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Friday, April 27, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

i wonder who`s the mysterious, perverted fuck who reports what i write in the internet to my father. that person`s quite retarded anyway.. alot of things which i write on my blog are not entirely true. it`s just there to entertain.
it`s sort of exhilarating to have an internet stalker... in a stifling way.
pity that i had to delete away that post. it was one of my best.
ohwell.. easy come easy go. just as long as i don`t mention any names or positions when i`m insulting someone in my blog is legally right. freedom of speech, no?

so i would like to rephrase one part of the post which i wrote last night and deleted this afternoon;
my ethereal and seraphic sweetness wasn`t inculcated, it was already there at my incandescent birth so if you were present at the time of my birth, you could practically see the halo hovering just above my head and feel this consecrated aura radiating from me when i was just brought out of my mother`s womb. somewhat like some people being borned with this pedophiliac ambience that seem to engulf them and they grow up with the constant obsession for innocent, little boys and girls. these kind of people have certain trademarks by the way, for example they like to call others "a piece of crap". watch out for them.. they could be anyone in your office, your school or etc.
so... my birth and that person`s birth is somewhat similiar just that mine emanates a paradisaical glow while that person`s birth emanates an abhorrent glow,
plus the fact that i will grow up to have a monogamous, angelic personality, and that person simply grows up to be a libidinous pedophile that everyone loathes.

that`s the heeeeuge contrast of me and that detestable person. and i`ve put it into words with an appropriate tone without stating his position, name or whatsoever-stuff-about-him.
it`s completely juridical.
so i would like to watch some halfwit attempting to sue my ass off. no doubt it`ll be piquant.

don`t get your panties in a twist.

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2nd May 1992

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