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Thursday, November 29, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Yesterday on my way home with Sebastian, I saw an adorable drunkard in a hawker centre lying and writhing all over the place;

Sebas found him very sexy so that drunkard tio rape by him. In order not to expose his heinous crime, Sebas killed and decapitated him then dumped his body parts in a nearby forest.

Moral of the story; Sebas is a hardcore gay.


But it is bloody irritating when I`m trying to enjoy my food.

10:52:00 PM

but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

YIIIIPPEEEEEEE!! I pierced my lip again!!

Happy happy. Yesterday morning. The blood gushed out like nobody`s business. Weird. The other time I pierced, there was completely no blood at all.

I know this would only give my dear cousin more reasons to call me an ahlian. Randy, you can save your breath, whatever you`re trying to do, it`s not working on me.

Didn`t went to Miss Koh`s wedding today. I was sick and whatsmore, what`s the point of going to a wedding if you can`t prank the bride? Minyi stayed at home too.

Speaking of teachers, I saw Jonathon Tan yesterday night at amk`s 24 hour Mcdonald. He had looked at me with a funny expression. What`s his problem.

Chermaine Yong asked me whether I did my holiday homework or not. Shit man, I`ve completely forgotten about homework. Too caught up in the whirlwind of holiday activities. I don`t even know where that stack of holiday homework is, let alone have I touched it.

Someone help me do my homework leh. And I`ll love you for eternity.

2:18:00 PM

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I saw Jeffrey and Glenn yesterday at yishun. They ignored me and kept staring at Sebas when we walked past.

Then saw them in Timezone again. Jeffrey this time acknowledged my presence and smiled at me. Pity we`re not close anymore le. They used to teng me so much. Ah wells.


Miss Koh`s wedding is comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.. Me and Minyi are so damn excited. WE`RE ELATED THAT MISS KOH AT LONG LAST HAS FINALLY FOUND HER SOULMATE.

Yeahh right. The wedding is bound to be good for a laugh.

2:18:00 PM

Saturday, November 24, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Went out with Minyi yesterday to buy Weiren`s present then watched Bratz. My father asked us over the phone multiple times what movie we were going to watch and he kept going, "what breads?"

Anyway, it`s a fucking boring show. Mean girls still rules over all these high-school-bitchiness movies.

Some retarded pig says he is very guaii. I highly doubt it. He almost wanted to whack my brothers and his friends for the commotion they caused that day at the chalet. I am more guaii. (:

10:58:00 PM

Wednesday, November 21, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Me and Minyi got bored yesterday of staying at home and met up together at the last minute. Loitered around AMK hub, then loitered around City Plaza (that place sucks, it`s so damn malaysia-ish). Until we`ve had enough of loitering and took a MRT then a bus to Downtown East.

My younger brother had opened a chalet there with his friends and we went there to see who could accompany us to the Red House. Only Jonathon came with us, the rest of the boys were too damn chicken. It was around 6pm that time and we just walked through the gate and into the compound then left. We never did went inside the house.

After that we went back chalet slack. Minyi and I got SUPER SUPER hyper active for some mad reason. Retarded and went shrieking around like nobody`s business. Around 9pm, we wanted to go back Red House again to explore. This time other than Jonathon, Gerald went with us too.

On the way to the Red House, I attempted to carry Minyi but then did not have enough energy, so we collapsed together and started laughing and flailing away in the middle of the road like a couple of mental patients. I think Gerald and Jonathon were very exasperated with having to stop every minute to deal with our nonsense. We thought we heard cows moo-ing too. But when I think about it, we were really really high that time until stone stone one, couldn`t think straight, so it was probably just frogs.

Reached the front gate of Red House. Stood outside for God knows how long until we spotted a group of malays who entered from the back gate and we started waving to them asking whether we could follow them. They were really nice people. They gave us a tour of the Red House and it wasn`t as scary as I had expected it to be. Saw nothing. They asked whether we wanted to follow them to OCH and we went, "siao that`s like so far". So we went back to the chalet.

We arrived back at the chalet soaking wet (amazingly my makeup was still as perfect as ever). It poured just after we came out of the Red House. Dried ourselves. Then played blackjack. The loser in every round had to eat a piece of tissue paper. I ate about 6 to 8 pieces lorh!

Got bored of playing cards and we settled in for the night. Then we started screaming and fighting for the pillows and blankets with Jonathon and Marcus until some anal-retained security guard came over and reprimanded us.

Me and Minyi had a tough time falling asleep. The boys seemed to appear very comfortable. But they crazy one lorhh.. Slept at 3am woke up 6am to bathe. What the hell.. somemore during the 3am to 6am period they would burst out in excited chattering every now and then. Don`t know they sleeping or just pretending to only.

Had our breakfast at Mac then headed back home. Later going back there again for barbecue.

We got to know 2 pretties at the chalet! Deborah and Elaine! Even though they didn`t stay overnight, it was fun talking with them.

10:34:00 AM

Tuesday, November 20, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I AM ON FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE. Hmmmm.. reminds me of a song, "We don`t need no water, let the motherfucker burn. Burn motherfucker, burn."

ANYWAYS, last year (or was it 2 years ago...?), I got hopping mad at a girl called Katherine, my senior in YTSS, because she koped a few photos from my friendster of my cut wrists and claims that is hers. But she eventually took it down after I talked to her and now she`s my gan jie.

Now, it`s deja vu all over again. Except that this time it`s another person stealing my photo.



My this photo..

Taken in June this year.

It was only when I sent her a comment on her friendster that went, "that is MY photo, bitch". Her friendster settings are adjusted to automatically accept comments. So after I commented, I could straightaway see my comment in her profile.

I showed my brother her friendster profile with MY photo as her primary photo and he burst out laughing,"Aiya this kind of people like to act fierce one la. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH. You know my friend right he like to act beng so much that he can advance to express one leh but he opted to drop to normal acad." And continued snickering to himself.

It was not more than 15 minutes that I refreshed her page to see my comment and my photo gone. Replaced with a photo of her fugly self and one of her fugly friends.


I don`t know why I mind so much. I just do. Perhaps its because I cannot stand how these people clamour so much for attention that they have to resort to stealing others` photos. It`s like on a whole new level of pathetic. Tsk tsk tsk.

That girl is now sucking up to me on friendster and asking me to be her gan jie. =_=

11:11:00 AM

Sunday, November 18, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away


I was missing for only 16 hours or so and my parents went to make a police report. As if I don`t have enough trouble with the police already.

Whatsmore after I came back home, my parents straightaway forced me to take a pregnancy kit test.

SO FUCKING PAISEHH LA CAN. I felt like giving my father one tight slap across his bloody face. I DON`T ANYHOW GIVE MY BODY TO GUYS ONE LORH. It seems that they have this impression I`m a fucking slut. Ninabei. There goes my dignity. At least my Ahma still believe I know how take care of myself.

I hate my parents. I can`t wait for them to die. DIEDIEDIEDIE YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

And don`t any of you give me that crap about how my parents brought me up til this age and they`re just concerned over me. Eat my shit la, you people have got no fucking right to lecture me without being in my shoes at all.

To all those people my fucking useless father kept pestering, I`m sorry I indirectly got you all into trouble.

A gazillion kisses to my beloved hongster. Thanks for taking care of a homeless little girl so tenderly. And not blaming me when my father fuckingly interrogated you. I`ll never forget your kindness towards me and I`ll love you til the end of time!

Urgghhh.. his birthday`s just 8 more days away and I don`t know what to buy for him. I`m so shitty. Somemore I`m completely broke now due to all those taxi rides from one end of Singapore to the other. I ought to die.

3:49:00 PM

Thursday, November 15, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Went out with "Hello People" today. When we were sitting at a HDB void deck, I had rested my legs on the table infront of me much to "Hello People"`s disapproving glares. Then some little 6 year old boy walked past, checked me out and went, "sexayyyye". I turned my head and thanked him. SO CUTE LORH, the audacity of the kids nowadays.

After awhile, a little kitty hopped up on the chair and began nuzzling against us. Then it kept following me around until I bought kitty food for it at a nearby patrol station.

Unrequited love is such a pain. And out of all people I had to fall in love with "Hello People". He`s a big time hongster for goodness sake. So frustrating. It`s either one of the 2 girls get hurt, or both.

Edited//; Impossible for me to love him over such a short period of time. It`s just a minor crush. (:

9:53:00 PM

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Just came back from work... Urgghhs tiring. But at least I`m not working those kind of sell ice cream or hand out flyers de. Chao sian arh that one.. Somemore so degrading. No offense to those working that kind of jobs, this is mainly just my opinion.


I wanna get promoted. So can wear that cute little uniform.

The girls there are very friendly and super duper chio. All are older than me by quite a number of years.

One of my bosses is siao. He asked me whether I got chup one or not. I was like, "......................NO".

Saw Naqia in the MRT train while going back home from City Hall. She says she works in Sentosa. Ohmygod that`s like soooo far. She power la.

Yesterday me and Minyi had our 3rd laser session.

IT`S GETTING MORE AND MORE PAIN LORH. I never took a photo of it because it was too bloody disgusting already. Even though the doctor put bandages, the blood still seeped through and stained my shirt. I had to get my mother to change it because it looked as though someone had just murdered me.

I DOWAN LASER LERHHHHHHHHH LAAAAAAAAAAAAA IT`S TOO DAMN PAINFUL. And so fucking irritating. Cannot even bathe, sleep, sit or walk properly. I can hardly function for God`s sake.

I am feeling very pek chek now. Because currently, there are some unknowns quarelling with other unknowns ON MY TAGBOARD. And I`ve haven`t the slightest idea what is going on, nor who they are.

And there`s someone else going by the name of "username" who claims to be concerned about me but refuses to tell me his/her name.


11:56:00 PM

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Whooo! This is life. Going out everyday and enjoying every second of it.

So much better than last time. Always getting dictated by others.

Fuck 3rd laser session tomorrow. Chao chee byeeeeeeeee.. it`ll get more and more pain everytime le lorh. Somemore mine is like SO BIG. I`m not sleeping today. So tomorrow I will be like seh seh one and can focus on my sleepiness rather than the pain.

1:16:00 AM

Monday, November 12, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Weiren is uber cuteeeee!! (:

He would believe just about anything I say. And he`s sweet too. We went to watch Stardust today. I thought it was just another stupid, corny, sissy, gay-ish and shitty fairytale but it turned out quite good, although it lasted for 2 hours and made me feel cranky because it was too bloody long. It was already very late when the movie ended, so Weiren accompanied me home.

Yayyyy going shopping with Minyi tomorrow! My beloved sister who means the world to me and I would not tolerate any insults fired at her. Yeah.

Especially when someone implies that she`s a bad friend because she committed some criminal offences with me. You don`t even know her for goodness sake. To me, she`s not a bad friend because she has an exceptionally good heart. Too bad you can`t see it for yourself.


1:41:00 AM

Thursday, November 08, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

This morning I went to visit an old friend. Malcolm. Not the Hwa guy ok.

Erm then... FAST FORWARD.!

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Met Minyi after that and went around bugis finding Vincent`s present.

Then went city hall pass Xiao V his present. He is so cute la! And saddistic. He thought that I used a knife and DIG OUT the flesh where my angkong is. Wth I think I will faint from the pain.

I brought out quite alot of money today and now it`s all gone. Huh. Poof.

9:41:00 PM

Wednesday, November 07, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Me and Minyi went for interview today at Chijmes, Cosafe and got the job on the spot.

This means that we are very lovable. (:

On the way to city hall we saw Samuel!

And when we went Marina Square I saw Weiren! Ok la maybe I didn`t see Weiren but he saw me. He is still very sad that I didn`t notice him. =_=

Very near to the place my ex works.
But that`s ok. Maybe I can go there and steal laptops.

I bought Xiao V korkor`s present already! But I have yet to buy for that Walrus.

11:13:00 PM

Sunday, November 04, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Went Cineleisure with Perry, Weicong and Holden today. Perry and Weicong went to buy Yahui`s birthday present then after that went to watch The Game Plan.

I found that it`s the best movie Dwayne Johnson has acted in.

After watching movie, took a train back to Yishun. Saw Jeffrey korkor the second we boarded the train. He has become fatter.

Speaking of Jeffrey, his friend, Glenn asked me to stead with him on msn just the other day. his exact words were, "I realised you becoming more and more pretty leh. Can you give me a chance to take care of you? I promise I won`t touch a single hair on your head de."

.... You could see the intention there anyway.

So of course I refused him straightaway.

After I refused him, he said that he was just joking only.

Anyway, yishun. We went to Perry house and ordered KFC, watched Transformers halfway then went home.

OHYEAH AND PERRY THE WALRUS IS EVIL. Beware of him. HE MADE MY HAND BLEED TODAY! He used his stupid bracelet to cut my hand. Its damn deep lorh the cut. He planned it all beforehand! Walruses are evil.


12:04:00 AM

Friday, November 02, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away


SCREW ALL OF YOU PLAYERS! I hope you get your retribution someday and towards the end of your life, die horribly and tragically like the incorrigible motherfucker you are!

Chaocheebye. He professed his love for her countless of times and claimed that she was his life, blah blah blah, the usual talking style of a guy trying to win a girl`s heart.

His schemes paid off. 她不知不觉中爱上了他.

Even though at one period of time he was exposed by her gan jie for telling the lie of the century, she forgave him straightaway and continued loving him unconditionally.

After a month of knowing each other, he grew sick and bored of the game he was playing. He started treating her very coldly. At first she just dismissed it off as him being too busy and wanted to give him some space, not wanting to tie him down.

This afternoon, she was talking to one of his friends on msn. His friend was talking about his msn`s display picture. So, curious, she went to see.

His personal message and display picture practically screamed "NEW LOVE OF HIS LIFE".

His friend was concerned about her. He kept asking if she was okay. She told a white lie and said that it doesn`t matter because she doesn`t love him anymore anyway, just so that his friend would not worry so much about her. When in fact she was contemplating whether to take away the emotional pain by replacing it temporarily with physical pain. In other words, multilation.

She had only confided this whole thing to one of her sisters.

What he gains from playing with her feelings, I have no idea. Perhaps he wanted to prove that he could charm just any girl into falling in love with him.

Go to hell la. If only you could experience how much she`s hurting right now.

11:06:00 PM

but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Fabian korkor was was sweet enough to accompany me to amk polyclinic today despite me waking him up from his peaceful slumber and desperately shrieking away that no one can pei me go see doctor.. I didn`t go to the fucking useless E square camp today and had to get a MC or else those teachers will kaobei kaobu. And it turns out I really caught the flu.

I`m going KL soon! Hopefully can meet up with my shuaii shuaii de Eric korkor.


Completely broke now due to the multiple shopping sprees me and Minyi went on.

Money makes the world go round. (:

4:38:00 PM


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