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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Spent lantern festival in a lockup with Minyi from around 7.30pm to 4.30pm.

Apparently, my mother caught me and Minyi "having lesbian sex" (that`s our term used for the unspeakable offence that me and Minyi committed, abosolutely nothing to do with sexual acts) in my room and called the police. Blah blah blah.... police came arrest us and shit then brought us back to ang mo kio police station.

Went to lockup, played around for awhile then got tired and slept, went Changi Hospital (not OCH la don`t be stupid) to take blood test in hand and leg cuffs while everyone there kept staring at us, went back, slept, took statement, got bailed, went home. Heng heng Minyi was there with me throughout the whole ordeal or else I sure bored until ki siao.

There was this 10 year old boy in the same cell as us, caught for stealing 2 handphones. I was like, "Woah! Got future!" And also one ex yishun town (so damn coincidental) girl, now 21 years old, her house got raided by police and was caught taking drugs. She seemed shocked that Jerry Yeo is still the discipline master there.

Ok la.. lockup is not as bad as it seems. The people there all very friendly, including the police. We could just walk out of the cell (they never locked the door for us) anytime to take water or whatever. One of the police that brought us to Changi Hospital quite shuai de lorh. Actually he`s not a real policeman, he says it`s only part of his NS. I think he has some mixed blood and kind of resembles Urt (Singapore`s MTV veejay). Seriously lorh, I find that guy that looks like Urt very hot.

At first we found it very thrilling in the lockup, but then got bored to tears later on when we couldn`t keep ourself entertained. We did so many things, singing, playing finger games, jumping and skipping around a la elephant ballerina, carving out a human figure from styrofoam cups and using our slippers to "da ni de si ren tou, da ni de si ren jiao, curse your mother and father die, curse your backside explode... etc etc". Yes, we were THAT bored. No prizes for guessing who the figure that we were so agitatedly hitting with slippers and cursing was.

Our names are inscribed on the cell`s bench, and 3 times on the wall, "Cheryl & Minyi". (:

On the way home, father kaobei kaobu-ed about some fucking boliao things ("I`m a lousy fucking father, God will send me to hell for this, I`ll kill myself infront of you"), trying to play on my sympathy. He`s so drama la can. I think he watched too much Hong Kong drama series already.

Sian ji pua.. 9 of october still have to go back report to my IO. Fuck.

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2nd May 1992

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