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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Lectures are so damn boring.

4:52:00 PM

Sunday, May 24, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I relate to you naturally
Everybody else just fades away
Sometimes it's hard to breathe
Just knowing you found me

Cause I start thinking about it
I almost forgot what it was like
To know when love feels right

Cause with you
I can let my hair down
I can say anything crazy
I know you'll catch me right before I hit the ground
With nothing but a T-shirt on
I never felt so beautiful
Baby, as I do now
Now that I'm with you

3:57:00 PM

Thursday, May 21, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I just got my LG Prada II yesterday!!! It's so goddamn pretty! My new baby.


6:37:00 PM

Monday, May 18, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Sometimes I look at myself and feel like crying. Where's the real me that I can hardly catch a glimpse of nowadays?

What's with the fucking false-fronts that I put on everyday?

I keep telling others that I'm stronger than I look, but am I really?

Even I find myself repulsive. Who's to blame if others think the same way?

1:44:00 PM

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Weicong accompanied me to study today. He cooked something for me without my knowledge because he wanted to meet for lunch but I said I didn't have much money left. However at the last minute, Andy korkor pestered to treat me to lunch.

So this turned into my dinner. Weicong cut the luncheon meat into hearts, so damn cute. That guy can't cook for nuts but he still got up early to attempt to cook a delicious meal for me. Awww...

Oh and thanks for the lunch Andy!

Perry korkor, I know I'm a selfish, spoilt bitch and I've made you disappointed for quite a number of times. But no matter what I do, you'll forgive me everytime. Although you constantly have that indifference look, I know that you really care about me. I love you for all these and more, and you will always be my most beloved big brother.

My life is so blissful. I'm surrounded by angels. They are what that keeps my heart from freezing over. Sometimes I just marvel at the glory of love.

Ok this is turning hair-raisingly cornier by the minute so I think I should stop typing.

1:41:00 AM

Sunday, May 10, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Weicong, Perry and I were at Perry's house just now walking along the swimming pool when they joked about throwing me into the pool. Weicong teasingly bumped lightly against me but I really lost my balance and almost fell in, however, Weicong instinctly grabbed my hand and pulled me back. Unfortunately, he grabbed the hand that was holding the handphone, so the sudden jerk when he pulled me back caused the handphone to fly from my hand into the water.

It went "PLOP!", and the 3 of us just stood there and stared at my handphone floating down to the bottom of the pool. We still continued to stare for a long time when it reached the bottom. Super retarded lorh.

I was the first to snap out of the retard trance and wanted to go in to get it. But then Perry said that he would go get it instead and proceeded to take off his shirt and dived it. HAWT!!! But my handphone was not so hot though. The whole thing was flooded with water. And Perry was like, "Put it in rice, put it in rice."

We put it in rice but to no avail. The water had seeped into the LCD screen already so its a total gone case.

Now I am using my super lao pok N72, and I've lost everyone's contact numbers.


1:18:00 PM

Friday, May 08, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I've finally got my laptop back! But all the programmes and stuff are all gone and it's going to be motherfucking troublesome and time-consuming to install everything back.

Photos from 1st & 2nd May uploaded.

DAY 1:

Seriously, Perry's like all doom and gloom. And he always shun away from me when taking photos. I know I am mighty gorgeous, Perry, but after so many years of friendship there's no need to be shy.

DAY 2:

I don't care about others calling me a bimbo, I always like to start a post with a self obsessed photo of moi.

Buying the stuff for our BBQ.

We bought so much food for the BBQ that even with 6 people (Perry's 2 friends came along too) we managed to only eat half of what we bought. And we dumped the remaining food into the bin.

My 3 best friends are diabetically sweet, and I love them with every beat of my heart.

Meeting Huili later at night with another one of my friends for another belated birthday celebration. I've been having so many belated birthday celebrations this week. I think I'm just giving myself excuses to not feel guilty after all the splurging.

Aiya whatever la, we only live life once. Life is full of uncertainties and we could die anytime. What's the use of scrimping and saving money so miserably when the next day you could get run over by a cement truck, leaving your corpse so terribly squashed on the road that workers would have to scrape your remains off? I'm not being a spendthrift, I'm just living my life to the fullest.

Like I always say; it's ok to live in self-denial as long as it makes us happy.

3:25:00 PM

Sunday, May 03, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Had the time of my life during my birthday celebration with my SCF. Although we hit some rough patches, we managed to smoothen things out and got even closer than before.

1st May - Had japanese cuisine for lunch with Weicong and Perry. Huili did not come along on that day. Went to Kbox after that, and then went to catch a movie.

2nd May - Barbecue with Huili, Perry and Weicong.

Thanks darlings for taking the time out to let me have fun. Huili, Perry and Weicong, the 3 of you mean so much more to me than you could ever possibly imagine. I appreciate everything that each of you have done for me.

Huili jiejie, I will treasure your present with all my life. There are some things that money can't buy. And even all the riches in the world is not going to make me part with that.

I made a promise to Perry korkor and I'm going to keep it. Have faith brother! I won't let you down.

And to Weicong sotong, the guy that spoils me more than anyone else, we'll always have our 愛的主旋律.


Will upload the photos in a new post another time when I don't feel so lazy.

And thanks to everyone else who wished me a happy birthday! (:

10:05:00 PM


2nd May 1992

I love my doggy, Honey. She means the entire world to me.

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