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Friday, February 01, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I`ve finished my CNY shopping on Wednesday. I think I`ve spent more than $300.

There is this damnnn kua zhang micro-mini dress that me and Minyi bought for $76 each. I don`t know where am I going to wear it to because it is really very erm... frilly and revealing. It does not seem to be for casual wear nor for formal wear. But it`s so bloody cute and irresistable that I had to buy 2.

I think those 2 dresses are going to rot inside my closet now. I doubt I have the guts to wear them out la.

Unless Minyi wear hers too. Or if someone dares me over a certain amount of money. Anyone wanna dare me? DARE ME LEH!

In my opinion, it looks super adorable on Minyi and fat on me. ):

Minyi also bought a white corset since I have the black one and we`re going to wear that on no-uniform day. So we`ll be the 黑白姐妹!

And fuck the no-makeup rule on no-uniform day. It`s absurd. They are asking for the impossible.

Term tests have long started. I know I am going to fail my english paper one and paper two. It`s difficult like shit la.

I might as well don`t take my other subject tests le since I will be flunking english so horribly.

There`s this THING in our class, who isn`t fit to be called a human being nor have a name at all. So we`ll just call it an IT. Apparently horh, it tries to gain sympathy from our school`s ex-seniors by going around spreading rumours that I throw things at it during F&N lesson. Like please la.. that`s the stupidest thing to do. Why would I even want to waste my energy throwing MY stuff at it? It is not even fit to worship the ground I walk on, let alone get hit by my stuff.

Bloody, useless, insignificant thing. You`re a burden to this world. Why don`t you just commit suicide by coprophagia so as to save the trouble for everyone else? No one wants/needs you. Balding loser.

Ang Mo Kio is now crawling with motherfucking HSA and NEA guys. Kanina..

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