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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

YAY! Finally the design for our sisters` tshirts is completed. It is pretty okay!! Can`t wait to get it printed.

The photos me and Weicong took caused alot of misunderstandings so I`ve removed it already. But really lorh he is just like an elder brother. I SAY BEFORE AND I`LL SAY IT AGAIN; I`M IN LOVE WITH JINHAO!

Ya larh.. I buey paiseh one. Call me whatever you want bahhs. You`re only making yourself appear retarded when you start sprouting off your mouth before getting the facts right. I`m already long past the stage when I actually got hurt if anonymous fucktards start calling me names. (:

Long long long long long past. I embrace it now. I feed off these kind of nincompoops` stupidity. What does not kill me makes me stronger.

I JUST SQUASHED A HUGE ASS BUG! WAHAHAHAHAHS STUPID BUG! Who asked Mr Bug to keep bumping into my hand when I was typing. Mr Bug deserved it.

My sweet little Shermin Meimei just showed me this blog where a team of people blogged out their anti-ahlians thoughts.


Browse through it. It might provide some entertainment. Then again, maybe not.

Now, I don`t know what their problem is, but apparently rebonding of hair, bathing for more than 5-10 minutes, liking the colour PINK, wearing of short skirts, listening to techno, "painting" faces with makeup, hanging out at Bugis, having multiple piercings are considered as ahlian-ish behaviour.

I think this AALteam has a huge misconception about ahlians. Girls who call themselves "bAobeii pwiiNc3sS" and japanese wannabes are also labelled as ahlian. Wtf...?

Let the jap-wannabes and act cute girls be! If they want make fools out of themselves why stand in their way?

My guess is that those AAL people are heavily-obese, geeky and uglyass spoilt brats that have major issues with attractive Singapore girls. Nevermind about those Singapore girls` characters. What matters most is their appearance right? And they have hosted up many of these supposed ahlians` photographs in their blog. Not one of these people they hate is fat. Huh. Go figure.

Maybe the fat, outcasted girls of Singapore are finally joining hands to make a name for themselves.

No offense to any fat person reading this. I`m just merely ostracizing those pudgy ones calling the kettle black.

It`s not just about the jealousy and unfairness of it boy, it`s because you are also extremly sick with the flu and yet you still want to pei your gan mummy. AT AN UNGODLY HOUR, 1.30AM.

She`s a girl for goodness sake. Do you really think that she would seriously wait below your house for a long period of time if you refuse show up? Just 10 minutes and she will start losing patience already.

I don`t know why I`m feeling so disappointed. Perharps I`m showering way too much concern over you and you hardly appreciate it.

I retrieved my pink thingy and Minyi`s orange thingy from Weicong le!

Don`t laugh at it. It`s actually very adorable. I named mine "Quigibo". I have no idea why I named it that. It just looks like a Quigibo to me.

I don`t know what Minyi`s going to name hers. She has yet to know that I`m going to give her this orange thing.


A small little extract from a sms FOO YONG SHENG just sent me;

"You dun let me saw you outside la hor. And clean your ass and guai guai go your girls home la hopeless fucker"

First of all... DO YOU OWN SINGAPORE? Who the fuck are you to tell me not to let you see me outside? And furthermore I don`t see what wiping my ass has got to do with anything here. Girls are not fuckers by the way. They are called fuckeresses/bitches/sluts/whores. Don`t know how to scold still want scold sial. Not afraid of making yourself look dumb?

What have I ever done to you? Is it because I broke up with you and now I`m in love with another guy so you feel this way? In that case... I laugh my ass off at you sore loser.

You`re just another ignorant, unreasonable little shit who`s means nothing more than an insignificant stain.

"Got guts come marina lor. No guts, just fuck off la.. I`ll let you remember vincent forever. Shoo"

Excuse me... now you`re the one bo dai bo ji come find trouble with me and you expect me to come marina to settle with you? Remember you forever? I highly doubt it. Like I`ve just said, you`re just an insignificant little shit. And whats with the "shoo"? YOU were the one who smsed me all of a sudden.

Hahaaaas the weird and bu zhi liang li people we have in our society nowadays just takes the cake doesn`t it?

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