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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I`ll miss my tattoo. T_T
People have been telling me what a waste it is having to laser it away in only a few days time after putting 2 huge, pretty angel wings on my back.

All that pain. Fucking laser.... I actually don`t see what`s so wrong with tattoos lorh. Miss Grace Kua (issit spell liddat?) in our school also has a permanent tattoo (of Snoopy) and she`s a teacher. Having tattoos doesn`t certify that you`re a gangster. That`s just plain lame. Why can`t the older generation get with the times?

Somemore horh,.. many of those juvenile delinquents under probation by cantoment have angkongs all over their body what. And their officer don`t force them to laser away, just that they`re not allowed to put anymore. IN SCHOOL MY SHIRT COMPLETELY COVER MY ANGEL WINGS LORH! WHY STILL CANNOT?! All i want is just a pair of angel wings nia it`s not like I want to chup full body angkong right?! Ehhh I demand human rights ok. Why Singapore no human rights? Restrict our freedom until like WHAT. No wonder our Singaporeans don`t have the guts to show some creativity. We are a loser-y country. Our Singaporeans don`t make it big in the world at all. We suck.

I feel that sometimes the government is using propaganda to control all of us. What "Singapore is a fine country" la, "many countries look up to us" la, ... etc etc. Total nonsense. Who the hell from Singapore has made it big internationally? Our Miss Singapores (of all the years) suck, short and ugly as hell. Our Singapore Idols (of all the years) suck, you can practically hear the Singapore-fucking-slang when they sing. Our channel 5 television programmes suck, always like to copy other countries such as our local tv show last time had this, "An Eye For A Guy" which they literally stole the idea from America`s, "Bacherlorette", completely no originality at all. Don`t you think it`s just goddamn retarded? And these are a just few examples out of the million and billion ways of how us as Singaporeans keep making fools out of ourselves. The most embarrassing and hilarious of them all are our country`s soccer teams, can`t even qualify for the world cup, so many times tio own goal. Why is the government so deluded to think other countries envy us and shit when they are in fact shunning us so as to not die from laughing their asses off?

I cried yesterday because of this. No, not because of the pain or because Singapore suck, but the sentimental feelings I have towards my angel wings.


Ohyeahs my crown bag came together with my choker today! So happy.. pretty bag. BUT I STILL WANT MY ANGKONG WITH ME!! I DOWAN LASER AWAY!

Now the swelling has worn down. But it`s still red in many places and feels fucking sore. Plus some of the darkness of the lines are very uneven now.

I`m going to the solitude of my room to cry again and kiss my slowly-fading tattoo.

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2nd May 1992

I love my doggy, Honey. She means the entire world to me.

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