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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away


My wound has already dried up and itches like crazy. The scab is so tempting to pick at that I`ve already plucked off approximately 90% of all of it, albeit much bleeding. But I`m not going to stop picking at it. Because it is so sickly-satisfying to feel bits of scab getting peeled off from my back and it eases the itchiness a little.

Okay la, I lied about the easing itchiness part. I just pick at it to satisfy my own weird fetish. My fetish that is to see/feel scab being plucked off from my skin. Yups. Shuang lorh! Too bad for you if you can`t understand this strange fetish, you don`t know what you`re missing out. Kwahahahaha!

YTSS has decided to declare a no-school day tomorrow just to celebrate the school`s success for the 2007 GCE 'O' Levels.

Apparently 100% of the express students got at least 5 GCE 'O' Level passes. Omg so pressurizing. I think I will at most pass 2 subjects nia la..

Nevermind it`s ok.. Fail can retake again anyway. On to more important things... Since tomorrow no need go school, I`M GOING CNY SHOPPING WITH MINYI!!!


11:09:00 PM

Sunday, January 27, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I realised the medication is making me and Minyi feel like robots. We are like almost totally void of emotions.

Seriously, I`ve never cracked a smile the whole day.

I can`t feel happy, sad, angry, scared, jealous, anxious or whatever other shit emotions.

I can only feel this kind of heck-care attitude. Like nothing really matters at all.

I don`t like this feeling.

8:33:00 PM

but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Here it is. My poor, disfigured back.

That is soooo going to leave massive scarrings.

Nevermind it`s okay.. Once I`ve graduated from Yishun Town, I`m going to cover up the scars with a full-back tattoo. And nobody can stop me. Not even my parents. Since there is no age limit for tattoo-ing in Singapore.

HAH! Suck on that losers!

12:50:00 PM

Saturday, January 26, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Yesterday night me and Minyi went for our 5th laser session. The doctor gave us an anesthetic injection but the injection merely made us just feel nauseous and sleepy. It did not help to alliviate the pain during the lasering process at all. Furthermore, we kept vomiting. It was truely a horrible feeling.

My mother has just helped me peeled off yesterday`s bloodied bandages, cleaned away the excess blood and bandaged up the wound again. Lazy to post the photos. Perhaps some other day.

I have to take like at least 10 different types of medicine. Because I am both down with the flu and wounded. I feel so bloody handicapped.

So I`m in a seh seh state the whole day due to the high dosage of drugs I am required to consume. I fucking hate this. And my hands keep trembling as though I have parkinson`s disease or something.

At least I had 2 days of MC.

The party at Barcode starts tomorrow night at 9pm. Minyi and I initially wanted to go de. But then we can`t because of the stupid wound and the drowsy effect of our medication. ):

12:45:00 AM

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

There was a stupid hugeass bee buzzing around on top of me just now in my room, continously hitting the ceiling every second with a "tac tac tac" sound. It was so annoying.

I continued setting up the laptop. Then I heard a loud "TAC", followed by a "POCK". I looked up and the bee was nowhere to be seen above my chandelier anymore. Ewwww... what the fuck.. a hugeass bee is going to decompose in my room.

So this is what my life comes down to. Blogging about bees. It couldn`t get anymore sadder.

I had writer`s block this afternoon. I swear I am going to fail my English Paper 1, because everything I wrote either didn`t make sense at all or is completely out of the point.

It is not my fault. Blame it on the school`s idiocy. Almost everyone in my english class was stoning away for 10 to 15 minutes after the paper started.

Why couldn`t they hold the exam during curriculum time when everyone`s as fresh as a daisy, instead of after curriculum time when everyone`s so tired after studying a whole day?

I bet they just want us to fucking fail, so we`ll have the motivation and determination to strive harder. Fuck you, this method doesn`t work anymore. We`ll just feel loser-ish and shitty.

Imagine if your baby daughter was borned a mutant-freak. Like for example, this true-life story that happened in Russia;

The weird baby looked at the world with its only eye, took a breath of air with the trunk that was growing on its forehead, and died.

The female creature was covered with thick hair. It had only one eye in the center of its forehead and a small trunk that was growing on the head above the eye.

The middle-aged mother of the unusual child had a preterm delivery. Doctors would not have time to take her to the maternity hospital. The woman gave birth to the baby girl at home. Doctors' hair stood on end when they saw the seven-month-old fetus.

Thick hair was growing on the girl's shoulders and back. Locks of hair were growing on the baby's head too. The little girl has a big blue eye on the forehead. The child had no nose. There was something strange growing on the head right above the eye. Doctors believed at first that it was a penis, although they determined later that it was a small trunk, through which the baby could breathe.

The mutant child died almost instantly. The doctors tried to take life-saving efforts, but they brought no result.

It is hard to imagine what kind of shock the child's parents had to survive. They were dreaming about a baby for long, but their dream ended with a nightmare.

The deceased infant was sent to a morgue, where professional experts of forensic medicine thoroughly examined the little body. The hairy, one-eyed girl had a number of other physical defects, which would not let her live even for several days.

Nobody buried the strange baby in the end. The body was placed in a big glass container of formalin, from where it is still gazing at the world with the only one big blue eye.

There is something seriously wrong with Russia. First, that alien-ish puppy (if you can call it a puppy), then now a female Cyclops.

11:39:00 PM

Saturday, January 19, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Disturbing. A Russian dog gave birth to a litter of 5 puppies and out of the 5, one of the puppies sort of resembled a human baby. Only that it`s not the least cute at all.

Maybe after that female Russian dog mated with some male Russian dog, a sick bastard got horny and fucked the female dog. Hence the mutant-human-dog-hybrid.

12:31:00 PM

Friday, January 18, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

EEEEE OH MY GOODNESS, a certain backstabbing slut`s stead is so bloody ugly. Walan, she`s so despo until like that, it`s sick la.

XOXO . says:
I think she's hit an all-time low
XOXO . says:

Lydia went on to say she thinks they have the fu qi xiang too. I couldn`t have agreed more.

And I heard that slut complained that her boyfriend`s name is the same as mine. Please lorh, she say until as if I`m related to her or something like that. I don`t wish to be associated with low lifes.

There`s like nothing to blog about already after school reopened. (Except to complain.) Everyday`s the same old boring routine.

I prefer Jerry Yeo to be our DM than Mr Nirav lorh. All these years, Jerry Yeo`s the one handling all my discipline cases and I have to admit, he`s not really that bad, he just gets the occasional blues every now and then only. With Jerry Yeo as DM, life in school was so much more colourful and fun.

But ever since it changed to Mr Nirav this year, there are retarded rules now la.

Like horh, ankle socks can be worn just as long as the socks cover the ankle balls. Fucking nonsensical. If socks cover the ankle balls, it is not considered as ankle socks already what. That`s common sense, which I think is what most of the teachers in our school lack. And if the socks doesn`t cover our ankle joints, we will be issued one day of detention class.

In addition, PSP is not allowed in school or else it would get confiscated.

They are so blatantly abusing their power and forcing their authority over simple, little, unsignificant details. WHO THE FUCK COMES UP WITH THESE RULES?

Furthermore, the whole school got reprimanded by our principle just recently because 15 kois died. He made it out like its completely our fault. Insane. They did not get the pond properly cleaned before they moved the fishes from the sembawang campus to the yishun campus. So there was algae everywhere, the water was so opaque you could not even see the shadow of the fishes beneath the algae-filled-water and in order to get it cleaned, they had to transfer the kois to another pond in the school. They kei kiang decided to transfer the fishes themselves and not hire professional help. Transfer until 15 kois can die. How`s that the students fault?

They`ve also promised last year that they were going to install air conditioning for graduating classes this year. WHERE THE FUCK`S THE AIR-CON?! Instead, they waste money on surveillence cameras around the school that points in stupid places.

I am so relieved this is my last year in Yishun Town.

But the thing is, I`m still stuck in this little shit-hole called Singapore where GST and taxes are way too bloody high, social studies is just a nicer term for pure propaganda, the biggest charity organisation in the country used to have a chairman who stole money from the donations with which he spent on a completely redundant gold tap installed in his toilet, the government is selling lies, hospitals couldn`t care less about our health all they want is money, Lee Kuen Yew is keeping himself artificially alive by going to NUH every month to pump in new fresh DONATED blood that`s meant for patients with terminal diseases and has to have blood transfusions. Think about it. There`s still an abundance of other un-mentionables.

For goodness sake, Singapore`s prime minister is earning so much more than President George W Bush who happens to be the most powerful man on earth.

God help us all.

Anyway, there`s this heartless asshole who dumped his girlfriend on their 16-month anniversary. His excuse was that it`s O-Level Year and he needs to concentate on his studies or some crap.

O-Level Year ninabu la. Then also no need to eat, no need to bathe right? Chao chee bye.. made my friend cry for so many hours. He should be whacked up.

11:15:00 PM

Friday, January 04, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

School was majorly fucked up these 3 days. Don`t know what the fuck was their fucking problem. Kept catching me for my hair. I thought my parents had made it clear to them since Sec 1 that my natural hair colour is sort of brownish and copper-y?

This morning, a teacher who seriously looks like she`s from Saudi Arabia, kei kiang hold us back during morning assembly while other classes were going back and we were standing there looking like retards. She`s new so she wants to haolian and make a good impression for the other teachers to see. Me, Minyi and Lydia were then singled out. THEY ARE BLOODY PICKING ON US LARH EVEN WHEN THEY CLAIMED NOT TO BE.

Then this teacher who is an old, butt-ugly spinster and whom gave me alot of problems the previous 3 years came to kaypo.

She checked my hair roots then went, "I know your hair is naturally brown, but can you dye it black? Because everyone in this school has black hair too and you have got to conform to the school rules or else it would be unfair to the others."

I got so fucking pek chek. "No. Albino, the white white Shermaine from 4e5, her natural hair is dunno how many shades lighter than mine lorh. Then why you never ask her dye black also?"

Minyi put in, "Ya lorh so many pupil`s hair also naturally brown then why you never catch them?"

The spinster said in a super sarcastic tone, "Wah you and Minyi really look out for your schoolmates horh. We should make the 2 of you councillors." I so felt like punching her lights out. And she continued, "These people we will also ask them to dye black next time."

"How can liddat one? So if an Ang Mo joins our school and he/she has naturally blonde hair you would ask him/her to dye black la?" I replied hostilely. Can`t stand her tone and her manner. Can`t stand her face either. She has a face that of a person who`s suffering from down-syndrome.

She gave me a lan lan look then went to talk to other people. Wtf. Walking away because she can`t win an argument. Old, fucking, useless loser.

The vice principle came to argue with me just right after she walked away. He`s not really significant so I won`t type out my conversation between me and him here. Because he used to be a lowly chinese teacher in YTSS and can`t even speak english properly. He`s no threat.

Then it was the Saudi Arabia bitch`s turn to try to out-talk me subsequently. "I really don`t believe your hair is natural. It has different shades all over."

"If you really don`t believe then send me for DNA testing la. But it`s damn expensive horh."

"Then you pay right?"

"No. YOU pay because you are the one who doesn`t believe me."

That was the end of our sweet, little get-together time with the teachers. They said nothing else and sent our class back because those idiots held us back and as a result we were late for our English Diagnostic Test.

During recess, I called and complained to my father who called the Vice Principle to sort out matters. I think my father threatened to report to MOE or something because that old faggot commented that he and the new discipline master didn`t know the colour of my hair is natural.

KEI SIAO. I say how many times already! Whatsmore, yesterday I gave the new DM a letter from my father stating that my hair colour is natural and he gave his approval.

THEY ARE JUST OUT TO SABO ME I TELL YOU. Fuck it la if they try this shit one more time, not only am I going to complain to MOE already, I will call up the New Paper also.

Fuck you, don`t tell me they won`t necessarily report this. They are ecstatic over this kind of teacher-and-pupil-school-conflict news because everyone in Singapore would read it and they would have a field day. Education is of the utmost importance in this country and how the teachers in certain schools are being biased and over-demanding would certainly strike up a debate between people like how it always does everytime these kind of news are reported.

I`m not being childish or defiant mind you. I`m only standing up for myself.

I don`t need others to dictate my life for me. So fuck off.

8:16:00 PM

Tuesday, January 01, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away


Cheebye la I don`t want school to reopen. I don`t want school to reopen. I don`t want school to reopen. I don`t want school to reopen. I don`t want school to reopen. I don`t want school to reopen. I don`t want school to reopen. I don`t want school to reopen. I don`t want school to reopen. I don`t want school to reopen.

I prefer staying at home to rot.

Rotting rocks my life.

I love rotting so much, I think I would give away $100 to every fellow rotter I am acquainted with on my 16th birthday.

Have you heard the advice Taufik Batisah gave for the year 2008 on channel 5 at 12am?

He said something along the lines of, "do whatever you want to do and don`t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise."

Great advice dickhead.

I bet the people of Singapore who has authority over certain things threw a fit when they heard that retard sprouting his mouth off without using his brain.

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