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Thursday, November 26, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away


He brought presents too! That stuffed koala in the photo, a stuffed kangeroo and a kangeroo's scrotum pouch. THEY'RE ALL MINE!!! BUT WEICONG SNATCHED AWAY THE KANGY AND THE KANGY'S TESTICLES SACK! RAWGH!

Can go many many many places now that Pearweeeeeeeeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaaaaaack! Yay!!!

I had a nightmare last night.

I dreamt that I was in a huge-ass truck. Like this one:

My mum was driving and I was in the back-seat. My mum then parked somewhere to get something leaving me in the truck. I started playing with the buttons for the windows. There were 4 buttons, up, down, left and right. To my surprise when I pressed one, the truck actually move. So I could drive the truck with the "window" buttons! I decided to test drive it, at first it was going quite smoothly, but I quickly realised I had no idea how to stop the moving truck since I was in the backseat operating the tuck with only 4 buttons. If I had to get to the brakes I would have to move to the front driver seat to stepon the brakes, but I couldn't do that because there were too many cars driving pass me and if I did that it would result in a collision.

I used the 4 buttons to swerve the truck around to a halt. It did stopped. However, one of the back tires lost grip and the bottom right of the truck plunged into a river of mud. I wanted to get out and I slowly moved to the door and was very careful trying not to make any sudden movements as I was afraid that the whole truck would drop into the river with me in it. Then, my mother came back from wherever it is she went, before I could tell her that one of the back tires had dropped into the river, she entered the driver's seat and tried to drive off. That was when the whole truck plunged into the river from the bottom first.

As the truck rapidly sank, I saw mud rising from the windows. We tried to open the doors but the density of the mud was too thick. Mud started pouring in, and mud was already up to my lips when I suddenly realised that it was a dream. I tried forcing my body to wake up as I could really feel myself being deprived of air and could not breathe. BUT I BLOODY COULD NOT WAKE UP! I then made a silent prayer to God and then the next thing I knew I was sitting bolted upright on my bed.

That dream fucking scared the shit out of me. Because in my dream, I KNEW it was a dream, and I tried to wake up but couldn't when I really found myself unable to breathe and about to get drowned.

If I didn't managed to wake up, would I really have died? Because I know that there have been many cases where normal, young and healthy people were found dead in bed for unexplainable reasons.

3:52:00 PM

Friday, November 20, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Little Updates;

Still have not gotten used with the idea of myself having bangs. I just look like a retarded, fat goldfish.

Christmas is about a month away! I love christmas!!! It fills me up with inexplicable joy and a celebratory mood, even though this christmas will most likely be spent pigging out and slacking around with my usual friends, I'm really eagerly anticipating it.

And Pearweeeeeeeeeeee's coming back in a few more days! He's going to clear his leave when he gets back. Weicong and I miss him so much and we have alot of places planned to go when he comes back.

I'm twitting like crazy nowadays ever since Fishball helped me activate a twitter sms function in my phone. Thanks Fishball!

My younger bro's friends got into Changi Remand Prison, another one is still waiting for his court case with 2 cases on his hands. Though they used to be mischevious boys, they were actually good kids who used to do quite well in school. It's sad they turned out like that and ruined their futures because of bad influence.

Oh my god, I sound like a super auntie now who would in auntie protocol shake their heads and tsk-ed at the boys. No no no can't let that happen, going to change my take about this.

At least they can see what a prison looks like through the eyes of a real prisoner right? Coooooooooool....... I hope they would bring back a souvenir for me from prison (even though I have not went out or talked to them for about a year already), like perhaps a little chip off a grey crumbling prison wall? That would be awesome!

Alright, the sky has long since turned bright, going to bed now.

7:10:00 AM

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I look so fucking retarded I scare myself.

Felt really sleepy at 3am but when I shut the laptop lid and prepared to turn in, I tossed and turned in bed for an hour and a half. I then sat up and realised I felt totally re-energised. Like wtf? I had a cold for a whole week and its sort of gone yesterday so I did not took the drowsy runny nose medicine which I had been taking, which most probably led to this insomnia now. Looks like my body has become much too dependent on the drowsy chemical thingy that is in the medicine.

School has been out for.. I don't know... around 3 months now? I lost track of time. I've grown so used to sleeping for 12-14 hours that if I don't sleep a minimum of 12 hours, I would be scowling for the whole day at pretty much anyone. And I'm not sorry about that. Nope. If I don't get enough snoozy time, YOU owe me a living.

Kell's puppy is feeling unwell and has been hospitalised in a neighbourhood pet clinic near my house. She intially went to a particular clinic which has multiple branches. Said, un-named clinic can fucking suck on an old man's horribly shrivelled balls. Useless, scheming motherfuckers just out to fucking suck a person dry. They seriously don't give a shit to the welfare of the animals. They conned Kelly of quite a huge sum of money until she couldn't take their abhorrent attitude any longer and transfered clinics. I hope those unfeeling whores who work at that particular, un-named clinic fucking get sliced into half from their charred cunt, and the wankers there get wrung upside down by their microscoptic willies til their dick-heads explode from the pressure.

I'm normally not so hateful. I'm always filled with compassion, love and forgiveness but these fuckers have definitely gone too far. I like puppies, and Kelly's really sweet and such a good friend. There's nothing wrong in protecting the things I love right?

4:34:00 AM

Thursday, November 05, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Went to Kelly's house today with Siwei. The puppies are extremely cute!

And Auntie Kelly's very poor thing. She has to do all the housework herself and can't go out at all.

My deepest, heart-felt condolences to you Auntie Kelly.

1:38:00 AM


2nd May 1992

I love my doggy, Honey. She means the entire world to me.

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