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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Me and Minyi got bored yesterday of staying at home and met up together at the last minute. Loitered around AMK hub, then loitered around City Plaza (that place sucks, it`s so damn malaysia-ish). Until we`ve had enough of loitering and took a MRT then a bus to Downtown East.

My younger brother had opened a chalet there with his friends and we went there to see who could accompany us to the Red House. Only Jonathon came with us, the rest of the boys were too damn chicken. It was around 6pm that time and we just walked through the gate and into the compound then left. We never did went inside the house.

After that we went back chalet slack. Minyi and I got SUPER SUPER hyper active for some mad reason. Retarded and went shrieking around like nobody`s business. Around 9pm, we wanted to go back Red House again to explore. This time other than Jonathon, Gerald went with us too.

On the way to the Red House, I attempted to carry Minyi but then did not have enough energy, so we collapsed together and started laughing and flailing away in the middle of the road like a couple of mental patients. I think Gerald and Jonathon were very exasperated with having to stop every minute to deal with our nonsense. We thought we heard cows moo-ing too. But when I think about it, we were really really high that time until stone stone one, couldn`t think straight, so it was probably just frogs.

Reached the front gate of Red House. Stood outside for God knows how long until we spotted a group of malays who entered from the back gate and we started waving to them asking whether we could follow them. They were really nice people. They gave us a tour of the Red House and it wasn`t as scary as I had expected it to be. Saw nothing. They asked whether we wanted to follow them to OCH and we went, "siao that`s like so far". So we went back to the chalet.

We arrived back at the chalet soaking wet (amazingly my makeup was still as perfect as ever). It poured just after we came out of the Red House. Dried ourselves. Then played blackjack. The loser in every round had to eat a piece of tissue paper. I ate about 6 to 8 pieces lorh!

Got bored of playing cards and we settled in for the night. Then we started screaming and fighting for the pillows and blankets with Jonathon and Marcus until some anal-retained security guard came over and reprimanded us.

Me and Minyi had a tough time falling asleep. The boys seemed to appear very comfortable. But they crazy one lorhh.. Slept at 3am woke up 6am to bathe. What the hell.. somemore during the 3am to 6am period they would burst out in excited chattering every now and then. Don`t know they sleeping or just pretending to only.

Had our breakfast at Mac then headed back home. Later going back there again for barbecue.

We got to know 2 pretties at the chalet! Deborah and Elaine! Even though they didn`t stay overnight, it was fun talking with them.

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