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Friday, April 27, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

i wonder who`s the mysterious, perverted fuck who reports what i write in the internet to my father. that person`s quite retarded anyway.. alot of things which i write on my blog are not entirely true. it`s just there to entertain.
it`s sort of exhilarating to have an internet stalker... in a stifling way.
pity that i had to delete away that post. it was one of my best.
ohwell.. easy come easy go. just as long as i don`t mention any names or positions when i`m insulting someone in my blog is legally right. freedom of speech, no?

so i would like to rephrase one part of the post which i wrote last night and deleted this afternoon;
my ethereal and seraphic sweetness wasn`t inculcated, it was already there at my incandescent birth so if you were present at the time of my birth, you could practically see the halo hovering just above my head and feel this consecrated aura radiating from me when i was just brought out of my mother`s womb. somewhat like some people being borned with this pedophiliac ambience that seem to engulf them and they grow up with the constant obsession for innocent, little boys and girls. these kind of people have certain trademarks by the way, for example they like to call others "a piece of crap". watch out for them.. they could be anyone in your office, your school or etc.
so... my birth and that person`s birth is somewhat similiar just that mine emanates a paradisaical glow while that person`s birth emanates an abhorrent glow,
plus the fact that i will grow up to have a monogamous, angelic personality, and that person simply grows up to be a libidinous pedophile that everyone loathes.

that`s the heeeeuge contrast of me and that detestable person. and i`ve put it into words with an appropriate tone without stating his position, name or whatsoever-stuff-about-him.
it`s completely juridical.
so i would like to watch some halfwit attempting to sue my ass off. no doubt it`ll be piquant.

don`t get your panties in a twist.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

i`m supposed to go pasir ris today with my cousys and bros again. but i just pulled out cause i have this gigantic headache thart feels like a major hangover, and the thing is i didn`t drink for a week already so i can`t explain why i`m feeling so goddamn crappy.
someone* suggested it could be from lack of love.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
probably. or maybe it`s because i miss lydia too much.
the stupid "table" song my younger bro`s playing isn`t helping either. i hate that song.

i just realised what a sick, twisted and cruel world we live in. why do ii have to fall for him? i`m so totally contradicting myself now, ii was supposed to mainly concentrate on my studies and sisters, not obsessing over a particular guy.
to think i used to despise those who aren`t able to stick to their resolutions.
somebody slap me to kingdom come please. i`ve had enough trying to ignore my heart.

12:21:00 PM

Monday, April 09, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Dawei didn`t go in boys` home . DeweiKOR owes miie $5 and some other forfeit thart we haben decided on leeeeerhs .
shit ii should have accepted when he say bet our handphones .

LeeHao and YingJie , ii`m annoucing tiish publicly in maii blog which is open to billions of people all around the world , so thart the 2 of euu will be able to register it in uuer brains ok ?
ii DO NOT have the hots for NenZai .
whartever possessed the both of uuer into thinking thart ii like him ?!? that ish so not going to happen , not in a million years .

10:55:00 PM

Sunday, April 08, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

today was a day unlike any other day during maii weekends . instead of waking up at mid-afternoon and stoning infront of the computer for ii whole day ii did something else . something outdoorsy .
ii woke up at 8am and went fishing plus crabbing wiibe maii 2 idiot male cousins plus maii 2 retarded , sissy brothers .
bought the equipment from Changi Village first then headed to Pasir Ris .
we cast our nets and fishing rods into the water from the bridge and waited .
while waiting , ii was freaking bored so ii took a net , threw it into the water and caught a jellyfish . euu wunnchh believe the number of jellyfish we saw at another bridge in a swamp larhsx , the whole area was infested wiibe all the different colours and sizes of jellyfish . it was so pweety , and at the same time , scary . whart if a person accidentally falls into the water ?

in the afternoon when we were stiiu waiting for the crustaceans and little dumbass fishys to get caught , we went to rent bikes for 3 hours .

we cycled to the RedHouse . when we reached , Darren took out 2 ciggys to give to the stonelions , he at first refused to offer de budden we managed to talk him into it wiibe all those stories of the redhouse .
after offering the ciggys , Randy and Darren walked into the house . ZhanHan , Derek and ii didn`t dare go in so we stayed outside the gate . ii found it verii weird thart the gate was open larhsx coshh ii heard thart last time , people had to climb over the fence to get inside to explore . hmmmms but whartever .
they were in there for quite a long time , at least it seemed a long time to miie . . after awhile they ran out , shouting "GOGOGO" , so we mounted our bikes and zoomed away .
on the way back to the bridge they told us thart they heard something . apparently , they stepped over tiish branch in the house to go into a room , then the branch just broke when they were in the room like somebody else stepped on it after they went in , so they went dashing out .
in maii opinion ii think daytime iish much more scarier than nightime when euu visit the RedHouse . cosh Randy said the first time he went it was at night and couldn`t see any shit at all but today when he went he saw alort of weird stuff .
like according to them , the bathtub being all black like something was or had been burned , a seemingly bottomless pit and maniie other things .

anyways we went back to the bridge , cycled around for awhile , ogled at a group of ahbeng shuaiisters ( thart onlii applies to miie , nort maii brothers nor cousins , gawd thart would be so embarrassing , having gays as maii relatives ) then returned the bikes , checked on our catch for awhile , left the nets there and went to eat dinner .
it was so relaxing , having dinner at the beach and watching the sun setting at the same time wiibe the seabreeze in our faces . no doubt its gonna cause pimples to pop up again . stoopiid polluted air .
but ii can say , ii managed to forget all maii problems and stress during thart time .

went back to the bridge after dinner to check again .
so far from morning to now , we caught onlii a few crabs , one little fishy thart was bigger than the bait , and some colourful jellyfish thart we threw back in the sea .
so pathetic , last night when we went we caught so much more than today .
ahwells maybe its maii older bro`s bad luck . he wasn`t wiibe us yesterday night .
but the crabs dunnch last long , yesterday`s catch died within a few hours after we put it at home , it began to stink in the morning so we had no choice but to throw them into the rubbish bin before we went out .

was around 8pm when we reached home , maii bros and ii found out thart our skins had a different colour tone and it was pracitcally radiating heat from the red parts .
SUPER DISGUSTING LARHSX . after all maii skin was much more whiter than theirs so mine was the most contrasting . and it`s itchy twuu . how strange , ii have thart type of skin thart tans rather than sunburns so how come ii have sunburn now ? ii would rather tan .
ii complained to Randy about maii sunburn and asked him whether he got it twuu . he smsed back saying it looks damn red , damn kiiute and he looks like a handsome sunkissed surfer now . why am ii so not surprised having him make a comment like thart . ? =_=

ii feel so proud of maiiself , it has been YEARS since ii`ve reallii enjoyed maiiself in the sun . aga-aga should be about 10 years le bahh .

ii think ii would be peeling like craziie tomorrow . have to remind maiiself to bring sunblock next time we go again .

9:02:00 PM

Friday, April 06, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

finished reading "TrainMan" . it`s such a sweet little real life fairytale .
proof thart happiie endings do exist after all .

aniiwaeeees . . . got one shuaiister working at chin huat there just added miie on friendster , got see him before everytime go there wiibe maii cousins . can`t be mistaken , 2 long purple extensions .
arrgggghhsss and he`s chaopo`s brother .
whart a pity . he`s so shuaii .

11:59:00 AM

Thursday, April 05, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

ii`ve got a few books to recommand . !

currently ii`m reading tiish book called "TrainMan" , dunno if y`all know tiish but when it first came out , it took Japan by storm .
apparently , it was lifted directly from a Japan`s chat forum .
tiish guy who calls himself Trainman updates his virtual friends about tiish girl whom they call , Hermes . they met on the train and fell in love , so on and so forth .

andd . . . the best book ii`ve ever read ish "The Bitch Posse" .
ii dunno how describe it larh . it`s just simply brillant okiie .
it shows the actions and consequences of 3 female juvenile delinquents who used to be as close as sisters when they were teenagers later becosh they accidentally murdered someone in the process of teaching him a lesson , everything changed for them .
one took the rap and got sent to the looney bin for 10 over years , the other 2 went seperate ways .
ii reallii lurrved thart story , whart wiibe all the underage smoking , virginity , drugs , joints , sisters kind of shit .
unfortunately , ii dunnchh have thart book wiibe miie lerhsx , Ahyi made miie throw it away thart time .
shit ii shouldn`t have listened . books like thart are a rare find in singapore .

10:54:00 PM

Tuesday, April 03, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

seriously speaking , ii have a feeling that judgement day ish fast approaching .
many of the signs from the book of Revelations ish revealing itself to the world we live in now . like for example , false prophets and charismatic churches are popping up in abundance everywhere , euu can so tell la whart wiibe all those brainless idiots trying to copy whart the moron beside them ish doing ( hinthint ; something thart ish impossible to learn unless bestowed upon euu by God himself ) .
there`s ashoo that bullshit story , the da vinci code , where the author insisted that it was all facts and Jesus reallii did have a descendant like it said so in the movie and book .

ii refuse to be brainwashed by such idiocy so ii decide ii`m going back to maii old church , zion bible presbytarian . where although old and super boring , it stiiu somehow gives miie a deep sense of security and belonging .
how much ii regret for nort treasuring maii those blissful childhood days in church . ii practically knew all the biblical stories like the back of maii hand . now ii can onlii recall a thing or 2 .
gawd , whart kind of monster have ii transformed into ? ii feel so dirty .
ii came to knew of God when ii was just a squealing infant in maii mother`s arms . every sunday ii would faithfully attend sunday school lessons and attentively listen to the teacher teaching us everything there was to know about the bible .
but when ii hit the age of puberty everything changed , ii started to rebel against maii parents for all the things they did to miie when ii was young and helpless .
just to spite them , ii turned away from God and permanently stopped going to church . ii begin to realise now thart ii was onlii hurting maiiself .

if euu had read the bible for uuer whole entire life like ii had then euu probably know whart ii`m talking about . if not , just keep uuer trap shut for euu would most likely not know whart ii am talking about and euu`re not fit to pass any criticism or whartsoever .
dunnchh get miie wrong , ii dunnchh think ii`m like a saint or anything near holy , ii dowan to be accused of bragging about how a great christian ii am or something like thart . ii know ii`ve probably committed more sins than an average person .
and did ii mention about maii hatred for all those christians thart dunnchh act like christians but keep thinking thart they`re super flawless and erms , acting real christian-y ( sorwiie lorhs but ii reallii can`t find any other word to describe thart ) .
yeahs , they`re so contridicting themself la can .

and while ii`m here ii ashoo wanna add thart maniie people dunnchh treasure whart they have until it`s gone .
ii mean come on la , miie and Lydia are trying to catch a breather from all those bastard exs who so thoughtlessly broke and stomped all over our hearts when other girls who treat their steads like shit are being treated in turn like queens .
goddamn , if some guy delivered something to miie right at maii doorstep , early in the morning , on a school day , ii swear ii would be so touched til ii burst out in tears on thart verii spot . and there she was just oh-so-coolly saying she doesn`t need thart item anymore and dismiss him just like he`s one of her maniie thousand slaves .

oh and just in case , ii`m nort indicating thart miie and Lydia reallii take euu as our slave okiie LeeHao ? ii think euu should ashoo know thart deep down we reallii lurrve euu and YingJie truckloads like our brothers .
euu know , euu can let all those fuckers wiibe bird droppings for brains think whart they wanna think , just as long as we 4 know the truth thart`s whart it reallii matters right ?
ii dunnchh see the need to stoop to their level . we are way much twuu high class for thart .

so aniiwaes . . ii`ve proven maii point .
the world has no justice . judgement day iish arriving , ii just know it .
maniie are going to perish for their unrependable sins horribly and tragically .
the next shit thart euu take could verii well be uuer last .

hmmm . . ii think ii`m laying it on a little bit twuu thick dunnchh euu think ?
maii guess about the world ending verii soon ii mean . nort the shit .

9:50:00 PM

Monday, April 02, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

was fucking sick today so skipped school . yingjieKORKOR wasn`t feeling well twuu so he skipped it as well . get well soon kaes korkor so can piggyback miie again . ^^
sorwiie ii couldn`t be there for euu , miie one and onlii Burger , Lydia .
and from whart Lydia told miie , ii can savely assume that maii hypothesis has been proven correct .
Theory; Guys are the worst kind of species that ever live .
except for onlii a handful like euu know , ChinRong , LeeHao , YingJie , Derrick , DesmondLin and a few more others ( trust miie ok , it`s fully platonic ) .
While the rest are unfeeling , heartless ,moronic , selfish fuckers thart dunnch give a shit about others but onlii for themselves .
pathetic losers like them ought to be extinguished from the face of tiish earth , we girls can like help neutralise them or something .

things will eventually work out Burger , they owaes do . at least for euu and miie .
dunnchh worriie so much . no matter what ii`ll owaes be there for euu , and the same goes for maii sallyBABIIE ( but lately she seems reallii cold ) .
ii lurrve euu girls forever and tiish ish nort an empty promise . ii wunnchh lie the way those bastard guys thart broke our hearts did .
ii remain true to maii words til maii last breath .

3:31:00 PM

Sunday, April 01, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

ii dreamt of him* last night again .
when issit going to stop .
ii can`t fucking take it anymore .

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