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Sunday, May 25, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

You know, for the first time ever, I agree with what Randy had said recently.

I quote from his blog:

"With regards to the earthquake in Sichuan, China, I have been doing some pondering over it and this kinda reminds me of the Noah's Ark incident.

You see... China people have been doing bad things. Very bad...

They do things for their own gain without any moral values. They sell dead animal's meat to make money not caring about consumer's health.

They kill animals in such an inhumane method for their furs.

They melt plastic bottles in oil to make the food look shiner and retain the crips. chemical-soaked cardboard to fill meat buns. yes this originated from china.

They are the world's biggest country of pirates and imitations stealing ideas from gucci, louis vuitton and the list goes on. Where will the incentive come for these designers to create new models if these bastards just keep stealing theirs designs and sell it dirt cheap?

They are rude and ill mannered. Trust me go to china and see if anyone says a simple "thank you" or "excuse me". They do not even have basic manners.

So to me, instead of looking at pictures and commenting on how pitiful they are while lazing our asses at home doing nothing. Maybe i would say "they deserve it!" or maybe "good riddance!".

But this is not for me to decide, maybe some good people paid their lives too. My heart goes out to them.

Condemn me on this post if you want china rats. I couldn't care less. Two tears in a bucket motherfuckers.

ya boy

It really annoys the fuck out of me when people keep going on and on about how much the china people are suffering.. blahblahblah....

I remember I posted a video last year on how these China people obtain fur. I was not even a quarter through the video and tears were streaming down my face already. They skinned the animals when they are fully conscious. As much as I`m against the skinning of animals for whatever purposes, I truely think it would be more humane if they put the animal to sleep first before skinning it.

Let me list a few of the many other unforgivable sins china people have committed.. They eat pickled foetus as a delicacy, they slice off heads of living monkeys and eat their raw brains, the women flock to Singapore and snatch away our men, breaking up happy and blissful families, they scam people and most of the time people fall prey to their traps.

Sure... many of them are suffering right now but just think, there are so much more living things be it homosapians or animals who have suffered at the hands of these China people for years.

I don`t get why other countries are doing their utmost to help China despite what those fuckers have done. Fuck them. Let them learn their lessons. China people ought to be punished for their heinous crimes. This is why I absolutely refused to donate a single cent when the donation bag was passed around in school. (I have one friend I know who donated $50 up straight without hesitation. And that guy`s not a rich bastard. What an idiot.)

Call me a heartless bitch, an unfeeling slut, I don`t fucking care. You would only be making a fool out of yourself anyway.

Losers. Stop with the "OMG the people in Sichuan are so kelian" sort of comments. They really irk the shit out of me. Wait until they skin one of your pets, steal away your father/boyfriend or scam a large amount of money out of you, would you still find them kelian?

Mother Tongue "O" Levels on 26 May. 2 more days.. Haha I`m bound to fail.

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