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Wednesday, July 04, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I think I know what the conflict between 2 parties in our class is about already.
Seriously la, those boys are already wearing long pants lorh yet they are still so bloody immature. Slight teasing is okay la but they need not lay it on so thick ma. If I haven`t know better, I`ll think that they`re little, fucked up sec ones.
Sec one that time I was forced to cut my fringe by Mrs Lee and it turned out like shit because I don`t suit short fringe. When I went back to school, the boys in my class jested and teased me like nobody`s business but being so good natured and understanding that at the age of 13, boys are not fully matured yet, so I took it all in my stride and just laughed it off. They eventually stopped teasing when they realise they couldn`t affect me.
At the age of 15, you would think that they`ve matured already, but nooooo... they still act like small, ignorant dicks.
Those shit heads can be so callous at times. They should know their limit and when a joke has been taken too far.

Boys will be boys. Just like {laxatives ; they irritate the shit out of you}, {ATMs ; once they withdraw they lose interest}, {chocolate bars ; sweet, smooth, and they usually head for your hips}, {parking spots ; all the good ones are taken and the rest are handicapped}, {commercials ; you can`t believe a word they say}, {government bonds ; they take so long to mature}, {mascara ; they normally run at the first sight of emotion}, {popcorn ; they satisfy you, but only for a while}, {lava lamps ; fun to look at but not very bright}

I used to daydream in school, I used to rebel at every thing a teacher says, I used to run away during the middle of school to meet a group of ahbengs in yishun, I used to hurl vulgarities at teachers in their face when I couldn`t get my way, I used to run away from home, I used to fuck care about exams and my results, I used to be everything that I`m not right now.
I pay attention in every class (except POA because it sucks), I listen to the teachers, I stay back in school after 4pm sometimes to complete homework, I`ve stopped interacting with bad company outside, I stay at home practically everyday and hardly go out, I`m super anxious whenever there`s an exam or test around the corner, I am everything that I was not in the past.
Laogong, you must be so proud that I`m so damn guaii now. By the way, I miss you ALOTALOT.!

Thanks Sotong for promising to be there for me 24/7 when my parents are on the verge of killing me. I`m so touched. But you need not worry so much.. it takes alot to bring an angel down.

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2nd May 1992

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