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Sunday, March 01, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I have no idea why some people get their panties all in twists over some things that are beyond their control. What's the use of flying into a rage over some things that they can't change? It's just a waste of time and energy and it just goes to show how low their IQs really are. They can keep screaming and hurling profanities for hours on end and at the end of the day nothing's changed has it?

I'll give an example but I'll twist and tweak the situation up a few notches so that I can truely show why those people whom get all incensed over things that are not within their means of altering are nincompoops. Observe;

WHAT IN THE NAME OF ROYAL FUCK-NESS MAN! Why the hell is this ugly-ass PLANT NOT A RACCOON?! DAMN YOU TO HELL YOU BLOODY BIRD'S NEST FERN! Oh so you think you're extremely clever, reproducing just by dispersing your millions and millions of spores without lifting a finger (or leaf)? WELL FUCK YOU LITTLE CUNT OF A PLANT YOU HEAR ME?! Do you think you are superior to that of a raccoon? NO YOU ARE NOT! Raccoons are cute and cuddly, while you look like a green pile of shit. When raccoons want to reproduce and make little baby raccoons, the reproducing part for them would be very shiok. Fuck you if you still don't wish to be a raccoon you pile of shit, I hope the caterpillars eat and shit on your leaves you ferny fuckhead.

Now, the above example shows that no matter how infuriated I become, even if I've stomped all over it, the plant would still remain a plant. Getting all hot and tempered does a big fat nothing now does it?

Anyway, I have nothing against plants, I was just trying to make a point here. I do not hate plants, it would be awfully lame and not to mention pointless to hold a grudge against plants. Speaking of plants, are fruits grouped into the category of plants too? I suppose they are, considering how all strawberries have a tuft of leaves growing out from their tops (sort of reminds me of pubic hair). I love strawberries but hate the taste of that fruit though, it tastes like armpits. You know how men's armpits tend to emit an odour, and that odour has a very sourish, unpleasant smell? Yeah, strawberries are that sour to me. I just like strawberries because they have a very appealing appearance about them, I think they are kind of beautiful in a I-don't-know-why-also way.

Look, prettaaayyyyeee...

I do not like this though, this one is fugly and kinds of freaks me out a little.

What the hell am I talking about? I'm totally diverting away from my original topic. So just to make a long story short, the moral of this blog-post is;

Do not stand beside an extremely sweaty/obese man whose armpits are exposed. Don't say I didn't warn you, the stench is enough to drive anyone to suicide. True story.

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