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Friday, January 18, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

EEEEE OH MY GOODNESS, a certain backstabbing slut`s stead is so bloody ugly. Walan, she`s so despo until like that, it`s sick la.

XOXO . says:
I think she's hit an all-time low
XOXO . says:

Lydia went on to say she thinks they have the fu qi xiang too. I couldn`t have agreed more.

And I heard that slut complained that her boyfriend`s name is the same as mine. Please lorh, she say until as if I`m related to her or something like that. I don`t wish to be associated with low lifes.

There`s like nothing to blog about already after school reopened. (Except to complain.) Everyday`s the same old boring routine.

I prefer Jerry Yeo to be our DM than Mr Nirav lorh. All these years, Jerry Yeo`s the one handling all my discipline cases and I have to admit, he`s not really that bad, he just gets the occasional blues every now and then only. With Jerry Yeo as DM, life in school was so much more colourful and fun.

But ever since it changed to Mr Nirav this year, there are retarded rules now la.

Like horh, ankle socks can be worn just as long as the socks cover the ankle balls. Fucking nonsensical. If socks cover the ankle balls, it is not considered as ankle socks already what. That`s common sense, which I think is what most of the teachers in our school lack. And if the socks doesn`t cover our ankle joints, we will be issued one day of detention class.

In addition, PSP is not allowed in school or else it would get confiscated.

They are so blatantly abusing their power and forcing their authority over simple, little, unsignificant details. WHO THE FUCK COMES UP WITH THESE RULES?

Furthermore, the whole school got reprimanded by our principle just recently because 15 kois died. He made it out like its completely our fault. Insane. They did not get the pond properly cleaned before they moved the fishes from the sembawang campus to the yishun campus. So there was algae everywhere, the water was so opaque you could not even see the shadow of the fishes beneath the algae-filled-water and in order to get it cleaned, they had to transfer the kois to another pond in the school. They kei kiang decided to transfer the fishes themselves and not hire professional help. Transfer until 15 kois can die. How`s that the students fault?

They`ve also promised last year that they were going to install air conditioning for graduating classes this year. WHERE THE FUCK`S THE AIR-CON?! Instead, they waste money on surveillence cameras around the school that points in stupid places.

I am so relieved this is my last year in Yishun Town.

But the thing is, I`m still stuck in this little shit-hole called Singapore where GST and taxes are way too bloody high, social studies is just a nicer term for pure propaganda, the biggest charity organisation in the country used to have a chairman who stole money from the donations with which he spent on a completely redundant gold tap installed in his toilet, the government is selling lies, hospitals couldn`t care less about our health all they want is money, Lee Kuen Yew is keeping himself artificially alive by going to NUH every month to pump in new fresh DONATED blood that`s meant for patients with terminal diseases and has to have blood transfusions. Think about it. There`s still an abundance of other un-mentionables.

For goodness sake, Singapore`s prime minister is earning so much more than President George W Bush who happens to be the most powerful man on earth.

God help us all.

Anyway, there`s this heartless asshole who dumped his girlfriend on their 16-month anniversary. His excuse was that it`s O-Level Year and he needs to concentate on his studies or some crap.

O-Level Year ninabu la. Then also no need to eat, no need to bathe right? Chao chee bye.. made my friend cry for so many hours. He should be whacked up.

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