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Friday, August 31, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

AHA! I`ve got a reason to put angkong liao. Read this quote;

"An angel tattoo on a woman signifies her search for purity within the soul. In addition to this, it also represents her divinity, patience and her presence as a gift to the world. It implies that she regards self-confidence as a significant part of beauty and believes in protecting herself and others. Those who sport the angel tattoos are believed to do so to express their belief in this concept. It is read as a sign that a woman will not settle for anything but the best."

Eh eh mai siao siao.. DIVINITY leh.


Went back to Townsville today visit Miss Ong. I said "hi" to her and she said "hi" to me then went, "so are you still in school?". SO BAD LORH. Ya la even though when I was in p5 and p6 I wrecked a tiny bit of havoc in school doesn`t mean I`ll grow up to become a school dropout what!! And besides, I was in the EM1 class during p5 and p6 while so many people got downgraded to EM2 or EM3 classes.. naughty doesn`t mean unintelligent lorh.. walao like that look down on me! I don`t want go back liao la I feel so inferior to the other ex 6loyalty classmates. Ivan got like all A1s and only one A2 on his report card. My idiotic, uneducated (yes I know I am contradicting myself) mouth immediately dropped open. I was in that school for like 5 minutes or less then went off with Vincent already.

Dropout my ass. I`m still hanging onto my express position in Yishun Town de ok. However I dunno about whether I can make it through this year to advance to sec 4 express with my grades like pig slop. And final term examinations begin 2 weeks after school reopens! I really need a tutor for POA. I can`t keep on living in self denial that exams are still a long way to go.

6:16:00 PM

Thursday, August 30, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Lolita Black Crown Bag (US $49.99 + shipping costs US $15.00)

Ok la I got the white version but I still want to have the black one!!

Checkered Choker (US $24.99 + shipping costs US $8.00)

I love this.

Layered Mini Skirt (US $35.99 + shipping costs US $12.00)

It`ll look so good with my sexy corset.

Total Amount = US $145.97
SG Currency = $ 218.96

Fuck. I can`t appeal to my father for help anymore. He has already forked out $150 for that corset if I ask him for more money I think he will blow his top.

Desperate means call for desperate measures. I shall.... *cringes* borrow money. I don`t like to borrow money, I hate to borrow money. But for the sake of fulfilling my shopaholic needs, I will grit my teeth, lay aside my pride and ask.


I`M SUCH A SHIT EATING HYPOCRITE. I remembered dissing one girl who always asked to borrow money, "no money then don`t buy la", then continued bitching with Lydia about her for several hours or so.

Aiyas. I`m in a completely different league from her. I got money de lorhh.. just that nowadays freaking broke because keep going out.

I swear that once I`ve bought these 3 items, I`m never going to visit ebay.com anymore. It`s scary how one can get hooked to it so easily.


I should stop babbling away about my everyday materialistic needs and host some videos.

It took soooooooooo damn bloody long to finish uploading so you`d better appreciate this.

9 August 2007 ; 5.35pm - Darren`s Maniacal Laugh

My brother the retard.

22 August 2007 ; 4.29pm - Govind & Gang

My friends the retards. Towards the end they all happily joined hands and incoherently crooned away the lyrics of Yellow Submarine by The Beatles.

I`m bored. Sick at home with the flu. I miss my beloveds.

12:54:00 PM

Tuesday, August 28, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I had an ingrown fingernail and it hurt like the depths of hell whenever it came into contact with anything. I was bitching away today about how pain it was to anybody who would listen then Ying Jie korkor grabbed my thumb and slowly plucked the ingrown fingernail off. I was wincing away like crazy.
But HAHS! No more pain already. Ying Jie`s so sweet. Unlike Sexslave, cynical, bitter and full of crap. I swear if he really pisses me off one day I would rape him until he shits from his mouth and eats from his ass.


Pretty corset!

I need $150 for this. Someone sponsor me leh, and I`ll be yours to keep forever more.

No la I`m joking. I`m not as whorish as that ugly, triangular ass, act lian, sexually-transmitted-disease infested slut. If I want things for myself, I would use my own money (or father`s money in this case because I`m like completely broke).

8:34:00 PM

Saturday, August 25, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I saw Mr Kumar today at J8. He raised his eyebrows at me then by habit I just went ,"Kumar". He raised his eyebrows again.
LOL. Kumar is a nice guy.

& A FEW STRANDS OF MY HAIR GOT PLUCKED OUT! By my beloved boyfriend. Assssssss.!

My younger brother just came back from fishing with Randy and Zhan Han. He told me when Randy fished that time one part of his rod fell out. Then that retard jumped down into the water to retrieve it back but what he didn`t know was that the part of the rod was on the rocks. HAHAHA what an idiot! He blindly jumped down into the water and got himself all wet for no reason at all.

Moron. It`s retribution.
And he stripped in public to dry his jeans. Shameless.

(Randy said it wasn`t jeans. It was bermudas. Whatever. It still looked like jeans to me.)

5:21:00 PM

Friday, August 24, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away


Honestly, I don`t give a shit of you making a fake friendster account for Zhan Han.


Yes yes I think that it`s hilarious, amusing, entertaining at all. BUT I DON`T SEE THE NEED TO FUCKING PULL ME, AN INNOCENT PARTY, IN!

This was uploaded in Zhan Han`s fake account (without the identities and circlings) with the caption, "i think this girl likes me.. i look handsome even when i am bbq-ing. dun jealous".


That fucking photo was taken without my knowledge when we were all barbecuing at my estate`s bbq pit.


I hope Zhan Han`s practices what he preach and rape you until you land in hospital.

5:03:00 PM

Sunday, August 19, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away


Since so many bloody retards are misintepreting it. Don`t just read a few words and jump to deluded conclusions you idiots.

11:56:00 PM

Saturday, August 18, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I was right. My father did fell in love with her and we were on the verge of buying that doggy which looked like a white little squirrel when my mother stomped it started yelling at him infront of everyone then took off.
We had this "discussion" at home then when my father returned to the pet shop with my elder brother to buy her, as luck behold, she was sold off already to a family who was in the same pet shop as us earlier.

Ah wells.. you can`t fight fate. And God does everything for a reason. It`ll also be very unfair for Angel and Honey which are clearly fighting with each other for our attention already. If the new dog came in everyone`s focus will be on her and we would very likely neglect those 2 poor babies.

I`m not consoling myself ok. I`m just naturally optimistic. (:
Love me for who I am.

9:08:00 PM

Friday, August 17, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

things people do for love.

8:43:00 PM

Tuesday, August 14, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

when you try your best but you don`t succeed
when you get what you want but not what you need
when you feel so tired but you can`t sleep
Stuck in reverse

I know now you`re my only hope.

11:04:00 PM

Sunday, August 12, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I saw many people today!!!
Jeffrey, Derrick, blah blah blah.., and ANDY ANG. I so miss him and his madness la. What fun times we had when we were sec 1, running away in shyness whenever we see each other.

There`s this bloody whore who only knows how to feed off her jioers` money and defame other girls infront of their steads. And she just added Vincent. No doubt trying to suck the money out of him also. Nice try bitch. I HOPE SHE DROPS DEAD AND TWITCHS IN AGONY BEFORE SHE DIES, THE LOUSY, MUTHAFUCKING SLUT! I wonder what those guys who want/wanted to jio her see in her anyway. She has such a qian bian face, with an ass that is FLAT, BROAD, and weirdly triangular in shape. Plus, her hair`s worse than a bird`s nest and her personality is really crappy.

Bitching aside.

Perry Walrus is a good brother. Although he disturbs and bullies me like three quaters of the time I am out with them.
Weicong Sotong is a sweet sister. He tengs me alot alot.
I love these 2 sea creatures in this life and the next. ^^
Of all the friends I`ve ever met, y`all the ones I wont`t forget and if I die before you do, I`ll go to heaven and wait for you.

I abosolutely love espadrilles. They`re so pretty. Unfortunately I dont even own a pair and Singapore hardly sells them, even if they do, I wouldn`t buy it, because Singapore sells shitty-looking espadrilles. Somebody should open up a shop that has imported espadrilles from Paris. I would make that person filthy rich.

12:31:00 AM

Thursday, August 09, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Met Perry and Weicong at northpoint. Went to eat before going to zoo. Then I saw Elvin Mummy at Long Johns! He came to talk to us for awhile, went back to his friends then came back again. Keep on coming to and fro.
After that we went to buy water then took a taxi to the zoo.
Once we went in, some zoo guy took several photos of us and the last photo make me cringe like hell. He requested us to do a tumbs-up. What the hell...
The best part was.. Perry dressed like a zebra. So cute la we kept on trying to take photos of him next to zebras and zebra-like-painted-things.
Lazy to elaborate more. I`m sure Weicong would blog and include photos about the zoo details soon.

Happy 2nd month baby. I love you.

10:23:00 PM

Wednesday, August 08, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

"Fought" with Perry today. We were screaming away on the top bunk while Weicong was just coolly watching youtube from his laptop at the bottom bunk.
He was like so damn oblivious that world war 3 had commenced just directly above him.
Perry now has battle wounds on both his arms. Wahahaha who asked him keep bumping my head with the pillow first.
Disturb me until I buey tahan I climbed up to the bed above and started digging my nails into him hence the cat-like scratches. Shit I should have taken a photo of his arms.. it`s so artistic.
So fun. We sweated like hell. But Sotong said I still smelled very nice and some of my divine aroma somehow attached itself to his bed. Weird. I barely laid on it.

YAYS Zoo tomorrow!!

10:15:00 PM


2nd May 1992

I love my doggy, Honey. She means the entire world to me.

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