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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

seriously speaking , ii have a feeling that judgement day ish fast approaching .
many of the signs from the book of Revelations ish revealing itself to the world we live in now . like for example , false prophets and charismatic churches are popping up in abundance everywhere , euu can so tell la whart wiibe all those brainless idiots trying to copy whart the moron beside them ish doing ( hinthint ; something thart ish impossible to learn unless bestowed upon euu by God himself ) .
there`s ashoo that bullshit story , the da vinci code , where the author insisted that it was all facts and Jesus reallii did have a descendant like it said so in the movie and book .

ii refuse to be brainwashed by such idiocy so ii decide ii`m going back to maii old church , zion bible presbytarian . where although old and super boring , it stiiu somehow gives miie a deep sense of security and belonging .
how much ii regret for nort treasuring maii those blissful childhood days in church . ii practically knew all the biblical stories like the back of maii hand . now ii can onlii recall a thing or 2 .
gawd , whart kind of monster have ii transformed into ? ii feel so dirty .
ii came to knew of God when ii was just a squealing infant in maii mother`s arms . every sunday ii would faithfully attend sunday school lessons and attentively listen to the teacher teaching us everything there was to know about the bible .
but when ii hit the age of puberty everything changed , ii started to rebel against maii parents for all the things they did to miie when ii was young and helpless .
just to spite them , ii turned away from God and permanently stopped going to church . ii begin to realise now thart ii was onlii hurting maiiself .

if euu had read the bible for uuer whole entire life like ii had then euu probably know whart ii`m talking about . if not , just keep uuer trap shut for euu would most likely not know whart ii am talking about and euu`re not fit to pass any criticism or whartsoever .
dunnchh get miie wrong , ii dunnchh think ii`m like a saint or anything near holy , ii dowan to be accused of bragging about how a great christian ii am or something like thart . ii know ii`ve probably committed more sins than an average person .
and did ii mention about maii hatred for all those christians thart dunnchh act like christians but keep thinking thart they`re super flawless and erms , acting real christian-y ( sorwiie lorhs but ii reallii can`t find any other word to describe thart ) .
yeahs , they`re so contridicting themself la can .

and while ii`m here ii ashoo wanna add thart maniie people dunnchh treasure whart they have until it`s gone .
ii mean come on la , miie and Lydia are trying to catch a breather from all those bastard exs who so thoughtlessly broke and stomped all over our hearts when other girls who treat their steads like shit are being treated in turn like queens .
goddamn , if some guy delivered something to miie right at maii doorstep , early in the morning , on a school day , ii swear ii would be so touched til ii burst out in tears on thart verii spot . and there she was just oh-so-coolly saying she doesn`t need thart item anymore and dismiss him just like he`s one of her maniie thousand slaves .

oh and just in case , ii`m nort indicating thart miie and Lydia reallii take euu as our slave okiie LeeHao ? ii think euu should ashoo know thart deep down we reallii lurrve euu and YingJie truckloads like our brothers .
euu know , euu can let all those fuckers wiibe bird droppings for brains think whart they wanna think , just as long as we 4 know the truth thart`s whart it reallii matters right ?
ii dunnchh see the need to stoop to their level . we are way much twuu high class for thart .

so aniiwaes . . ii`ve proven maii point .
the world has no justice . judgement day iish arriving , ii just know it .
maniie are going to perish for their unrependable sins horribly and tragically .
the next shit thart euu take could verii well be uuer last .

hmmm . . ii think ii`m laying it on a little bit twuu thick dunnchh euu think ?
maii guess about the world ending verii soon ii mean . nort the shit .

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2nd May 1992

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