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Friday, March 28, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Lessons ended at 12pm today. We had a 3hours 45minutes break and then had to return back to school again for Speech Day. So during the break, Minyi and I went to watch An Empress and The Warriors. It`s quite a nice movie, even though we just anyhow chose it due to time constraints. I thought it`ll be like Curse Of The Golden Flower that kind of stupid, no-logic movie what with all the women walking around with half of their breasts spilling out from their tops. Completely senseless... in the first place, ancient China demanded for women to be clothed from neck to toe.

So anyway, during the movie we were either laughing away like hyenas, talking bloody loud or squealing. I can`t believe that the movie was rated PG only, it is so damn violent larh. Huo Yuan Jia was not as violent as that and it was rated NC16. Wtf. Anyway, I wanna watch Sky Of Love.

After the movie we slacked around for a little while, went Mini Toons to buy a huge bag of sweets then headed back to school.

Speech Day was fucking boring, it lasted til 7pm. Was laughing away with Leehao (the horny bastard), Govind (the blog-stalker) and Minyi (my dearest jiejie) practically throughout the whole thing.

I just learned that my baobeii gan erzii got attacked by some parang-wielding people and has around 100 stitches on his legs. Nabei..... first my gan korkor got attacked until so jialat le, then now my gan erzii. But I don`t think erzii`s wounds are as bad as korkor`s one though. Korkor`s wounds really very horrible and plentiful.

Singapore is getting to be so chaotic nowadays. By the ways things are going presently, I won`t be surprised if Singapore becomes like Johor Bahru in the near future.

Yay! Finally can meet Xiao V again tomorrow le. I know I say this every week but I don`t care. I always miss him alot during the long and dreary weekdays.

I cherish every single moment spent with him. He`s returning back to JB soon already. Sad case.

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