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Sunday, September 14, 2008
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Look at those 2 super sampat people. Vain until see mirror anywhere keep taking photo/combing hair/adjusting hair etc etc.. Cannot stand it man.

I got so pissed off over some small thing today. I keep getting more and more temperamental recently, I pity those close to me. I flare up at the slightest remark or action. I think it`s going to be the time of the month again where I start bleeding from below for around an irritating one week.

Anyway, V saw his ex-colleague. Dragging me behind, he went to say hi to the auntie. She acknowledged me with a smile, joked a little with me and then proceeded to talk with V in malay, I heard V`s ex gf`s name kept popping up in the conversation.

Don`t judge me wrongly horh. I am not one of those crazily-possessive-obsessive super jealous gfs, but excuse me, I am standing right at his side and she keeps blabbing on about his ex that he did not even remain friends with. What the hell is that la?

This happened another time too, another auntie asked in chinese where was X (one of his another ex) and is it he and X not together already. Obviously he doesn`t know where she is and obviously he ended the relationship with her la! Or else why would I be standing beside him with his arm around my waist? This was even worse than today one because today at least the malay auntie talked to me, but this chinese auntie totally ignored me and acted as though I did not exist, it`s like she purposely wanted to antagonize me lorh. She even carried on to ask, "Why? But last time you and X very loving one leh."

I can say around 70% of the singaporean aunties totally disregard other people`s feelings and super buey paiseh one leh. Even when walking through a crowded area, if I happen to block or don`t give way to an auntie, she will "TSK" very loudly. That never fails to annoy me like fuck, I will always feel like punching one of her sagging breasts like a punching-bag until all the tendons or whatever inside her breast break and the said breast can be fucking thrown over her shoulder.

Why must I always be the one giving way sial? Then like that I just stand at the side no need walk already larh? Auntie very dua pai arh? Annihilate all these fucked up aunties la. Then the world would be a much, much, MUCH happier place to live in.

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