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Thursday, October 11, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

It had been ages since I went out with Weicong and Perry. Yesterday was fun!

I met Perry at northpoint first because Weicong dunno run until where. It was already pouring cats and dogs before I reached there. And Perry wanted to eat Long Johns`. But we had to cross a road to get there and I absolutely refused to get my hair wet. We stood there like 2 complete morons looking at the rain. Then Kah Min and Cherie came along, they stood there and looked at the rain too. 4 little morons looking at the rain.

Perry then borrowed an umbrella from one of the guys unloading a truck nearby, sheltered me to the other side, ran back to return the guy his umbrella and dashed across the road again. So uberrrrrrrr sweet lorhhs. SOMEMORE I FORGOT HIS BIRTHDAY (it was on the 8th)! I`M A BAD BAD BAD MEIMEI!! I`ll make it up to him. Somehow. Even though I dunno how. HOW?!

At Long Johns` we called Weicong and amazingly he picked up. I thought he was sleeping his ass off or something. We went out walk walk while waiting for Weicong. Kept seeing Eddie and his little friends. Finally Weicong came then we walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk until sian and went to buy movie tickets. Saw Jaime and her friend there! She`s so pretty! And I want a lip piercing too!

Perry wanted to see Resident Evil but I was not of age because it was rated NC16. So he stood there sulking away like the cute little _______(insert sea creature name) that he is. Weicong just suggested that we buy the tickets. So we did lorhh.

It was only 4pm then. The movie started at 5.15pm. We went to Timezone and Perry got addicted to the hook hook thingy. He not song until he catch a toy. Then once he caught it he pushed the toy to me.

I took care of Perry`s toy so well. He should be touched.

Then we went watch the movie, somehow I managed to get pass. I have no idea why. Either the ticketing guy see me cute or he`s just plain dumb. On the way to get the Safra card from Weicong`s cousin, we saw Chunsiang, that dumbass dickhead. In Safra pool, saw Desmond (again). He kept chiding me like what he always did last time. He like got alot of money lorh. Keep going arcade and playing pool.

Perry & Weicong are so sweet larhs. (:
Weicong had personally brought something to cover so that I won`t be cold inside the cinema. And when I wore it, it completely covered my shorts such that it looked like I was just wearing a long sleeve shirt with nothing else. =_=

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