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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I simply just don`t get it.

In Singapore, when a pretty girl has makeup on and dresses sexily with high heels, she is immediately labelled by other fellow Singaporeans as a slut. Singaporean aunties will scan her up and down with disgusted looks on their faces as if they are more superior than the pretty girl in many ways. Singaporean uncles will ogle very openly, some gutsy ones even will run up next to her and shamelessly peer down her cleavage.

Dressing scantily doesn`t mean that one is a prostitute.

Why is it in Singapore when pretty girls show a little more skin than usual they are called sluts? Whereas compared to China or Taiwan, the chiobuhs who dress sexily are referred to as "辣妹(hot chick)", that sounds waaaaaay much better than "slut".

I think it is highly probable that the Singaporean women (mostly ugly aunties and fat-as-shit girls) are secretly jealous that these pretty ladies have the figure to wear sexy clothes while they don`t but just die die don`t want to admit it. So as to console themselves, they call the pretty girls prostitutes. Yo seriously, I find it fucking pathetic. Just because the aunties and fat girls are butt-ugly, it doesn`t give them the right to anyhow label a chiobu as a prostitute.

Normally when gorgeous, classy, sexily-clad ladies totter pass in their high-heels, people will look and so many times I have seen the aunties and fatass girls shooting them distasteful glares. So many times I have heard them whispering unnecessarily to their friend, "Slut" with a not so conspicuous jerk of head in the said chiobu direction. So many times their friend would turn up her lip and nod in agreement.

Good gracious you ugly-bag-of-crap Singaporean women! As I always say, "Stop the hating and start the loving!" (Actually I don`t always say that, this is the first time I`ve came up with it. But thought that it would be impactful-ish to add that in.) Pretty things are meant to be admired, not hate!

I can`t judge for the uncles though. Maybe they are just being normal guys. You know what with the constantly raging hormones regardless of their age, and following the instincts of their *ahem* tool. Yes, I know I am being very sexist with the previous statement, but haha I don`t care! Go fuck a cow.

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