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Thursday, July 31, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I made chocolates to give to Xiao V today! It`s for no special occasion though. I just felt like making it for him since I have so much free time at home. So earlier today, I got my mother to bring me to Thomson Plaza`s Fairprice to get the required ingredients.

I made a batch for my family to eat too. However, I ended up eating most of them.

I am such a sweet girlfriend, a filial daughter and a good sister. Although the batch for my family I decorate until like shit because I never put the heart into doing it. But at least I made for them ok! Better than nothing right!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I simply just don`t get it.

In Singapore, when a pretty girl has makeup on and dresses sexily with high heels, she is immediately labelled by other fellow Singaporeans as a slut. Singaporean aunties will scan her up and down with disgusted looks on their faces as if they are more superior than the pretty girl in many ways. Singaporean uncles will ogle very openly, some gutsy ones even will run up next to her and shamelessly peer down her cleavage.

Dressing scantily doesn`t mean that one is a prostitute.

Why is it in Singapore when pretty girls show a little more skin than usual they are called sluts? Whereas compared to China or Taiwan, the chiobuhs who dress sexily are referred to as "辣妹(hot chick)", that sounds waaaaaay much better than "slut".

I think it is highly probable that the Singaporean women (mostly ugly aunties and fat-as-shit girls) are secretly jealous that these pretty ladies have the figure to wear sexy clothes while they don`t but just die die don`t want to admit it. So as to console themselves, they call the pretty girls prostitutes. Yo seriously, I find it fucking pathetic. Just because the aunties and fat girls are butt-ugly, it doesn`t give them the right to anyhow label a chiobu as a prostitute.

Normally when gorgeous, classy, sexily-clad ladies totter pass in their high-heels, people will look and so many times I have seen the aunties and fatass girls shooting them distasteful glares. So many times I have heard them whispering unnecessarily to their friend, "Slut" with a not so conspicuous jerk of head in the said chiobu direction. So many times their friend would turn up her lip and nod in agreement.

Good gracious you ugly-bag-of-crap Singaporean women! As I always say, "Stop the hating and start the loving!" (Actually I don`t always say that, this is the first time I`ve came up with it. But thought that it would be impactful-ish to add that in.) Pretty things are meant to be admired, not hate!

I can`t judge for the uncles though. Maybe they are just being normal guys. You know what with the constantly raging hormones regardless of their age, and following the instincts of their *ahem* tool. Yes, I know I am being very sexist with the previous statement, but haha I don`t care! Go fuck a cow.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

This is my precious little Baby Candy! She`s so adorable!

On a different note, pyschologist test came out today. It proved I had ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder). HAHA! SUCK ON THAT TCH!

Don`t worry. This doesn`t mean I am certified mentally retarded or what.

ADHD does not mean I am retarded ok you retards!

ADHD in a nutshell means that I have a very low attention span, super restless and defiant for no apparent reason. The pyschologist told me that my bad temper and rash actions is not due to attitude problem but are signs of ADHD.

TCH just got proven wrong! I can`t wait to see his reaction when he sees the report and knows I really got attention deficit! Maybe next time that old joke will think twice before anyhow diagnosising whether a pupil have a disorder or not. Perhaps he`ll make one last feeble attempt to prove himself right. Maybe he would suggest that I cheated on the test or something. It`s not possible anyway though because they tested me not only on my attention span, but also on alot of other things as well. So I won`t know which parts I am supposed to cheat on.

Just now when I looked at the report, a mixture of feelings overwhelmed me. It took me around 5 minutes before I could register what the pychologist was saying to me. I instantly felt elated that I have ADHD because I could prove TCH wrong but at the same time I felt so out-casted. This means I`m different from others.

But I recovered later on because I thought it over and it is not really that big a deal. It`s just that my ability to concentrate for a period of time is lesser than other normal people. It`s not as if I`m missing a left boob or whatever. And everybody is somewhat different right? That`s what makes the world such an exciting place to live in.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

HAH! I`VE YET TO RETURN TO SCHOOL! KNOW WHY?! Because that day when I had a talk with TCH, I simply said I didn`t want to. And it is so obvious almost all of the teachers in YTSS read my blog. They let out so many tell-tale signs. God their IQ is so low.

Anyway, the talk. TCH`s english is damn hilarious lorh. I told him I got attention deficit. Then he went, "No. You do not haf the ad-att-af.. attendance something or wadevar."

I had to bite on my lip until it drew blood to stop myself from bursting out laughing in his face. Not out of politeness though, but because I wanted the talk to quickly end.

He then asked me, "Do you really want to come back to this school anot? Don`t think what your father wanting for you. I just want to know what you really feeling. If you want, we are ready to forgive you and talk about how we can do to help you. If you dowan then we can end this talk here. So how?"

Me: "I don`t want".

The as-stupid-as-ever TCH: "Dowan what?"

Me: "I don`t want to come back to school la. I still want to continue private tuitioning."

He was then speechless for a few minutes because that brainless old faggot obviously thought I would beg the school to let me come back. He can continue dreaming. I thought he was going to let me go off already but he started talking again for another 45 minutes. Wtf. So not a man of his words.

He keeps insisting that I would fail my O Level if I continue private tuitioning. I asked him how is he so sure. He said because my tutors would not know the syllabus and that our school teachers are the best at teaching.

Lanjiao lorh. What nonsense is that. I`ve never met another person who argues as retardedly as him.

I can never forget the stupidest line that came from him. Probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my whole life. It is, "Don`t argue with me, I`m always right."

Nice talking with you my dear Vice Principal.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

GAHH! I hate ripway.com (my file hosting programme)! All my photos in my blog have all disappeared for 2 weeks already and it is not showing any signs of coming back.

That`s the reason why I have not been blogging for quite some time. Everytime I visit my blog and see the photos not there, I would get so pissed off and would not have any mood to blog at all.

I totally despise cockroaches.

I used to be petrified of them when I was young. I would usually scream my ass off at the sight of a teensy weensy nymph. If there`s a hugeass flying cockroach you can find me dashing out of the house. But my fear of cockroaches subsided as I grew older.

Actually, there`s nothing much to fear about cockroaches. They can`t really do much harm to you except for stealing/contaminating food, eating clothes and leaving holes in them, eating money and leaving holes in them.

I despise them because they are fucking ugly, disgusting and dirty. Goodness knows what diseases they`re carrying for eating other`s people shit or whatever.

They should be wiped out from the surface of this earth. What good does cockroaches do for us anyway? At least lizards help to moderate the population of flies and other small pesky insects. Cockroaches scutter around on their spiky legs stealing our food, spoiling clothes and leaving us with holey dollar bills.

Fuck you roaches.

Just now as I was peeing, I noticed something moving on my hand. I looked down and there was this fucking cheebye cockroach the size of my tumb happily taking a stroll down my right arm!

Nabei! Machiam going shopping like that lorh!

I stared at it and violently shook my arm. It dropped onto the floor and scuttered to safety under the vanity table. I continued to stare at it with its fucking feelers continuously twitching, I had no idea what to do with it. I have to kill it as I cannot let it continue freeloading off my stuff and contaminating my house. If it`s one thing I can`t stand, it is fucking unhygenic and ugly freeloaders.

I don`t know how to kill cockroaches as their exoskeleton is rock-hard and it would take alot of slipper-whacking to kill it. Whatsmore, slipper-whacking would squash it and all its guts would be stuck to the bathroom floor. I certainly do not want to scrape its guts off the floor.

So I did what any normal girl would do. I whimpered to my father that there`s a cockroach.

So my father killed it and that`s the end of this boring cockroach story.

Recently, there`s alot of insects in my house. Yesterday night there was a moth on the staircase, right after my father killed it and I followed him into the kitchen, there was a HEEEUUUGGGE daddy-long-legs on the floor hopping around. By huge, I mean around the size of a peanut. My hatred for daddy-long-legs is even higher than my hatred for cockroaches. Those spiders just give me the creeps for some reason.

I`ve been online shopping like mad now and it`s such a good feeling. Everytime I make a purchase, my brain would release a shitload of endorphins. I looooove that feeling.

I`m returning back to school for good on wednesday. Fuck larh just as I was beginning to enjoy the advantages of home-schooling.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away


Quite innovative.. threading a pink ribbon through the parallel piercings to create the corset look.

I am seriously considering getting this done. Although I know it would cost me a bomb and Randy is very sure that my father will flip.

I don`t really care though.

Since my father don`t allow me to use tattoos to make a statement, I would have to resort to piercings then.

However.... I have to run this idea by Xiao V first. Or else he might go ballistic.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

WHAT THE FUCK! I was so damn shocked when I received a message from one of my god brother`s mother. It said:

"Dear frens of my beloved son - ManMan,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help, supports & assistance during our recent bereavements. If anyone of you have any photos of my dearest son - pls forward to me to my email at : denise_lum28@yahoo.com.sg. You can also tell me more about my ManMan.

At the same time, ManMan's ashes are now resting in "Kwong Meng San Temple" Brighthill Temple, Blk 113, Unit 58368 (opposite the cremation building). You may visit ManMan anytime from 8am to 4pm, you can paste any msg on it.

With luv,
From his dearest mummy hp 90609434

ManMan is my gan kor`s nickname. His real name is Demin. He used to jio me before but I have always rejected him.

I went on Demin`s friendster account and saw that his mother have uploaded 2 photos of him all pale in a coffin with a pearl in between his lips.

I couldn`t fucking believe my eyes. I could not move for very long.

I think it was when I was 14 years old that we were very close. And then later on we sort of drifted apart. He was from my primary school and was 2 years my senior.

"A MALE in his late teens was found unconscious by lifeguards at Sentosa's Siloso beach around 2.45pm yesterday. A Singapore Civil Defence Force spokesman classified the case as drowning and said the 18-yrs-old was taken to SGH." This is a small part of the newspaper report.

Life is so fragile. I`ve seen him online like just a few weeks ago only.

I wouldn`t have known if I had not seen that friendster message.

Rest in peace Demin Korkor. I`m so sorry I`ve never got a chance to talk to you more before you left this world.

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