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Saturday, June 21, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Minyi accompanied me to Bugis yesterday to make my fake nails. After the measurements were done, we rushed to Tampines because I wanted to make something for Xiao V.

Then went home. I reached home around 11.30pm. Why couldn`t Singapore make bullet trains? The time taken to go to Tampines is damn long la however it did not appear so to me and Minyi since we were gossping and bitching about others all the way.

Sian lorh next week still have to go back Tampines to collect the thing. So fucking far la. I hate taking the MRT. I think for once I`m going to drive my father`s or mother`s car (whichever one is available) to my desired location. I am so sick of sitting in the MRT like some bloody idiot staring into blank space for so bloody long. It`s such a waste of time.

Don`t belittle me. I can drive one lorh! Sometimes I secretly borrow one of my parents` cars in the middle of the night and take it for a little spin.

Anyway, thanks Minyi for accompanying me running to and fro yesterday night! So sweet of you.

And, I am not going to reveal what I bought for Xiao V in Tampines until I`ve given him it. Because that pig reads my blog without fail everytime he has access to internet.

I think my english is absolute crap now. I have alot of grammatical errors whenever I speak/type/write.

I feel so bad for not having dinner with my family yesterday night (19th June is my mother`s birthday) and instead went out with Minyi. But I really can`t stand being around my father no matter how pitiful his face looks. Every minute, every second that he sees me he will keep talking about how the O Level will be my last hurdle, my future is at stake here, he knows I can study if I try... BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH...... I HATE how he doesn`t understands at all lorh! Some people are JUST NOT the studying kind, they have other different talents (although I have still failed to recognise what my talent is, someday I know I`ll find out what it is). Fuck this la. I cannot stand being around the house.

So chio. This, plus the nails tabs only cost around $40. So cheap. A normal full manicure with this kind of nail art on every nail would probably cost $100+++, and which I would probably ruin in a few hours time due to my rough handling.

However, the disadvantage is that fake nails are super troublesome.

Xiao V got retained in custom today for 1 and a half hours. Those nothing-better-to-do policemen pulled him aside and told him they wanted his urine sample. Apparently they suspected he took drugs. As though it was written across his forehead, "I do drugs".

Goodness. Wasted the precious time we could have spent together. I think they should just take those urine samples and shove it up their tight asses. Dickheads.

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