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Sunday, July 20, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

HAH! I`VE YET TO RETURN TO SCHOOL! KNOW WHY?! Because that day when I had a talk with TCH, I simply said I didn`t want to. And it is so obvious almost all of the teachers in YTSS read my blog. They let out so many tell-tale signs. God their IQ is so low.

Anyway, the talk. TCH`s english is damn hilarious lorh. I told him I got attention deficit. Then he went, "No. You do not haf the ad-att-af.. attendance something or wadevar."

I had to bite on my lip until it drew blood to stop myself from bursting out laughing in his face. Not out of politeness though, but because I wanted the talk to quickly end.

He then asked me, "Do you really want to come back to this school anot? Don`t think what your father wanting for you. I just want to know what you really feeling. If you want, we are ready to forgive you and talk about how we can do to help you. If you dowan then we can end this talk here. So how?"

Me: "I don`t want".

The as-stupid-as-ever TCH: "Dowan what?"

Me: "I don`t want to come back to school la. I still want to continue private tuitioning."

He was then speechless for a few minutes because that brainless old faggot obviously thought I would beg the school to let me come back. He can continue dreaming. I thought he was going to let me go off already but he started talking again for another 45 minutes. Wtf. So not a man of his words.

He keeps insisting that I would fail my O Level if I continue private tuitioning. I asked him how is he so sure. He said because my tutors would not know the syllabus and that our school teachers are the best at teaching.

Lanjiao lorh. What nonsense is that. I`ve never met another person who argues as retardedly as him.

I can never forget the stupidest line that came from him. Probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my whole life. It is, "Don`t argue with me, I`m always right."

Nice talking with you my dear Vice Principal.

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