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Monday, October 29, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Yesterday went out with Minyi again. Did our hair and nails. Minyi`s hair took particularly long to be done. So I was shamelessly cam-whoring away while waiting.

Ahhhh shut up la. I know I looked ugly. I was having a bad make-up day.

The pedicure was cheap. Only $25. So much lesser than that time at midpoint orchard.


Poor little Quigibo died today in school when I was furiously bouncing it.

HAHA!! Dissected!

9:47:00 PM

Thursday, October 25, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away


After having out lunch at amk central, we trained to Bugis. When we just stepped out of the mrt station, a few girls approached us to do free lance modelling for their company, we straightaway turned them down. Hahahas. Went bugis street shop shop shop then went Citylink `s tcc to rest our tired, aching feet.

Fucking flash. No nose again.


Walked to Marina Square after drinking to coninue our shopping. Some sales girl at a certain shop pissed us off big time. And we were on the verge of strangling every person around us.

Returned to Citylink after visiting every clothing shop in Marina Square. Went to Polar to find my Xiao V korkor!! HE IS SO DAMN CUTE LA! I actually wanted to pay for the coke light and chocolate wild hibicus ice cream but he refused to take any money. So sweet. (:

Jie and I bought matching sunglasses!

So cute.

So stupid.

We went Hotel Meridien for our dinner.

No, I`m joking. It was Delifrance.

Went home.


12:18:00 AM

Tuesday, October 23, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

YAY! Finally the design for our sisters` tshirts is completed. It is pretty okay!! Can`t wait to get it printed.

The photos me and Weicong took caused alot of misunderstandings so I`ve removed it already. But really lorh he is just like an elder brother. I SAY BEFORE AND I`LL SAY IT AGAIN; I`M IN LOVE WITH JINHAO!

Ya larh.. I buey paiseh one. Call me whatever you want bahhs. You`re only making yourself appear retarded when you start sprouting off your mouth before getting the facts right. I`m already long past the stage when I actually got hurt if anonymous fucktards start calling me names. (:

Long long long long long past. I embrace it now. I feed off these kind of nincompoops` stupidity. What does not kill me makes me stronger.

I JUST SQUASHED A HUGE ASS BUG! WAHAHAHAHAHS STUPID BUG! Who asked Mr Bug to keep bumping into my hand when I was typing. Mr Bug deserved it.

My sweet little Shermin Meimei just showed me this blog where a team of people blogged out their anti-ahlians thoughts.


Browse through it. It might provide some entertainment. Then again, maybe not.

Now, I don`t know what their problem is, but apparently rebonding of hair, bathing for more than 5-10 minutes, liking the colour PINK, wearing of short skirts, listening to techno, "painting" faces with makeup, hanging out at Bugis, having multiple piercings are considered as ahlian-ish behaviour.

I think this AALteam has a huge misconception about ahlians. Girls who call themselves "bAobeii pwiiNc3sS" and japanese wannabes are also labelled as ahlian. Wtf...?

Let the jap-wannabes and act cute girls be! If they want make fools out of themselves why stand in their way?

My guess is that those AAL people are heavily-obese, geeky and uglyass spoilt brats that have major issues with attractive Singapore girls. Nevermind about those Singapore girls` characters. What matters most is their appearance right? And they have hosted up many of these supposed ahlians` photographs in their blog. Not one of these people they hate is fat. Huh. Go figure.

Maybe the fat, outcasted girls of Singapore are finally joining hands to make a name for themselves.

No offense to any fat person reading this. I`m just merely ostracizing those pudgy ones calling the kettle black.

It`s not just about the jealousy and unfairness of it boy, it`s because you are also extremly sick with the flu and yet you still want to pei your gan mummy. AT AN UNGODLY HOUR, 1.30AM.

She`s a girl for goodness sake. Do you really think that she would seriously wait below your house for a long period of time if you refuse show up? Just 10 minutes and she will start losing patience already.

I don`t know why I`m feeling so disappointed. Perharps I`m showering way too much concern over you and you hardly appreciate it.

I retrieved my pink thingy and Minyi`s orange thingy from Weicong le!

Don`t laugh at it. It`s actually very adorable. I named mine "Quigibo". I have no idea why I named it that. It just looks like a Quigibo to me.

I don`t know what Minyi`s going to name hers. She has yet to know that I`m going to give her this orange thing.


A small little extract from a sms FOO YONG SHENG just sent me;

"You dun let me saw you outside la hor. And clean your ass and guai guai go your girls home la hopeless fucker"

First of all... DO YOU OWN SINGAPORE? Who the fuck are you to tell me not to let you see me outside? And furthermore I don`t see what wiping my ass has got to do with anything here. Girls are not fuckers by the way. They are called fuckeresses/bitches/sluts/whores. Don`t know how to scold still want scold sial. Not afraid of making yourself look dumb?

What have I ever done to you? Is it because I broke up with you and now I`m in love with another guy so you feel this way? In that case... I laugh my ass off at you sore loser.

You`re just another ignorant, unreasonable little shit who`s means nothing more than an insignificant stain.

"Got guts come marina lor. No guts, just fuck off la.. I`ll let you remember vincent forever. Shoo"

Excuse me... now you`re the one bo dai bo ji come find trouble with me and you expect me to come marina to settle with you? Remember you forever? I highly doubt it. Like I`ve just said, you`re just an insignificant little shit. And whats with the "shoo"? YOU were the one who smsed me all of a sudden.

Hahaaaas the weird and bu zhi liang li people we have in our society nowadays just takes the cake doesn`t it?

11:31:00 PM

Monday, October 22, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I woke up late today, which resulted in pang-sehhing Minyi. SORRY MINYI!!! But I bought something for you! Unfortunately I forgot to take it back from Weicong just now when I went home.. I am such an ass.

Watched Mr Woodcock at Lot 1 with Weicong today. It was not really that funny la.. don`t know why my brother liked it so much. Kept calling Perry but he was sleeping like a pig.


9:56:00 PM

Sunday, October 21, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Went sentosa today with Perry, Minyi, her boyfriend & his friends then later on in the night went to find Weicong with Perry.


When we were at Perry`s house, Weicong and I started wrestling over some stupid thing. It was damn tiring lorh.

And Weicong, purple is a sexy colour ok.

11:01:00 PM

Friday, October 19, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Well school today was a fucking waste of time. I could have stayed at home and slept. They asked us to come to school just to sign some useless stuff and then stone the whole day until 12.45pm. But Minyi and I ran away at 10am.

We had to go for our laser checkup what! Whatsmore its not as if there were any teachers in our class for the rest of the day.

Next week`s post exam activities are super lame. Lucky we can excuse ourselves.

I only passed my maths and english for my overall. *Sighs* Can I choose to be retained instead of dropping to NA?

My father brought us to yakiniku after the checkup as a reward for lasering away our angkong the 2nd time. There was this furniture shop nearby and I saw this..;

I was like, "why the neh neh so sharp de?"
And Minyi went, "I think I look ugly today."

.. No you don`t Minyi. You looked positively cute. It is me that looks ugly everyday. MY FRINGE TOO LONG LA! But I scared cut le then too short.

Story of my life, pondering over sharp breasts and having a weird obsession with my hair.

6:46:00 PM

Thursday, October 18, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

YAY!! During the holidays, Minyi`s coming along with my family for shopping overseas!!! My father managed to persuade her father.

SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guangzhou, Shanghai then Taipei. OMG OMG OMG. I went Taipei just last year and it was pure shuaiister & shopping heaven. I did not shop much that time because we only spent 1 day there before flying off to Europe.

I`m going to bankrupt my father this time.


We are going to be guaii girls from now on.

10:26:00 PM

Wednesday, October 17, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

A few days ago, somebody complained that I change already because last time used to blog about him but now never lerh.

Hmmm... don`t know is who become more and more boxim one lehh. Contacting me less and less frequently.

Sometimes he could disappear for hours on end. Stupid boy. Always making me so worried.

I PASSED MY MATHS!! 67%. WHOOTS. Eh what sial.. to me very high already lorhh...

But my other papers are like shit.

Especially POA. WAHAHAHA. 0%.

Xiao V korkor`s birthday arriving on the 30th this month. I already forgot his present last year. I cannot possibly forget it this year again. But that idiot.. SO SAD LA, he doesn`t know his own meimei`s age. He thought that I`m 18. Zzz.

Koi Chong Sin.

Where the hell in Singapore can you find la bi xiao xin stuff arh?

11:51:00 PM

Sunday, October 14, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I CAN`T FUCKING BELIEVE IT! I stayed home on Saturday and I`m still idling around the house on a Sunday. And exams are already over. What the fuck. I must be crazy.

I feel like a handicapped person. I can`t move my left arm because now the whole thing`s blue black and my back feels as if it`s being ripped open. It doesn`t help that I`m having my menses now either. My mood swings are all around the place. Haywire.

I don`t care la I tomorrow wanna go out le. SOMEONE JIO ME OUT!

7:14:00 PM

Saturday, October 13, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Yesterday after our 2nd laser session (which was fucking painful, the painkiller didn`t help at all), Minyi went straight back to my house and waited while I changed my clothes and put on eyeliner. Then we left for pasir ris to barbecue.

On the way, Minyi kept complaining about her fringe.

She noticed me taking her photos and she tried to hide her face with her handphone. Hahaha she`s so shy.

At pasir ris, my brother and cousin had not arrived with the food yet so we went to the toilet as Minyi wanted to put on eyeliner.

I was happy because I had an extremely good hair day.

We had put on tons of eyeliner.

Then we wandered off to a pub called Mid Night Summer Breeze. I remembered Kelita telling me that she worked there at her father`s restaurant and so we went in to find her. The ambiance there was so romantic and it was really really dark. Got shuaiisters working there somemore sial.



When the flash went off, I squinted and looked like a retard. Minyi just looks as adorable as usual.

We stayed there for awhile drinking and eventually Randy and Derek arrived. We went to the barbecue pit there to eat. Then went back Mid Night Summer Breeze for another drink. Kelita then told us that there were 2 shuaiisters working there who wanted to know us. We didn`t really cared much because by that time we were really drowsy due to the effects of the 10,000 pills we had to take for our angkong-laser thingy.

We left that place around 3am. Reached back home at 4am. Once my head touched the pillow I immediately fell into a deep slumber. Woke up at 2.30pm today.

I ate my lunch, took my pills, then went to bathe. It was only then that I found out that the injection from yesterday left multiple, huge, painful bruises on my arm.

I don`t want to whine like a pathetic, bimbo-ish bitch but you have to admit too it`s bloody ugly and unsightly.

After I bathed. Off came the bandages from my angkong.

Look at all the blood. Remains me of a used sanitary pad.

Then my back.

It looks worse in real life.

When my mother helped me clean it, blood kept oozing out from the wound. Yuck. Then the whole gauze which was used to clean my wound was all soaked in pus and blood.

Minyi took some candid photos of me yesterday too. I`m just going to post up only a few less uglier ones because I`m lazy to edit all the photos` sizes.

My shorts were super short.


Minyi is oh so evil.

5:00:00 PM

Friday, October 12, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I AM SO BLOODY STRESSED.! Even though exam`s already over.

Me and Minyi are discussing over a very serious matter. Which colour to choose;

I want to buy this from ebay but I dunno which colour to choose! I like the bronze one but I`m scared it might clash with the clothes I wear. Bronze hardly matches any colours. And even though black goes well with any colours, that black one looks too matured already. I`ll look weird carrying it. The silver looks so plain because the crown is already silver.

I want to commit suicide already.

Maybe I`ll just buy the baby phat one. At least it`s branded, compared to the above one which has no brand at all. But there were 2 that caught my eye.


Oooo! Maybe I should just buy a baby phat wallet instead. Quite cheap. Only US $17.50.

It`s pretty right?!

Aiya I know I said I won`t buy anything from ebay last time le. But one last indulgance for old time`s sake won`t hurt that much ma.

I`m boring myself out. I think I`m going to sleep le. Tomorrow is me and Minyi`s 2nd laser session. Sian. I don`t like the smell of my skin burning. Hopefully the pain killer works la. I don`t want to endure another time of the thousand-knives-stabbing sensation. Bloody fucked up.

Bitch, I`ll kill you for getting us into this into this state.

12:27:00 AM

Thursday, October 11, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

It had been ages since I went out with Weicong and Perry. Yesterday was fun!

I met Perry at northpoint first because Weicong dunno run until where. It was already pouring cats and dogs before I reached there. And Perry wanted to eat Long Johns`. But we had to cross a road to get there and I absolutely refused to get my hair wet. We stood there like 2 complete morons looking at the rain. Then Kah Min and Cherie came along, they stood there and looked at the rain too. 4 little morons looking at the rain.

Perry then borrowed an umbrella from one of the guys unloading a truck nearby, sheltered me to the other side, ran back to return the guy his umbrella and dashed across the road again. So uberrrrrrrr sweet lorhhs. SOMEMORE I FORGOT HIS BIRTHDAY (it was on the 8th)! I`M A BAD BAD BAD MEIMEI!! I`ll make it up to him. Somehow. Even though I dunno how. HOW?!

At Long Johns` we called Weicong and amazingly he picked up. I thought he was sleeping his ass off or something. We went out walk walk while waiting for Weicong. Kept seeing Eddie and his little friends. Finally Weicong came then we walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk until sian and went to buy movie tickets. Saw Jaime and her friend there! She`s so pretty! And I want a lip piercing too!

Perry wanted to see Resident Evil but I was not of age because it was rated NC16. So he stood there sulking away like the cute little _______(insert sea creature name) that he is. Weicong just suggested that we buy the tickets. So we did lorhh.

It was only 4pm then. The movie started at 5.15pm. We went to Timezone and Perry got addicted to the hook hook thingy. He not song until he catch a toy. Then once he caught it he pushed the toy to me.

I took care of Perry`s toy so well. He should be touched.

Then we went watch the movie, somehow I managed to get pass. I have no idea why. Either the ticketing guy see me cute or he`s just plain dumb. On the way to get the Safra card from Weicong`s cousin, we saw Chunsiang, that dumbass dickhead. In Safra pool, saw Desmond (again). He kept chiding me like what he always did last time. He like got alot of money lorh. Keep going arcade and playing pool.

Perry & Weicong are so sweet larhs. (:
Weicong had personally brought something to cover so that I won`t be cold inside the cinema. And when I wore it, it completely covered my shorts such that it looked like I was just wearing a long sleeve shirt with nothing else. =_=

10:06:00 AM

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I am sad. My fringe is growing out now so when I put it down it`s too long and looks damn weird and when I push it to the side it`s too short and looks damn weird.

It`s neither long nor short lorh!

I had a strange dream yesterday. Something to do with Chaopo and Vincent. I forgot what it is already. Mostly.

Yesterday when Minyi, Me and our parents went to AMK police station and waited there for like 30 minutes or so, then they told us that the blood test isn`t ready yet and we had to come back another day. We were like sian ji pua. Cannot tell us earlier meh? Make Minyi`s father and my father because of this then take leave. Minyi`s father is funny. He kept preaching about Jesus and God to me when we went to the Mcdonalds` nearby to talk talk.

Aiya fuck la.. we still on bail lorhh until this whole case over. Shit man. They stated in the bail form that we are not allowed to leave Singapore unless the IO or the court grants permission. How to sneak away to Johor with Minyi after our exams for our secret rendezvous?! No la, we just wanna go there to do our manicures and pedicures.

Perry, you`re so much more whiter than me lorhhh!! And you`d better wake up later when I reach home from school and call you horhh! Want me pei you eat then if you cannot wake up I`m not going to talk to you le.

6:56:00 AM

Monday, October 08, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I was forced to prank call someone last night. Then that guy I prank called is damn scary lorhh. Refused to let me hang up the phone and he had asked at one point what colour are my tits. What the fuck.. I`m not going to forgive Jinhao until he wears a bikini and take photo.

Just returned from Equinox. I love the food there. Especially the foie gras.

Every high class restaurant has an indoor smoking lounge.

The scenary from the ceiling to floor windows.

I like the toilet there. So glamorous.

The report for our blood test is coming out tomorrow. And tomorrow is also the day we have to report back to AMK HQ. We would have to go CNB if the report shows that there`s a high dosage of *CENSORED* in our blood. Whatsmore that day that we had our blood test I had taken it 2 times in a row. Fuck I`m dead.

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