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Wednesday, April 09, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

This is so sad. I have nothing to blog about for so long. I have no life.

Today was the first collection of the fund-raising money for school. Almost everyone in the whole class had not collected anything or couldn`t be bothered to.

Madame Chan said she was disappointed in us and a load of some other crap. She proposed she would help us each to donate $2 first then next time have to pay her back. Me and Leehao argued with her all the way. I don`t know why the rest of the class was so damn bloody quiet.. it is MONEY you are parting with lorh and it`s not even to your own benefit. The shitty school would probably spend it on something stupid like ugly-ass plants or huge-ass banners.

Even though she said it was optional, was entirely up to us and that she respects our decision, she ironically still kept forcing and trying to talk us into donating some money while chiding us at the same time. "It is only $2," she said, "and it`s for the needy students under financial assistance."

Still money right? Say until as if money fall from the sky for us like that. My father worked so hard not to feed other people one leh. He`s working so hard so that I will have a good life, not so that he can give me money to GIVE to other kids.

Eh, I was taught there is no such thing as a free lunch in the world lorh. What the people under financial assistance wants, they have to earn it. If things are not to my benefit, I die die will not part with my money.

I don`t care if I sound stingy or not. I will only donate money if I can get back something good in return. Yes that`s it, call me a selfish bitch. Everyone in Singapore is also either sub or un-consciously bloody stingy with their money too (it`s see whether they have the balls or not to go against authority). You`ll only end up making a fool out of yourself.

If I asked you for $2 (not borrow horh, ASK), will you give? NOOOOOOO. So fuck off and don`t lecture me about how other people are less fortunate than me.

Luckily me and Leehao talked back all the way until she had nothing else to support her cause except with the repeated and useless, "it`s only $2". We stood firm and did not falter and when she realised that, she went on to start with her lesson. HAHA! LAN PA PA LAN.

I hate helping to collect funds. Especially when the task is being forced upon me.

But hey, looking on the brighter side, at least some time was wasted for Chemistry lesson while she was arguing with us.

Have I ever mentioned before how much I hate those kind of songs with their frequencies and speeds specially raised by some computer programme to make it sound as if it`s chipmunks singing? It is so goddamn annoying, not even the least bit cute la. It`s a pain for my ears, and not to mention, a pain in the ass. WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE THINK IT`S CUTE?! It is so shrilling and it completely ruins the whole song.

The person who came up with the whole chipmunk thing is a mother-fucker who has no taste for music at all. And so are the people who enjoys listening to these kind of songs. *Shudders*


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