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Sunday, October 07, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I`ve realised that the more cynical, bitter and ridiculous people`s posts are, the more popular their blogs will get. Why arh?

Since most singaporeans enjoy reading about others misfortune or whatever, I shall try to get into the flow of things and blog pessimistically and absurdly. Most of the times, I blog about stuff in a very bubbly manner. I think many of you find that irritating. So later on in this post I`m going to blog about somebody quite significant in my life while thinking negatively just to feel what`s so great and shiok posting cynical and bitter posts. I think I am very boliao. But nothing to do maaa..


I think he died or something. No, I mean seriously. Since 9.10pm he has not been replying me anymore, the time now is 2.33am. Call him and his handphone is switched off. What the hell? The likeliest possibility could be he got involved in a car accident.


When he was crossing the traffic lights or zebra-crossing, happily replying the last message his girl sent him, all of a sudden, this sexy Lamborghini came speeding out of nowhere. It knocked into him, the impact causing him to fly about 7 metres away, and coincidentally crushed his phone under its wheels. The driver screeched his car to a stop, got out, and as almost all Lamborghini drivers in Singapore are, is in his 20s and devastatingly handsome, took a look at the dead boy`s body lying on the cement road 7 metres away surrounded already with a big puddle of blood, panicked, got back into his sexy car and sped away.

And because the driver and his car was so sexy, everyone who witnessed it decided to keep quiet about this hit-and-run incident and just went on doing their own things and going their own ways. It was only when a police car which was making its rounds saw the body then was the ambulance called. But by then it was already too late.

He had died on the spot. And because his family knew nothing about his girl, she wasn`t informed about this tragic accident and being the sweet and caring girlfriend that she is, she stayed up the whole night glancing at her phone every now and then, hopefully and pointlessly waiting for him to message or call her.

It was only until Lian He Zao Bao (because STRAITS TIMES hardly report on any interesting cases that happened in Singapore, just boring politics) reported about it did the girl then found out what happened. She became overcome with grief and cried her eyes out.

On that night, in the solitude of her pink, princessy bedroom, she took out a penknife from her drawer, while whispering to no one in particular, "Baby I`m coming to join you in awhile`s time".

She then slit her throat. Blood spurted and gushed out like a fountain. It kept flowing until it couldn`t flow any longer. Her pallid and stiff body was discovered in the morning caked with dried blood. The parents screamed with anguish at the sight that behold them, and went crazy.


It is possible!

Ok la nonsense all aside, he`s not my boy neither am I his girl. It was just to make the story seem more dramatic. And I really wonder where the hell he is lorh. He`s making me so damn worried. It`s like already 3.17am now. What the fuck laaaaa.. I know that he can take care of himself but I still can`t help worrying.

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