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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

How am I supposed to put this so that others won`t misinterpret it?


I can`t stand it whenever a guy scolds a girl in vulgarities. Adding vulgarities in a conversation with a girl is fine by me just as long as it`s not directed at her. Being angry does not give guys the fucking right to scold us in profanities. Also, being a male does not mean that they`ve got the upperhand. Those dickheads do not make the rules in this world.

It seems that these days, boys are so much more pettier than girls. Whatever happened to goold old fashion romance when everytime a girl gets pissed off with her boyfriend, he will do his utmost to make her smile again? Our generation has a new breed of boys, they are inevitable. You see them everywhere. In schools, shopping centres, on the streets, cycling in the parks and etc. You expect them to go all sweet and relenting when you get angry, but nooo.. they`ll get angry with you for being angry at them. Lame, yes, but so bloody freaking true. Girls give in too much to their boyfriends, that`s why they grow complacent. Those unchivalrous faggots. What makes them think that they are the superior sex?

So far as I see it, girls are the ones benefitting more in our society. Not trying to be a sexist here but the fact is there`s no such thing as Men`s Rights. But Women`s Rights exists and has a very strong hold over the court. In our society, the government protects women more then the men. A woman can sue her husband for rape when he forces her to make love with him. HAHA..! In your face you male pigs!

I think I`m straying away from the topic. My main point is, FUCKING SCOLD ME IN FUCKING PROFANITIES AND I FUCKING SWEAR THAT I`LL FUCKING CHOP OFF YOUR FUCKING BALLS YOU FUCKERS. Yup, it`s as simple as that.

Despite all this, I still love Vincent Foo Yong Sheng with all my heart even when he scolded me to "shut the fuck up" that time. Yes, I`m biased, call the police lorh.

I think I`m scaring him to death with all the suspense on what I`m blogging now. He keeps pestering me to tell him what my post is about because he thinks that I`m going to end this relationship. Oooookay.. *rolls eyes* I may be eccentric and rash in my actions but I`ll never so cruelly break someone`s heart, maybe in the past la but I`ve changed my hongstress ways already okay!

I love you, Vincent Foo, for eternity and it`s never going to change.

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2nd May 1992

I love my doggy, Honey. She means the entire world to me.

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