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Thursday, December 31, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

It's New Year's Eve!

Have not blogged for quite some time already. This will be my last post for 2009!

A skinny money said before that 2009's a bad year because she knows of alot of people who passed away in this year. That's actually kinda true, but 2009 also contains some really unforgettably, sweet memories.

Like how I signed up for a mass comm course and got a diploma within 8 months, and within that 8 months' time, school was only 3 hours everyday (with 30 mins break), it was so laid-back that it felt like a holiday throughout. Sweeeeeeeet..

But the most unforgettable part of it all was making 2 new, very lovable friends.

Before I started MDIS mass comm course, a secondary school friend was very keen in joining me too. I myself was very eager for her sign up, so at least I won't feel so lost and alone in a new environment, and I wouldn't have to worry about whether I would be able to make friends with anyone in class or not.

The first day of school have always been a very terrifying experience for me especially when I don't know anyone at all in school. That's because I'm not a people-person. From young, my mum have been teaching me to be very cautious of strangers and not to talk to them at all. I grew up to be a very shy and reserved girl. The first impression I mostly leave on people is that I'm unfriendly, living in my own world and that I think I'm like more superior to everyone else. But I'm actually desperately craving for friends, I'm just too shy to socialise and I don't know how.

Usually if I really really really want that person to be my friend, I would force myself to ask them question after question like a crazed, sex deprived stalker in the hope that it would create a conversation (however, this happens very rarely). Like which school did they last came from? How much did they get for O Levels/PSLE? Are they attached? Do they have any friends in this school? What is the teacher talking about (even though I know sometimes)? I would just mindlessly vocalize whatever questions that comes up without even thinking if it would sound retarded or insensitive. Most of the times, once a question have moronically left my lips, I would immediately regret at whatever I blurted out and would silently wince to myself. So as to make up for that, I would continue babbling away about stuff no one gives a fuck about, which only makes it even worse, like how the weather today is hot/cold/fine. Total auntie-like small-talk. I'm such a geeky loser.

So anyway, back to that secondary school friend. I wanted her to join so badly, I asked her to beg her father, I even asked my father to beg her father. But her father said no, despite all the beggings. Her father wanted her to go to poly instead because it was cheaper and that poly's school fees could be paid by CPF or something.

I know it would be very mean of me to say this, but thinking back about it, I'm actually very glad that her father refused to let her join me in a private school. If her father had given in to her whims, I would have stuck to her for the whole course and she would have stuck to me, and we wouldn't bother making new friends. As a result, I would probably never get to know Siwei and Kelly.

These 2 girls have really proved themselves to be extremely wonderful friends even though I've known them for only a few months. Right down from sharing problems to bitching about she-hulks. I can only wish that I would be able to match up to them as a friend too. They learnt how to see past my inner-geek and bonded with me.

They're undoubtly 2 of the the best presents I've ever received in my life. People say that girls like sparkly things. Well, these 2 are like the most brillant diamonds to me then. They shine for me and only God knows how much their appearances have really brightened up my whole life.

My pretty little baby girls!

I actually intended to post more but am too lazy and sleepy now, will probably blog about the remaining topics after the new year when all the celebratory mood dies down. Have to wake up early later because me, Wc, Pearwee and Px are organising a BBQ at lower seletar for our own little count-down party. Wheeeeeeeee!

So.. Happy New Year everyone!
Advanced new year kisses to my 2 baby girls, Wc & Pearwee!

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