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Monday, June 30, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away


At last I`ll be free from the Yishun Town teachers tyranny and dictation!

Although TCH (YTSS cantankerous, old VP) said I should try this home-schooling thing for 2 weeks before making my final decision, I don`t care la. I`ll take it as though I`m going to be home-schooled all the way til to my O Levels.

Earlier this afternoon, my father came to school at around 12pm with my mother to see TCH. After talking with TCH, he came to find me. I told him I want to be home-schooled but he die die don`t allow me lorh. I even threw a hissy fit infront of Leehao, Minyi and Lydia but he turned his back on me.

My blood was boiling like crazy. Since my father did not allow me to home-school, I decided that I should get myself expelled. I intially considered punching my form teacher in her butt-ugly face but then not only would it get me expelled, it would also lead to dire cosequences. You know, police case. Not worth it to get myself in deep shit over a bunch of shitheads.

So Minyi and I just packed our bags. Bid farewell to Leehao and Lydia (she was punished for one day for not taking NE quiz), strutted out of school and went back home to sleep.

My father relented after I walked out of school. HAH!

Anyway, I care about my studies that is why I want to be home-schooled. Don`t think home-schooling is very slack.. my father arranged for me to have private tuitions everyday for extremely long hours. If I go to school, all I do all day is crap with Leehao and Minyi outside the HOD room. (We had to sit outside the HOD room because during the holidays we did not go for retests. Lame shit.)

And even if we were allowed to go back class for lessons, as if I would listen like that... no matter how hard I try to concentrate, my mind will naturally wander off like after 30 seconds. This does not happen for one-to-one tuitions, because there`s only one student and one teacher, the teacher can focus all his/her attention to the student.

I`ll certainly miss bitching about Sally Ong every time I see her. Even if she was still my friend now I will still bitch about her. GAWD HAVE YOU SEEN HER HAIR? SO FUCKING DISGUSTING LIKE SOME RETARDED AND MENTALLY DISTURBED AUNTIE. Seriously! I keep trying to take photos but to no avail she keeps turning around or walking away every time I try to snap her photo.

By the way, this 2weeks-homeschool-testing thing only applies for me only. The shit-eating teachers always like to single me out only lorh. In the morning when me, Minyi and Lydia got into trouble for not taking NE quiz, they said they`ll call our parents. End up only call mine and only mine were made to come down to school. What the fuck. However horh, Minyi also wants to be home-schooled so she not going to go school until the school calls her up and she`ll tell her mother to talk to them. Who the hell can stand that godforsaken place? Different people can take different limit of stress one lorh.

I am so damn happy. I feel like rejoicing by burning up my school uniforms! Shall burn it right now.

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2nd May 1992

I love my doggy, Honey. She means the entire world to me.

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