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Saturday, September 29, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I`m sure most of you have noticed right now that the freckled-face freak has a mouth that can practically fit in 2 kuku jiaos and is shockingly almost the same size as her butt-crack.

Seriously!! Those of you who know who I`m talking about go see for yourself bahs.

Jinhao`s colour blind. He can only see black, grey and white. You know like Aaron Kwok who acted in Para Para Sakura as Philip Wong and he can only see the person he loves in pink. So coooooool. He`s very cute laa.. (:

Para Para Sakura~!

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Friday, September 28, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Me and Minyi are so kind. Going to do community work on Sunday. We are giving up our precious revision time to help provide some service for the unfortunate.

HAHAHAS! What revision time?! We are like already in holiday mood liao. Still going for pedicure at orchard road after our community service. I need to buy many things also la.. and they are necessities ok! Without a makeup purse where am I supposed to keep my makeup?!

The other day my father brought me and Minyi to Sakae sushi after our English papers and we were talking about body alterations. He said that he will kill himself if we pierced our navals. Then I said something about how I might consider going for silicon breast enhancement just to agitate him and he told me that if I really do it he`ll puncture them. Minyi looked like she had difficulty trying not to spit out her food.

Somebody went, "EEEEEE!" today when she had to sit infront of Minyi. She thinks she`s very pretty or something. Not I want to be bhb or anything la, but horh..

Me and Minyi;

compared with THIS;

Makes us look like supermodels eh?

I sometimes don`t get the human mind. If some people don`t like my mindless rantings, why then still waste time reading my blog? What an irony.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Have you seen the moon tonight? Even though I could not see it yesterday night what with me being in the lockup, I heard that tonight`s one is much more beautiful than last night`s.

Gives me a craving for mooncakes.

Randy is crazy. He keeps on harping on how I look like an ahlian with my corset. I extracted a little from the MSN convo we just had;

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
you have the very ah lian look

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
can u stop trying to be a ah lian?

`[[ xiiaoANGEL //* i`m like a slice of heaven.

`[[ xiiaoANGEL //* i`m like a slice of heaven.


`[[ xiiaoANGEL //* i`m like a slice of heaven.


`[[ xiiaoANGEL //* i`m like a slice of heaven.
not ahlian lorh please

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
i know

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
this is what all ah lian thinks

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
seriously im not trying to put you down

`[[ xiiaoANGEL //* i`m like a slice of heaven.
but i`m not an ahlian nor am i trying to be one!

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
but i have a personal discrimination towards ah lains

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
in my opinion, ahlians are those that lack a sense of self belief and security

`[[ xiiaoANGEL //* i`m like a slice of heaven.

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
they are trying to look like everyone else and fit into society

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
think about it

`[[ xiiaoANGEL //* i`m like a slice of heaven.
what the hell`s wrong with you

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
nono im serious

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
i need to talk to you already...

`[[ xiiaoANGEL //* i`m like a slice of heaven.
like i`ve got no other things to worry about

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
you have some issuses

Seriously, he`s impossible. Although he can be sweet at times too;

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
10 years down the road

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
i want to see you in gucci, prada, LV

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
not some ahlian clothing

Randy Is Coming For You. says:
i will slap you

I`m already using a Chanel wallet. Does that count?

10:55:00 PM

but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Spent lantern festival in a lockup with Minyi from around 7.30pm to 4.30pm.

Apparently, my mother caught me and Minyi "having lesbian sex" (that`s our term used for the unspeakable offence that me and Minyi committed, abosolutely nothing to do with sexual acts) in my room and called the police. Blah blah blah.... police came arrest us and shit then brought us back to ang mo kio police station.

Went to lockup, played around for awhile then got tired and slept, went Changi Hospital (not OCH la don`t be stupid) to take blood test in hand and leg cuffs while everyone there kept staring at us, went back, slept, took statement, got bailed, went home. Heng heng Minyi was there with me throughout the whole ordeal or else I sure bored until ki siao.

There was this 10 year old boy in the same cell as us, caught for stealing 2 handphones. I was like, "Woah! Got future!" And also one ex yishun town (so damn coincidental) girl, now 21 years old, her house got raided by police and was caught taking drugs. She seemed shocked that Jerry Yeo is still the discipline master there.

Ok la.. lockup is not as bad as it seems. The people there all very friendly, including the police. We could just walk out of the cell (they never locked the door for us) anytime to take water or whatever. One of the police that brought us to Changi Hospital quite shuai de lorh. Actually he`s not a real policeman, he says it`s only part of his NS. I think he has some mixed blood and kind of resembles Urt (Singapore`s MTV veejay). Seriously lorh, I find that guy that looks like Urt very hot.

At first we found it very thrilling in the lockup, but then got bored to tears later on when we couldn`t keep ourself entertained. We did so many things, singing, playing finger games, jumping and skipping around a la elephant ballerina, carving out a human figure from styrofoam cups and using our slippers to "da ni de si ren tou, da ni de si ren jiao, curse your mother and father die, curse your backside explode... etc etc". Yes, we were THAT bored. No prizes for guessing who the figure that we were so agitatedly hitting with slippers and cursing was.

Our names are inscribed on the cell`s bench, and 3 times on the wall, "Cheryl & Minyi". (:

On the way home, father kaobei kaobu-ed about some fucking boliao things ("I`m a lousy fucking father, God will send me to hell for this, I`ll kill myself infront of you"), trying to play on my sympathy. He`s so drama la can. I think he watched too much Hong Kong drama series already.

Sian ji pua.. 9 of october still have to go back report to my IO. Fuck.

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Monday, September 24, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I felt like killing everyone within my range when I heard what my tutor told me. My tutor`s a teacher from Canberra Sec.

She said that teachers regardless of gender CANNOT perform body checks on students at all even with parental consent. Our school has already flouted so many of MOE guidelines and I`ve already closed one eye. They think that we do not know about those MOE rules. Like example for standing in class for some stupid reason, the teachers are not supposed to make us stand for more than 30 minutes. Teachers can`t scold us demeaning words such as "stupid", "idiot", etc etc. They are also not allowed to stop us from going to the toilet because it is bad for the kidney or something..

If teachers from neighbourhood schools can break the MOE guidelines so blatantly, why are they being so hypocritical? Making such a big fuss out of it when their students break a few insignificant rules.

Chao neh neh.

Any yishun town teachers reading this, I assure you I will not conform to society, I will rebel against all authority from now on. I don`t bloody care if I retain or the school expells me any longer.

Whatsmore horh,... Canberra Sec allows their students to have tattoos and don`t so fucking stupidly threaten them to laser it away with expulsion. Just as long as they don`t show their tattoos in school can le.

I hate Yishun Town Sec. It sucks like shit.

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but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I`m fucking sleepy so I`m going to make this entry brief.

Went out with Vincent, then after that went to find Minyi. Took neoprints with her, bought slippers, ate dinner then took a mrt to yio chu kang.

On the way to yio chu kang we were feeling damn bored and decided to take photos of each other, laughing away like hyenas while other people stared at us.

I will not post the last photo of her because I am kind. Not that she looks ugly. She looks super adorable in that last photo lorh. But she thinks it is ugly so I being the sweet person that I am, I agreed not to put it up in my blog. HAHS! I can use it to threaten her!

Ohyeahs.. we saw Yahui and her friend, Zhenghui at Cineleisure. She didn`t recognise me at first. I`m so sad. She thought that I was 18 years old. EEEEEEK!

A quotation from Yahui`s blog on the 23rd of Sep 2007, "Cheryl was damn damn damn damn cool la. I swear. The way she is dressed was like, woohoo~ . Hahaha!:D Cool. I coulden recognise her:X I thought what 18 year old girl. Wear until so cool. Hahah!Her handbag very nice luh. HAHA. I love MinYi&her hair laa.LOL. Zeng asked ** from Cheryl. Hahaha!:D"

): She is mean. But the way she blogs is very cute.

Do I really look that old? I think I just look retarded in that photo.

But there`s another photo that me and Minyi took in my room that looks even more retarded. We`re not supposed to show anyone. Very face losing de. We ki siao-ed for some reason that time and weren`t really that self conscious. Eh fun leh.

I`m off to bed!

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Friday, September 21, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I`ve just realised that alot of people reads my blog without my knowledge.

HAHAS! So they`ve probably read about the part where I commented on how Minyi`s breasts is almost the exact same size as 2 basketballs. Eh I not exaggerating okay, in my opinion, it really looks like that lorh! Jie, there`s no need to be so humble laaa.

I`m so jealous! Mine compared to hers is like minuscular! Seriously!

Whooppiiiie! Going shopping with her again on Sunday! She`s so cute. Even Vincent Foo agreed too. ^^



11:25:00 PM

but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

From this day on I`m officially single. I feel so free and unrestrained!!

But I`ll always be there for you when you need me. (:

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Monday, September 17, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I`m so happy today despite quite a few bad things happening.

Shopping with Minyi! Walked until my feet hurt.

Went bugis bought black skinny jeans and one lollipop necklace, while Minyi bought the earrings that her boyfriend requested and a pair of white skinny jeans. They`re so cheap there! Only selling for $30. You can hardly find a pair of brand new jeans worth as little as $30. Unless it`s like that kind of high-waisted-auntie jeans then ok la.. you like can already lorh.

After that took a train to Orchard, ending up in Fareast Plaza paying for my shoes deposit at Haru (have to remember to collect them after 1st November before 2 weeks time with at least $200 with me). Then bought bikinis! Minyi bought a polka dotted orange based bikini and I bought a polka dotted pink based one. And seriously, Minyi`s breasts are really damn big, I can bet you $1000 that it`s bigger than your face. Know how I know? Because I`ve seen her wearing the bikini! Haha don`t get jealous.

Still bought black matching cardigans with Minyi, and a pretty black and white lace corset! Minyi bought a black satin low cut shirt-dress, it looks amazing with her beautiful God gifted breasts. I can`t stop harping on how big and beautifully structured they are. I sound like a pervert.

Don`t get me wrong. I just have an eye for art. You know like how the human body is so beautiful and artistic, ... blah blah blah? Yarh something like that.

I think I`m buying too much of black. Really. My whole closet looks so morbid. With an abundance of black and only a few other colours scattered here and there. I used to be so crazy over pink last time.

Minyi is so sweet larhs. I really enjoy shopping with her. (:
Somemore she play pool look very cute. Too bad the photos all in her handphone cannot upload it now. Another day perhaps.


Sorry Hubby that I broke your promise. But it`s not my fault that the ring`s lost arh. It`s Ahyong`s fault! Who ask him comb hair comb until always cover the eyes then when try put inside my bag that time cannot see properly so drop on the floor, roll down the drain, let cockroach or lizard carry away le. Blame Ahyong Ahyong Ahyong!


I need more money. I`ve spent over $600 within 2 days already (neither joking nor exagerrating). My father still owes me alot of money from all these months (beginning of the year to now & still counting...) that he hasn`t banked my shopping allowance into my cashcard yet. And he refuses to talk about it.

Eh what sial? I`m not being unfilial or demanding lorh, it`s ONLY $50 every month leh! Surely he, the director of i-dunno-what-it-is-but-it`s-still-earning-alot-of-money company can afford to pay me a measly sum of $50 every month bah? So bloody stingy you know! I mean FIFTY DOLLARS per month! Other people long ago died already lorh! And everytime I bring up this subject he would either pretend that he has became temporarily deaf and keep staring at the TV in silence or lecture me for 5 hours or so that money isn`t everything.

Excuse me, I`m not being materialistic, but whoever said that money doesn`t buy happiness obviously doesn`t know how to shop.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I`ll miss my tattoo. T_T
People have been telling me what a waste it is having to laser it away in only a few days time after putting 2 huge, pretty angel wings on my back.

All that pain. Fucking laser.... I actually don`t see what`s so wrong with tattoos lorh. Miss Grace Kua (issit spell liddat?) in our school also has a permanent tattoo (of Snoopy) and she`s a teacher. Having tattoos doesn`t certify that you`re a gangster. That`s just plain lame. Why can`t the older generation get with the times?

Somemore horh,.. many of those juvenile delinquents under probation by cantoment have angkongs all over their body what. And their officer don`t force them to laser away, just that they`re not allowed to put anymore. IN SCHOOL MY SHIRT COMPLETELY COVER MY ANGEL WINGS LORH! WHY STILL CANNOT?! All i want is just a pair of angel wings nia it`s not like I want to chup full body angkong right?! Ehhh I demand human rights ok. Why Singapore no human rights? Restrict our freedom until like WHAT. No wonder our Singaporeans don`t have the guts to show some creativity. We are a loser-y country. Our Singaporeans don`t make it big in the world at all. We suck.

I feel that sometimes the government is using propaganda to control all of us. What "Singapore is a fine country" la, "many countries look up to us" la, ... etc etc. Total nonsense. Who the hell from Singapore has made it big internationally? Our Miss Singapores (of all the years) suck, short and ugly as hell. Our Singapore Idols (of all the years) suck, you can practically hear the Singapore-fucking-slang when they sing. Our channel 5 television programmes suck, always like to copy other countries such as our local tv show last time had this, "An Eye For A Guy" which they literally stole the idea from America`s, "Bacherlorette", completely no originality at all. Don`t you think it`s just goddamn retarded? And these are a just few examples out of the million and billion ways of how us as Singaporeans keep making fools out of ourselves. The most embarrassing and hilarious of them all are our country`s soccer teams, can`t even qualify for the world cup, so many times tio own goal. Why is the government so deluded to think other countries envy us and shit when they are in fact shunning us so as to not die from laughing their asses off?

I cried yesterday because of this. No, not because of the pain or because Singapore suck, but the sentimental feelings I have towards my angel wings.


Ohyeahs my crown bag came together with my choker today! So happy.. pretty bag. BUT I STILL WANT MY ANGKONG WITH ME!! I DOWAN LASER AWAY!

Now the swelling has worn down. But it`s still red in many places and feels fucking sore. Plus some of the darkness of the lines are very uneven now.

I`m going to the solitude of my room to cry again and kiss my slowly-fading tattoo.

11:06:00 PM

Tuesday, September 11, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away


They lied to me! They say if I can take the tattoo`s pain I can surely take laser. At least tattooing has vibrations to distract you and when the needle is being lifted up from your skin you completely don`t feel any pain already.

BUT THIS FUCKING LASER SHITASS THING HAS AFTER EFFECTS. Like stabbing a thousand knives in your back. I`m serious. It`s like there were ALOT of sharp pointed thingies stuck in my back. Gives back stabbing a whole new meaning.

However during the lasering process its still quite ok la.. it`s like alot of ants biting my back and I can smell my burnt skin.

After that the pain starts to come. Fuck it la.

Somemore today still happy happy want go do shading with Minyi de lorh but some slut just can`t keep her cheebye shut, and went flapping it open to the DM.

Eh father-fucking slut, you reading this? I`m going to fucking hunt you down and make you experience the pain that I went through. Sneer however you want. I will take my sweet revenge on you someday, whatever it takes even though it means me going into girls` home or juvenile jail. Pu bor, nothing better to do go perform fellatio on any random guys like what you always enjoy doing la. What for come disrupt me and Minyi peaceful lives? Does it give you satisfaction?

You`re one sick fellatrix.


LIKE SHIT now that it`s inflamed, swollen and all red.

Kanina honggan la. What makes you think you can get away with this?


My jiejie has given in so much to you despite you flaring up at her for no rhyme or reason countless times and yet you still don`t appreciate it. All that glue sniffing has probably gone into your head and burned a part of your brain.

SHE WAITED FOR YOU FOR 2 HOURS AT THE MRT STATION AFTER YOU JUST HEARTLESSLY WALKED AWAY FROM HER TO FIND YOUR FUCKING FRIENDS. I`ve never seen anyone else with so good a tolerance level than her. Some people just don`t treasure what they have until they lose it. And by then it`ll be too late.


What`s the world becoming to? It`s getting more and more fucked up each day. I might just end my life soon. I guess that would please that fucking bautoh kia to no end huhs? No worries, before I commit suicide I`ll skin that bautoh kia alive then slash my neck.

8:59:00 PM

Monday, September 10, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Jerry Yeo today asked Naqia whether me, MinYi & Sally in school or not.
And that tomorrow he has a suprise for the class. *cue pyschopath-ic music*

WHAT THE FUCK!! This whole suspense thing is a real pain in the ass. He really knows how to pyschologically scare a person. Like that time Eugene Lim claimed that I so called "pyschologically threaten" a certain girl with chest hair. After that I realised I have telepathy.. Because the only way I can "pyschologically threaten" her is sending messages through my mind to hers. Whatsmore, I`ve never even talked to her nor looked at her. So that means I was trasmitting mental messages possibly something like, "watch out you fugly bitch, I`m going to fucking slaughter you like the hairy, hornyass pig you are and while you`re squealing and crying with pain, I will be shrieking with laughter at your pathetic sight".

Cool. So anyway...

I`m feeling abit nauseous. BUT I CAN`T ABSENT MYSELF FROM SCHOOL TOMORROW! It would just make matters worse, whatever it is.

So if it`s a bad thing (which is 99.9% chance) I`m going to blame it on my other personality, Lyrehc. Don`t you know? I`m suffering from schizophrenia and Lyrehc is the evil side of me that I can`t control. Yippie for me I can avoid my responsibilities.!

I fucking wish la.


Well Learning Styles today was a total waste of time. I don`t see the connection between studying and martial arts. At least it gave me time to complete some of my uncompleted holiday homework and to catch up on my sleep.

I wonder why so many of my classmates were so ignorantly paying such close attention. The lecturer (/instructor/con-man?) was not even the least bit shuaii. He keeps going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about how rich he is now because he studied smart when he was young.

Okayyyys... What absolute bullshit. Did he think I would really fall for that? Maybe my other less fortunate, easily convinced classmates might but not me lorh. Limbu ate more salt than you ate rice ok.

The reason why he`s so rich now and owns a porsche is because STUPID ASS FUCKTARDS pay to hear him talk a bunch of crap. Before you get all bitchy and shit, I`m not calling you a stupid ass fucktard horh. The whole sec 3 cohord was FORCED to take this pointless, money wasting course. No prizes now for guessing correctly which people I`m refering to.

WHAT?! I never say out who they are can already what! Yayaya... they do it for our best interests and just wants us to succeed blahblahblah..... Yes yes, I do agree that their hearts are at the right place but their brains aren`t.

Is it wrong to express how I feel to this course? Everyone`s entitled to their own opinions. Don`t tell me what to do you slut, I`ll slap the living shit out of you.

9:06:00 PM

Thursday, September 06, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I just can`t get to sleep. So I got up from bed and decided to blog about very boring things since I`ve got nothing better to do anyway.

I developed some bruising after that night I got drunk. Fell on the stairs or something when I was rolling around shrieking with laughter at goodness knows what. Everything seemed funny when I was drunk. Even when the tap couldn`t be turned on, it was enough for me, MinYi and Sally to burst out laughing so hard that everyone around there kept shooting us very scared looks.

I don`t like orh cheirs.

But I love sunsets. Just a few hours ago, I was sitting on the roof watching the sun slowly sink into the horizon (I`m trying to create a sense of tranquity here, don`t mind me). Then I took a photo because a few of the clouds were all pink and looked seriously pretty.

Trust me, it looked better in real life.

Speaking of which, my crown handbag looks better in real life too!

This is the one I bought with Jeslyn at fareast plaza. Not ebay. The one from ebay is prettier and much bigger in size.


Actually it does look really really different now that I`m comparing them.

HAHS. I told you this blog entry was going to be boring. Poor you, dying of boredom but... lalalas! I don`t care! Fuck you! I do whatever I please and stay stubborn to my decisions. If I say it is going to be boring then it is going to be boring.

Now this is going to be sick. Shut up and watch this video.

I was already crying my eyes out when I was only like 1 quater through the video then I refused to watch it further anymore. But Weicong gave me a summary of the whole video.

China people are sick. China ought to be bombed. Can we all have a petition to get America to drop a nuclear bomb on China? Ok maybe not nuclear bomb, because it might just kill us all, but a bomb big enough to demolish all of China.

China people has made our lifes a living hell. Like that guy, or should I say owl. I wonder what`s HIS problem. I`ve never done anything to offend him at all. Bloody jackass. I can`t stand the way he talks. Ohwait.. *feigns guilty look* he`s 3e8 de ma.... it`s only right that he talks as if he knows the meaning of life. Maybe he really does know the meaning of life but is just too knowledgeble to share it with us, the less smarter ones! *GASP* Why didn`t I think of that?! All this while I`ve been wronging him!

Yeah rights.

AND MY UNCLE`S MISTRESS. I know I am not one to criticise as his wife allows him having a mistress and all that but HAVE YOU SEEN HER?! She`s not even pretty. Plus, during chinese new year she NEVER gives us any angbaos but my father, uncles and aunties are practically required to give her bastardized children angbaos. WHAT THE FUCK. China people are a waste of fucking time and fucking money.

My ancestors were once china people too you say? NO. GO FUCK A CACTUS BITCH, I have checked my family tree thoroughly and I am proud and confident to say that I have completely no China blood in me. All my ancestors came from Taiwan with the exception of one ancestor whom originated from Japan.

HARDEHARHAR! I dunno about the rest of you but I have no china blood in me at all! Thus, I don`t even have a single strand of idiotic and annoying China person`s DNA.

Go pay some good money to check your whole family tree la. If you had an ancestor from China then you`re hopeless. Stab yourself first before it gets too late.

Yes this is how much I bloody hate China. No, actually I hate China and its citizens more than words can ever say.

So please... someone create a petition to request America to bomb China? I`ll be eternally grateful.

I know this post is very controversial.*

12:27:00 AM

Wednesday, September 05, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I`ve figured this debate has gone on long enough.

Me: Can I put angkong?
Vincent : No.
Me: WHY?! You also going put one more lorh!
Vincent: No why.
Me: Then how come you can?
Vincent: Because I can.
Me: Not fair la! You got one angkong liao so I`ll just put one angkong only ok?
Vincent: No. Dont`t put la you will regret de.
Me: No I won`t.
Vincent: You now say you won`t, later on will.
Me: Then if you regret how come still want go put somemore?
Vincent: I regret because too small.
Me: =_= Then I put big big one won`t regret le lorh.
Vincent: No. Don`t put la.
Me: *sulk*


I have my own opinions too. Putting a tattoo doesn`t necessarily indicate that you`re a gangster. Tattoo is a form of body art. I don`t care what others think. As long as I like it. Whatsmore it`s MINE body. That`s like saying, "Nonono! You cannot touch your body! If you do people would label you as unclean and horny!"

SAME LOGIC LA. Stop your bitching and whining about how that`s 2 different cases.

8:15:00 PM

but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Friendster Icons

Everyday I usually wake up at 11am. I`ll have my yummy breakfast of yoghurt and fish that Mama always prepares for me every morning without fail. Yum yum.

After that I will go visit my friend, Fat Bunny.

Friendster Icons

Fat Bunny is very funny. She likes to eat carrots. Fat Bunny`s my best friend. Sometimes I feel like eating her. However I`ve never told her that. Fat Bunny also likes to go BOING BOING.

Friendster Icons

I think Bambi copycat-ed her. That loser Bambi. I cannot stand Bambi. He thinks he is all that just because he has acted in a disney movie.

After playing with Fat Bunny, I will go find my arch nemesis, Green Doggy.

Friendster Icons

Green Doggy is very retarded. She is so retarded til she doesn`t even know that I`m her arch nemesis, she thinks everyone loves her. I like to hiss and RAWRR at her. But I tire easily and usually scoot in several minutes.

White Kitty will be the one I`ll find next.

Friendster Icons

White Kitty is my boyfriend. The love of my life. Mama says that we are still young but I know my boyfriend and I will last. Mama keeps telling me that I`m igno-lala-rant, whatever that means. Mama just doesn`t understand the new kitty generation. She keeps adding on to the fact that we are of a different calibre. I don`t care.

Friendster Icons

I love running through the fields of daisies til the sky turns dark. I will then return home to my royal chamber, turn off the lights, fantasize awhile and curl up for bed.

Friendster Icons

Good Night!

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Sunday, September 02, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

A million apologies to those I`ve hurt, disappointed and troubled yesterday night (Vincent, Lydia, ShiLin, JunYuan). Thanks for taking care of me, MinYi and Sally when we were behaving like invalids and making a fool out of ourselves at marina south when we got dead drunk to the world.

I realised my mistake already. I vow never to drink again until I reach legal age. Even when I`ve turned 18, I will never get myself drunk til the day I die, cos now I`ve got the freaking hangover of the lifetime and I don`t want to go through that again in the future. Crap.. my head feels as if someone removed my brain and stuffed cotton wool inside to replace the empty space.


I`m going to indulge on shoes.! No.. it`s not from ebay.. I`ve already vowed not to visit there liao. I`m ordering from a shop.

G.L.P Crown Maryjanes ($138)

So adorable right? I`m buying the black ones. Sweet l'il Jes has already helped me placed an order. (:

Erm but... there`s the money problem again. Vincent already provided me with $150. I can`t extort money from him again! That`ll be so mean, besides he xin xin ku ku zhuang lai de qian is also should be for him to use and enjoy de not for me to spludge on clothes and shoes. Anyone knows any loan sharks I can borrow money from?


Going fareast with Jes on 21st September to pay the $30 deposit for those gorgeous Maryjanes and then later on she`s tonning over at my house.! Yays~! It`s been some time since someone came to spend the night with me at my house. Must remember. I keep forgetting my dates.

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2nd May 1992

I love my doggy, Honey. She means the entire world to me.

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