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Friday, January 04, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

School was majorly fucked up these 3 days. Don`t know what the fuck was their fucking problem. Kept catching me for my hair. I thought my parents had made it clear to them since Sec 1 that my natural hair colour is sort of brownish and copper-y?

This morning, a teacher who seriously looks like she`s from Saudi Arabia, kei kiang hold us back during morning assembly while other classes were going back and we were standing there looking like retards. She`s new so she wants to haolian and make a good impression for the other teachers to see. Me, Minyi and Lydia were then singled out. THEY ARE BLOODY PICKING ON US LARH EVEN WHEN THEY CLAIMED NOT TO BE.

Then this teacher who is an old, butt-ugly spinster and whom gave me alot of problems the previous 3 years came to kaypo.

She checked my hair roots then went, "I know your hair is naturally brown, but can you dye it black? Because everyone in this school has black hair too and you have got to conform to the school rules or else it would be unfair to the others."

I got so fucking pek chek. "No. Albino, the white white Shermaine from 4e5, her natural hair is dunno how many shades lighter than mine lorh. Then why you never ask her dye black also?"

Minyi put in, "Ya lorh so many pupil`s hair also naturally brown then why you never catch them?"

The spinster said in a super sarcastic tone, "Wah you and Minyi really look out for your schoolmates horh. We should make the 2 of you councillors." I so felt like punching her lights out. And she continued, "These people we will also ask them to dye black next time."

"How can liddat one? So if an Ang Mo joins our school and he/she has naturally blonde hair you would ask him/her to dye black la?" I replied hostilely. Can`t stand her tone and her manner. Can`t stand her face either. She has a face that of a person who`s suffering from down-syndrome.

She gave me a lan lan look then went to talk to other people. Wtf. Walking away because she can`t win an argument. Old, fucking, useless loser.

The vice principle came to argue with me just right after she walked away. He`s not really significant so I won`t type out my conversation between me and him here. Because he used to be a lowly chinese teacher in YTSS and can`t even speak english properly. He`s no threat.

Then it was the Saudi Arabia bitch`s turn to try to out-talk me subsequently. "I really don`t believe your hair is natural. It has different shades all over."

"If you really don`t believe then send me for DNA testing la. But it`s damn expensive horh."

"Then you pay right?"

"No. YOU pay because you are the one who doesn`t believe me."

That was the end of our sweet, little get-together time with the teachers. They said nothing else and sent our class back because those idiots held us back and as a result we were late for our English Diagnostic Test.

During recess, I called and complained to my father who called the Vice Principle to sort out matters. I think my father threatened to report to MOE or something because that old faggot commented that he and the new discipline master didn`t know the colour of my hair is natural.

KEI SIAO. I say how many times already! Whatsmore, yesterday I gave the new DM a letter from my father stating that my hair colour is natural and he gave his approval.

THEY ARE JUST OUT TO SABO ME I TELL YOU. Fuck it la if they try this shit one more time, not only am I going to complain to MOE already, I will call up the New Paper also.

Fuck you, don`t tell me they won`t necessarily report this. They are ecstatic over this kind of teacher-and-pupil-school-conflict news because everyone in Singapore would read it and they would have a field day. Education is of the utmost importance in this country and how the teachers in certain schools are being biased and over-demanding would certainly strike up a debate between people like how it always does everytime these kind of news are reported.

I`m not being childish or defiant mind you. I`m only standing up for myself.

I don`t need others to dictate my life for me. So fuck off.

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