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Saturday, June 30, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Longpang-ed a ride from Cheehan when he came to fetch Lydia after the fiesta ended. It was freaking exhausting but fortunately I had my precious burger, korkor and sexslave with me so it wasn`t boring at all. I really regretted longpang-ing the ride with them. I`d rather walked to to sunplaza all alone despite my leaden legs and let them guo their er ren shi jie. Seriously la, it was pure torture just sitting beside them in the taxi, watching them behaving all lovey dovey and whispering sweet nothings to each other. Makes me feel so goddamn extram, lovesick and envious of how close they are. But I`m ecstatic that Lydia found someone who loves her so unconditionally to the extend of fetching her from school practically everyday.

Weicong and Perry came to the carnival too and passed me the present. I adore them so much laaa. Sorry darlas that I never spend time with the both of you! I just bu she de pang seh my sister and leave her all alone. Plus we were damn overwhelmed with running to and fro promoting stuff. I`ll treasure the sotong always! The 2 of you are soooooooo sweet!

Saw Desmond at sunplaza going down the escalator to work while me and Lydia were going up. I pointed at him and went to Lydia, "Look, it`s Desmond." Then he gave me this retarded grin and said, "Bu shi la, shi ni de papa".
What an idiot. I can`t believe Lydia and I had a crush on him in sec 1.

Anyway, I`m such a guaii kia. I listened to my laogong`s words and let my bottom lip piercing close up like a good little girl. The hole in the inner most part of my bottom lip has swelled up to the size of a 5 cent coin in the shape of a crescent moon. So shittingly gao wei. He had better appreciate what I do for him.

I almost forgot to mention that I saw a little whore dressed in full uniform slut clothing today at our school. What a fucking disgace. She`s just a small kid la then dress until like that. It makes me so sad for the female gender.

My body aches all over,
and I`ve haven`t slept for a day already. I`m like screaming at anyone who questions me about the carnival today. Fucking annoying.
Sorry la. No mood no mood no mood no mood no mood no mood no mood no mood no mood no mood no mood no mood no mood. The sweltering heat and blazing sun this late morning and thoughout the whole afternoon didn`t help either. I think it fried my brain.
WHAT THE HELL, weather forecast said that there would be a downpour today. What absolute bullshit.
So now I`m going to have dinner, and after my meal, I`m going to fall dead asleep on my bed til the next morning, or afternoon.

No wait I have to wake up in the morning if I want to meet my dar. Crap, can`t sleep in tomorrow.

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2nd May 1992

I love my doggy, Honey. She means the entire world to me.

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