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Monday, September 17, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I`m so happy today despite quite a few bad things happening.

Shopping with Minyi! Walked until my feet hurt.

Went bugis bought black skinny jeans and one lollipop necklace, while Minyi bought the earrings that her boyfriend requested and a pair of white skinny jeans. They`re so cheap there! Only selling for $30. You can hardly find a pair of brand new jeans worth as little as $30. Unless it`s like that kind of high-waisted-auntie jeans then ok la.. you like can already lorh.

After that took a train to Orchard, ending up in Fareast Plaza paying for my shoes deposit at Haru (have to remember to collect them after 1st November before 2 weeks time with at least $200 with me). Then bought bikinis! Minyi bought a polka dotted orange based bikini and I bought a polka dotted pink based one. And seriously, Minyi`s breasts are really damn big, I can bet you $1000 that it`s bigger than your face. Know how I know? Because I`ve seen her wearing the bikini! Haha don`t get jealous.

Still bought black matching cardigans with Minyi, and a pretty black and white lace corset! Minyi bought a black satin low cut shirt-dress, it looks amazing with her beautiful God gifted breasts. I can`t stop harping on how big and beautifully structured they are. I sound like a pervert.

Don`t get me wrong. I just have an eye for art. You know like how the human body is so beautiful and artistic, ... blah blah blah? Yarh something like that.

I think I`m buying too much of black. Really. My whole closet looks so morbid. With an abundance of black and only a few other colours scattered here and there. I used to be so crazy over pink last time.

Minyi is so sweet larhs. I really enjoy shopping with her. (:
Somemore she play pool look very cute. Too bad the photos all in her handphone cannot upload it now. Another day perhaps.


Sorry Hubby that I broke your promise. But it`s not my fault that the ring`s lost arh. It`s Ahyong`s fault! Who ask him comb hair comb until always cover the eyes then when try put inside my bag that time cannot see properly so drop on the floor, roll down the drain, let cockroach or lizard carry away le. Blame Ahyong Ahyong Ahyong!


I need more money. I`ve spent over $600 within 2 days already (neither joking nor exagerrating). My father still owes me alot of money from all these months (beginning of the year to now & still counting...) that he hasn`t banked my shopping allowance into my cashcard yet. And he refuses to talk about it.

Eh what sial? I`m not being unfilial or demanding lorh, it`s ONLY $50 every month leh! Surely he, the director of i-dunno-what-it-is-but-it`s-still-earning-alot-of-money company can afford to pay me a measly sum of $50 every month bah? So bloody stingy you know! I mean FIFTY DOLLARS per month! Other people long ago died already lorh! And everytime I bring up this subject he would either pretend that he has became temporarily deaf and keep staring at the TV in silence or lecture me for 5 hours or so that money isn`t everything.

Excuse me, I`m not being materialistic, but whoever said that money doesn`t buy happiness obviously doesn`t know how to shop.

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2nd May 1992

I love my doggy, Honey. She means the entire world to me.

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