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Sunday, April 08, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

today was a day unlike any other day during maii weekends . instead of waking up at mid-afternoon and stoning infront of the computer for ii whole day ii did something else . something outdoorsy .
ii woke up at 8am and went fishing plus crabbing wiibe maii 2 idiot male cousins plus maii 2 retarded , sissy brothers .
bought the equipment from Changi Village first then headed to Pasir Ris .
we cast our nets and fishing rods into the water from the bridge and waited .
while waiting , ii was freaking bored so ii took a net , threw it into the water and caught a jellyfish . euu wunnchh believe the number of jellyfish we saw at another bridge in a swamp larhsx , the whole area was infested wiibe all the different colours and sizes of jellyfish . it was so pweety , and at the same time , scary . whart if a person accidentally falls into the water ?

in the afternoon when we were stiiu waiting for the crustaceans and little dumbass fishys to get caught , we went to rent bikes for 3 hours .

we cycled to the RedHouse . when we reached , Darren took out 2 ciggys to give to the stonelions , he at first refused to offer de budden we managed to talk him into it wiibe all those stories of the redhouse .
after offering the ciggys , Randy and Darren walked into the house . ZhanHan , Derek and ii didn`t dare go in so we stayed outside the gate . ii found it verii weird thart the gate was open larhsx coshh ii heard thart last time , people had to climb over the fence to get inside to explore . hmmmms but whartever .
they were in there for quite a long time , at least it seemed a long time to miie . . after awhile they ran out , shouting "GOGOGO" , so we mounted our bikes and zoomed away .
on the way back to the bridge they told us thart they heard something . apparently , they stepped over tiish branch in the house to go into a room , then the branch just broke when they were in the room like somebody else stepped on it after they went in , so they went dashing out .
in maii opinion ii think daytime iish much more scarier than nightime when euu visit the RedHouse . cosh Randy said the first time he went it was at night and couldn`t see any shit at all but today when he went he saw alort of weird stuff .
like according to them , the bathtub being all black like something was or had been burned , a seemingly bottomless pit and maniie other things .

anyways we went back to the bridge , cycled around for awhile , ogled at a group of ahbeng shuaiisters ( thart onlii applies to miie , nort maii brothers nor cousins , gawd thart would be so embarrassing , having gays as maii relatives ) then returned the bikes , checked on our catch for awhile , left the nets there and went to eat dinner .
it was so relaxing , having dinner at the beach and watching the sun setting at the same time wiibe the seabreeze in our faces . no doubt its gonna cause pimples to pop up again . stoopiid polluted air .
but ii can say , ii managed to forget all maii problems and stress during thart time .

went back to the bridge after dinner to check again .
so far from morning to now , we caught onlii a few crabs , one little fishy thart was bigger than the bait , and some colourful jellyfish thart we threw back in the sea .
so pathetic , last night when we went we caught so much more than today .
ahwells maybe its maii older bro`s bad luck . he wasn`t wiibe us yesterday night .
but the crabs dunnch last long , yesterday`s catch died within a few hours after we put it at home , it began to stink in the morning so we had no choice but to throw them into the rubbish bin before we went out .

was around 8pm when we reached home , maii bros and ii found out thart our skins had a different colour tone and it was pracitcally radiating heat from the red parts .
SUPER DISGUSTING LARHSX . after all maii skin was much more whiter than theirs so mine was the most contrasting . and it`s itchy twuu . how strange , ii have thart type of skin thart tans rather than sunburns so how come ii have sunburn now ? ii would rather tan .
ii complained to Randy about maii sunburn and asked him whether he got it twuu . he smsed back saying it looks damn red , damn kiiute and he looks like a handsome sunkissed surfer now . why am ii so not surprised having him make a comment like thart . ? =_=

ii feel so proud of maiiself , it has been YEARS since ii`ve reallii enjoyed maiiself in the sun . aga-aga should be about 10 years le bahh .

ii think ii would be peeling like craziie tomorrow . have to remind maiiself to bring sunblock next time we go again .

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2nd May 1992

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