAC rushed over there to get him .
lucky that guy give chance and neber called the police or maii bro will have a freaking black mark on his record for the rest of his life . whart a loser , dunno how to kope dunnchh kope la . shoplift until so obvious .
then when maii mother was at the cashier paying for the things he stole , he ran away and was never to be seen or found again .

kae la , ii`m just joking . he ran to maii ahma`s house .
where maii father later on drove over there to whack him .
pity he was such an idiot if he just returned home ii could have helped him block again .
ah wells .

stole yingjieKOR`s food today .
the crabmeat was just hanging out from his mouth and just to purposely annoy him , ii pulled it out and ate it .
HAHS . who ask him to frame miie and then somemore stiiu can accuse miie of watching porn .

ii know whart to buy for chinrongKOR`s birthday le !
but stiiu need to think of what to buy for andy , terence , yonghuat and minyi .
arggghhhs whart to do , ii`m just twuu sweet . ^^

ii miss him so much .

9:13:00 PM

Thursday, March 22, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

YUCKSSS . !!!!!!!
deweiKOR lc wiibe joel before ! he stiiu can say they do alort of other things like thart de .
EEEEE digusting lorhs !
brothers mean can do gay stuff like thart and nort feel awkward later on de mehs ?

wahahahs ii bet wiibe dewei about something , if either one of us lose then must give the winner $5 and do some forfeit .
hmmmms but the forfeit haben decided yet .
ii ask him lc wiibe either dexter or andy he dowan he say onlii lc wiibe joel he dunnchh mind .
but ii dunnchh reallii know who`s joel lorh so nort fun de ma .
ii ashoo suggested to him wa sai kang lai pi he ashoo dowan .
idiiiiiiiiiiiiiot . so choosy one .

7:28:00 PM

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

ii`m gonna to concentrate in school lerhs so ii can get results better than maii first term de ,
first term one was ATROCIOUS lorhs ii everything all fail except surprisingly for science . physics got 60% , chemistry got 43% , science overall iish 51.5% .
ii swear ; ii`m seriously nort going to have any stead le until after o levels ,
for now ii onlii wanna focus on maii studies .
tiish time ii reallii am going to fulfil maii resolution .

dunnchh believe miie ?
if ii go back on maii word , ii promise that ii would treat all the viewers of maii blog to Equinox .
or maybe Morton Restaurant . it`s more expensive than Equinox .
and ii mean really really ex .
last year maii father brought miie and maii family there to celebrate maii advancing to Express .
god , after the meal came the bill , which ii so happened to see and maii jaw practically dropped to the ground .

moving on . . ii`m so damn freaking proud of maiiself today .
for the first time in maii secondary school life ii was concentrating in every lesson at school (except for chem larhs coshh ii reallii dunnchh have a clue wtf missyap was talking about) .
PLUS !! ii even attended pe instead of running away when ii knew today there was a 2.4 run .
first time tiish year for nort escaping a 2.4 .

lydia kiss miie !! ii`m neber gonna pangsehh euu for pe again lerhs !

thankiiew maii sweet sweet edwardKORKOR for caring so much about miie and pei-ing miie sms when ii`m sad regardless of what the time was .
lurrbe die euu le ahkor .

7:54:00 PM

but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

hehhs .
from tiish day on miie no longer known as chunsiang`s laopo le .
he`s maii gan bitch now ! wahahahs .
just now on the phone talking to him found out his feelings fade le then no point in continuing ma so miie break lorhsx .
then ii on the phone over there uncontrollably laughing and crying like some mad woman .
even maii bitch was laughing at miie . =_=

ii`m going to be just fine wiibeout him although ii know ii will miss him a whole blardy lot .
but ii have so many of maii precious gans surrounding miie wiibe their lurrve , what more can a girl ask for ?

sorwiie to all maii baobeii gans whom ii somehow offended and pangsehhed just coshh of chunsiang .
ii know ii should have put maii gans in the first priority but ii was just twuu caught up wiibe maii stead thart time to think properly .
ii swear from now on maii gans are the most important to miie , even if some other guy comes into maii life ii would stiiu lurrve them best .

MUACKS ii hearrt all of euu maii baobeiis forever . !!

11january to 21march
thanks for giving miie another chance to lurrve euu again
it has been fun
and ii would never forget euu

12:39:00 AM

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

alot of people having their birthdays next month ;
chinronqKOR , terenceDIDI , andyanqKOR , yonqhuatKOR , edwardKOR , minyiJIE and junwaiKOR .
need save up on maii money oweadii , instead of feeding them to the ducks .

did ii mention how muchh ii hate tuition ?
ii hate tuition alot .

randy`s such a dick .
he said his mum wants him to be emasculated .
his definition of emasculate = meeting one`s spouse`s parents .
the onlii reason ii can find why ii`m proud to call him maii cousin is probably just coshh he provides some comic relief in our family .

bleeughs ii`m going to have maii superduper lonq afternoon nap now .

note* daweiKOR going court on 3rd april .

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