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Thursday, September 06, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I just can`t get to sleep. So I got up from bed and decided to blog about very boring things since I`ve got nothing better to do anyway.

I developed some bruising after that night I got drunk. Fell on the stairs or something when I was rolling around shrieking with laughter at goodness knows what. Everything seemed funny when I was drunk. Even when the tap couldn`t be turned on, it was enough for me, MinYi and Sally to burst out laughing so hard that everyone around there kept shooting us very scared looks.

I don`t like orh cheirs.

But I love sunsets. Just a few hours ago, I was sitting on the roof watching the sun slowly sink into the horizon (I`m trying to create a sense of tranquity here, don`t mind me). Then I took a photo because a few of the clouds were all pink and looked seriously pretty.

Trust me, it looked better in real life.

Speaking of which, my crown handbag looks better in real life too!

This is the one I bought with Jeslyn at fareast plaza. Not ebay. The one from ebay is prettier and much bigger in size.


Actually it does look really really different now that I`m comparing them.

HAHS. I told you this blog entry was going to be boring. Poor you, dying of boredom but... lalalas! I don`t care! Fuck you! I do whatever I please and stay stubborn to my decisions. If I say it is going to be boring then it is going to be boring.

Now this is going to be sick. Shut up and watch this video.

I was already crying my eyes out when I was only like 1 quater through the video then I refused to watch it further anymore. But Weicong gave me a summary of the whole video.

China people are sick. China ought to be bombed. Can we all have a petition to get America to drop a nuclear bomb on China? Ok maybe not nuclear bomb, because it might just kill us all, but a bomb big enough to demolish all of China.

China people has made our lifes a living hell. Like that guy, or should I say owl. I wonder what`s HIS problem. I`ve never done anything to offend him at all. Bloody jackass. I can`t stand the way he talks. Ohwait.. *feigns guilty look* he`s 3e8 de ma.... it`s only right that he talks as if he knows the meaning of life. Maybe he really does know the meaning of life but is just too knowledgeble to share it with us, the less smarter ones! *GASP* Why didn`t I think of that?! All this while I`ve been wronging him!

Yeah rights.

AND MY UNCLE`S MISTRESS. I know I am not one to criticise as his wife allows him having a mistress and all that but HAVE YOU SEEN HER?! She`s not even pretty. Plus, during chinese new year she NEVER gives us any angbaos but my father, uncles and aunties are practically required to give her bastardized children angbaos. WHAT THE FUCK. China people are a waste of fucking time and fucking money.

My ancestors were once china people too you say? NO. GO FUCK A CACTUS BITCH, I have checked my family tree thoroughly and I am proud and confident to say that I have completely no China blood in me. All my ancestors came from Taiwan with the exception of one ancestor whom originated from Japan.

HARDEHARHAR! I dunno about the rest of you but I have no china blood in me at all! Thus, I don`t even have a single strand of idiotic and annoying China person`s DNA.

Go pay some good money to check your whole family tree la. If you had an ancestor from China then you`re hopeless. Stab yourself first before it gets too late.

Yes this is how much I bloody hate China. No, actually I hate China and its citizens more than words can ever say.

So please... someone create a petition to request America to bomb China? I`ll be eternally grateful.

I know this post is very controversial.*

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