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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

How am I supposed to put this so that others won`t misinterpret it?


I can`t stand it whenever a guy scolds a girl in vulgarities. Adding vulgarities in a conversation with a girl is fine by me just as long as it`s not directed at her. Being angry does not give guys the fucking right to scold us in profanities. Also, being a male does not mean that they`ve got the upperhand. Those dickheads do not make the rules in this world.

It seems that these days, boys are so much more pettier than girls. Whatever happened to goold old fashion romance when everytime a girl gets pissed off with her boyfriend, he will do his utmost to make her smile again? Our generation has a new breed of boys, they are inevitable. You see them everywhere. In schools, shopping centres, on the streets, cycling in the parks and etc. You expect them to go all sweet and relenting when you get angry, but nooo.. they`ll get angry with you for being angry at them. Lame, yes, but so bloody freaking true. Girls give in too much to their boyfriends, that`s why they grow complacent. Those unchivalrous faggots. What makes them think that they are the superior sex?

So far as I see it, girls are the ones benefitting more in our society. Not trying to be a sexist here but the fact is there`s no such thing as Men`s Rights. But Women`s Rights exists and has a very strong hold over the court. In our society, the government protects women more then the men. A woman can sue her husband for rape when he forces her to make love with him. HAHA..! In your face you male pigs!

I think I`m straying away from the topic. My main point is, FUCKING SCOLD ME IN FUCKING PROFANITIES AND I FUCKING SWEAR THAT I`LL FUCKING CHOP OFF YOUR FUCKING BALLS YOU FUCKERS. Yup, it`s as simple as that.

Despite all this, I still love Vincent Foo Yong Sheng with all my heart even when he scolded me to "shut the fuck up" that time. Yes, I`m biased, call the police lorh.

I think I`m scaring him to death with all the suspense on what I`m blogging now. He keeps pestering me to tell him what my post is about because he thinks that I`m going to end this relationship. Oooookay.. *rolls eyes* I may be eccentric and rash in my actions but I`ll never so cruelly break someone`s heart, maybe in the past la but I`ve changed my hongstress ways already okay!

I love you, Vincent Foo, for eternity and it`s never going to change.

4:50:00 PM

Wednesday, July 25, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I love it when I subject myself to criticism. ^^

Fire away my less fortunate ones. Because this is just a joke aimed at my friend and all of you dissing me are making fools out of yourselves. I don`t really mind all the mean words because it`s soooo entertaining when others who don`t know shit start off defaming me thinking that they happen to be very knowledgeble and independent at the end of the day look stupid. What absolute retards! But hey.. freedom of speech. Who am I to comment against bloody imbeciles who forcefully try to make people belive that they are alwaaaaays right?

Sticks and stones might break my bones but words will never hurt me darlaas. Surely you can do better than calling me one of the "brainless little brats", Auntie Cabriolette. AS IF you are so well learned on what life is all about. Clearly you have no idea how the new generation of teens treat one another. And before you start sprouting off nonsensical esoteric insults, check with your grand daughter whether it is gentlemanly of letting a guy stand there and watch while girls who are scientifically proven physically weaker than boys, struggling with bulky items.

I`m sure it`s rather gallant of them to helplessly stand by like good for nothing jackasses while we struggle with the bulk. Girls have power, why not abuse it once in awhile just in the name of fun? Lighten up grandma. Life doesn`t necessarily have to be so damn pessimistic.

And yeahh I agree that I`m spoilt rotten. So fucking cock sucking WHAT? Like woahhhhhh it`s a real crime having been lovingly cared for by all my close guy friends throughout these years. Sue me la. I`m practically shaking in my tight, little, obscene, micromini skirt.

10:21:00 PM

Tuesday, July 24, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Leehao Sexslave`s in the newspapers!! All thanks to sweet little me. I posted his photo in stomp with reference to the picture saying that guys like him are a rarity, helping his female classmates, me and Lydia, carry our schoolbags.

Who knew that it would be reported in today`s Straits Times "In" magazine.


Thank me Sexslave, I brought you mind blowing fame and publicity. Don`t forget me when you get popular.

I`ll upload more of Sexslave`s many enthralling photos next time when I`m not so lazy. There`s even a video of him dancing erotically with Nicky and Jialin. Maybe I`ll upload that video too when I got nothing better to do. Til then.

3:42:00 PM

Friday, July 20, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Another 2 busy days lined uppppppp.
Wheeeeeee I`ve got a life like finally. Last time I would just slack around the house in gloom, playing the com or watching tv all day.
But unfortunately, Weicong Sotong used up most of his money and can`t even come out cos his ez link doesn`t have enough money. ):
Luckily Perry Korkor`s going to pei me when I go meet Jes tomorrow. Yiipeee... shopping!

Today after the last period bell went off signalling end of school, I let out an uncontrollable shout of enthusiasm, "YESSSSSSS".
Miss Chin started scolding me. And you know something? I never scold back!! I`m so proud of myself. Wahahahas.
For some reason, Leehao Sexslave also got angry with Miss Chin and went something like, "What the hell la. End of school who won`t happy? Stupid fucking school. I`m going to blog about it man." While I just smiled sweetly at Miss Chin. Actually it`s freaking true lorh. A few weeks ago, Dai Lao Shi also questioned us why we never cheered when her lesson ended for recess break. At least she is capable of feeling.
I was merely just expressing myself.


Auntie, we`re not living in a third world country lorh. Singapore has human rights too if you didn`t know that, lousy piece of afghanistan crap.

难到 Miss Chin expect us to be robots incapable of feelings, just keep downloading shitass formulaes and stuff into our system? Oh wow... gee I didn`t know school was an unfeeling place for unfeeling kids getting unfeelingly taught by unfeeling teachers. Whatever happened to our school values those authority obsessed freaks keep trying to implant in our brains during EVERY ASSEMBLY and EVERY VIP LESSON? School is turning into a fucking prison.
After going on about me having the wrong attitude towards school, being so rude... blahblahblah, Miss Chin went on to give some homework and the class erupted in sarcastic "yay"s and "yes"-es, mostly from the boys.
I couldn`t help but LAAAAAAUGH. How ironic.

Ohyeah, somebody just ask me about 我对singlish的看法. Singlish is what makes us outstanding what... Which normal, everyday typical Singaporean doesn`t speak in Singlish? Must 看开一点.
So go wild.

And apparantly there`s a blog war going on with XiaXue the major bitch launching the first missile. It`s so damn obvious she feels threatened by the other celebrity bloggers that`s why she resorts to dissing other people.

8:12:00 PM

Monday, July 16, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away


Most of my friends are really good for building up my ego and confidence. They encourage me to strive for the better, my pillars of support believe I have the potential to do it.
However, there are still some who keeps unknowingly hurting me.
Especially my family, who are supposed to be always there for me through thick and thin are always making assumptions that I`ve not really turned over a new leaf at all. I thought blood is thicker than water?

I`ve really changed alot already, why can`t your see it? The attire, the attitude, the language, the behaviour, the studies, the results.

Since young, I have low self esteem problems. Eveytime someone says something degrading about me, be it jokingly or whatsoever, I would either sink into depression or slide back down to the bottom rung of the success ladder.

I`m already out of the rebellion phase that has been affecting me the past 2 years. I`m only a human. Please don`t expect too much from me at one go. I might fortuitously just walk the wrong path of life again.

I want to prove to my beloved ones who have made a positive impact in my life right. I`m doing what I`m doing so as to not disappoint them. But when the ones who love me the most, my father and my mother, who gave me life, unceasingly distrust my words, how can I can strong enough to ignore their criticism?

My heart is more fragile than most think it is. They just don`t see the way I cry in my room every now and then when the going gets too tough. Rebelling against all authority is not in it for me nowadays like it was during my 13th and 14th years of life on this earth. In fact, I`m even trying to get into the good books of authority.

There are just so many who don`t believe in me. The youth of today makes many silly mistakes that they really can`t be blamed for. I`m reaching out to ask for trust from my loved ones. So simple, yet so hard to achieve.

My precious darlings who have always stood by me even when I`m acting like a total bitch;
Vincent, Lydia, Jes, Weicong, Perry.
I love you all forever and ever more.

9:13:00 PM

Sunday, July 15, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Went out these 2 days for damn long. Tired arh...
Weicong and Perry kept cracking stupid jokes about some maomao stuff and laughing like 2 demented hyenas while I was over there shushing them. Hubby slept practically throughout the whole movie.

Met the 2 of them that time outside funland, Sotong passed me a bag of lollipops. Not such a big deal, I know. But these small, little, sweet insignificant things he does adds up to alot. (:

Then today while sending me back home in a taxi, I took Laogong`s hoonki and shoved it inside my half-tube. I`d forgotten all about it until I`ve reached home. He`s so cute la. Soooo innocent de.


4:42:00 PM

Thursday, July 12, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Update blog. Update blog. Update blog. So many of my adoring fans were urging me to update my blog. How can i bear to refuse their request when they have been so loyally patronising my blog? That would be so mean. And I`m not one for being mean since as Perry Kor put it, I`m "the evEr sweEt lil angeliC girl girl". I swear I did not make it up neither did i force him to say it de horh.

This shows that people are really starting to notice I`m changing for the better. Yays! *Jumps up and down screaming with joy*

Ok la I shall stop my incongruous ramblings. Let`s see... what happened today leh?

Ohyeah.. It was so not one of my lucky days. I don`t wish to go into the details.

Had a scare this afternoon in sunplaza. I really thought that the teachers and dm were looking for us lorh. Afiqah had good intentions. It was really sweet of her but she should explain things MORE CLEARLY first ma.

Tomorrow YingJie Kor`s birthday. Happy birthday in advance korkor~! Erm... wish you have money fall down from the sky so that you can go Chambers play your stupid game until siao. No wait... that`s seriously retarded.
I wish you better than your heart`s desires then. (:


10:22:00 PM

Saturday, July 07, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Shopping with Jes next saturday, 14 july. Yiipeeees. Got a shopping buddy le.

I WANT HIS IC.!! So cute.

5:37:00 PM

but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away


I heard that the underworld in Malaysia have used this song as their "anthem". Every night, in nightclubs and karaoke without fail, this song would be played repeatedly. Siao.

9:58:00 AM

Thursday, July 05, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Today during end of PE period, Jerry Yeo suddenly came out of the PE room, I hurriedly took off my multiple ear studs and pushed my fringe back.
Then he caught sight of me and went something like, "This is the first time I`ve saw you since the holidays reopened. The teachers for the first time had no complaints about you and passed some good remarks. Keep it up."
At last, someone realised I`ve bian chaoji guaii le and the DM at that. Unlike all those naive fuckers who have completely no trust in me at all and keep criticising. Go to hell la y`all. It`s damn bloody hurting one lorh.

9:15:00 PM

Wednesday, July 04, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I think I know what the conflict between 2 parties in our class is about already.
Seriously la, those boys are already wearing long pants lorh yet they are still so bloody immature. Slight teasing is okay la but they need not lay it on so thick ma. If I haven`t know better, I`ll think that they`re little, fucked up sec ones.
Sec one that time I was forced to cut my fringe by Mrs Lee and it turned out like shit because I don`t suit short fringe. When I went back to school, the boys in my class jested and teased me like nobody`s business but being so good natured and understanding that at the age of 13, boys are not fully matured yet, so I took it all in my stride and just laughed it off. They eventually stopped teasing when they realise they couldn`t affect me.
At the age of 15, you would think that they`ve matured already, but nooooo... they still act like small, ignorant dicks.
Those shit heads can be so callous at times. They should know their limit and when a joke has been taken too far.

Boys will be boys. Just like {laxatives ; they irritate the shit out of you}, {ATMs ; once they withdraw they lose interest}, {chocolate bars ; sweet, smooth, and they usually head for your hips}, {parking spots ; all the good ones are taken and the rest are handicapped}, {commercials ; you can`t believe a word they say}, {government bonds ; they take so long to mature}, {mascara ; they normally run at the first sight of emotion}, {popcorn ; they satisfy you, but only for a while}, {lava lamps ; fun to look at but not very bright}

I used to daydream in school, I used to rebel at every thing a teacher says, I used to run away during the middle of school to meet a group of ahbengs in yishun, I used to hurl vulgarities at teachers in their face when I couldn`t get my way, I used to run away from home, I used to fuck care about exams and my results, I used to be everything that I`m not right now.
I pay attention in every class (except POA because it sucks), I listen to the teachers, I stay back in school after 4pm sometimes to complete homework, I`ve stopped interacting with bad company outside, I stay at home practically everyday and hardly go out, I`m super anxious whenever there`s an exam or test around the corner, I am everything that I was not in the past.
Laogong, you must be so proud that I`m so damn guaii now. By the way, I miss you ALOTALOT.!

Thanks Sotong for promising to be there for me 24/7 when my parents are on the verge of killing me. I`m so touched. But you need not worry so much.. it takes alot to bring an angel down.

5:27:00 PM

but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I can`t fucking stand my parents. Every wrong thing a person does they`ll both be like, "call the police, call the police".
Somemore they are such little bitches in the morning, keep going on and on about shit that I can`t be bothered to listen to.
Whenever I go out that time will always call my friends and interrogate them.
Go to hell la you cheebye kias. Its such a disgrace to have you as parents, I swear to God, the 2 of you keep this up, one day I`m going to have a nervous system breakdown and kill everyone who so much as tease me.
I`ll be better off an orphan than living with you motherfuckers. You can`t expect me to just keep tolerating, one day I`m bound to explode.

{ Don`t keep knowing new friends, it`s very dangerous, I`ll call the police. }
ahhs... SHUT THE FUCK UP LA you balding obese shit. Want me to live a lonely, crazed up life issit? Ninabei.
Would you only be happy if you see me squatting in the darkest corner of the house, rocking back and fro with a tumb in my mouth?
Kanina this is so fucking scary, I got fucking saddists for parents. I`ve never loved them once in my 15 years on this earth. Parents so what? Big fuck arh? Liddat can anyhow push your child around and ostracize them.
Whipping a child with a belt is not abuse.. Sure... Tell that to the police la.

You were never parents in my heart. Parents are forgiving, loving and understanding. Whereas the 2 of you dirty scum give out materialistic things in exchange for the things you`ve done wrong to us in the hope that we will forget it.
I don`t know about my other 2 brothers but I know for sure that I will never forgive the things you`ve done to me.

6:54:00 AM

Monday, July 02, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

The 4 hair conscious freakazoids went out today.
Had our happy family reunion at chin huat where I saw my baobeii laogong and Jeslyn made us kiss goodbye.
After eating we walked back to the mrt station. Then Sotong piggybacked me. YAYS!! I love piggybacks!
We walk walk walk realised we had walked one whole big round back to zhen fa there then because gan shi jian had to take taxi from the main road.
Poor Perry had to rush back because his probation officer was visiting him.
Weicong sent me and Jeslyn home, I went to my room took her things then went out again pei her go meet her boyfriend at macdonalds`.
Weicong and Perry keep saying Jeslyn jiao huaii me. But I don`t think so lorh, she quite guaii de la.. Minus the eyeliner and the way she sits. I find her very friendly, she helped me open up and be more outgoing with them. Somemore it`s a very rare case I will gum with other zhabor other than Lydia de. Normally they will kan me buey song for some lanjiao reason..

I miss Vincent lerhhhhhhhhh. Argghhs... have to wait a few more days before meeting him again. Love him love him love him.
I love my other 3 hair conscious freakazoids too.! ^^

10:49:00 PM

but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Jeslyn doesn`t believe that i`m 15. She thought I was 16.
Boohoo. I`m young de lorh.
She most probably coming my house later since Kero, her new stead, cannot wake up and she doesn`t know where else to go. Finally a chance to meet the gorgeous Jeslyn.

Speaking of new steads, Malcolm Tan has got himself a new girlfriend. *WEETS*
Actually it isn`t really that new. I went to his profile and saw this photo he took with a girl with the caption below, "My Sassy Girlfriend". And it was written in the photo, "Since 23o5 2oo7". So I was right all along when I saw that personal message in his msn.
Somemore he give some lame excuse when I questioned him. That it is the date when he thought up of a beautiful statement.
.... whatever lorh jackass.

I knew my intuition won`t fail me!

I love to console myself on the fact that my baobeii Eric korkor is 10 gazillion times more shuaii than him.

12:06:00 PM


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