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Sunday, August 02, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Finally after weeks and weeks of procrastination, all of us managed to wake up on time / didn't have something on to make it to the Zoo today.

My legs feel so sore now. I have not been walking such long distances for eons already. Since Sec 3 I guess, when me and Minyi were coerced into laser sessions after some no-life loser told on us to the Discipline Master that we had tattoos. We'll always get 2 weeks of MC for P.E after each laser session, but because the MC is handwritten, we'll change it to a much longer period. By then when our "edited" MCs have expired, it was also time for our next laser session anyway. So everytime during P.E where the P.E teachers (who are forever too lazy to entertain us with games) make all the students run 2.4km, me and Minyi would be slacking around that area bitching and laughing over bimbotic stuff.

Somehow, even though I had to go through the excruciating pain of my 5 tattoo laser sessions, honestly, I've not regretted getting that tattoo done at all (okay, maybe I would've tend to regret during the lasering process, but that probably was because the pain was too intense and I was not in a stable state of mind, I was being conquered by the agony of it, but I could think properly after that although the fresh and bleeding wound was still tormentingly burning like a motherfucker).
Firstly, why I did not regret is because I detest P.E.
Secondly, I do not live my life in regrets, I need to make mistakes just so that I can really learn from them.
Lastly, when it healed, it turned out looking like I did scarification. And scarification although gross and idiotic, is cool and intrepid.

Fuck you, you are just jealous that I have a very charming and alluring sense of recklessness and audaciousness. I am so unambiguously NOT immatured or irrational, YOU are just a meek and weak coward.


I didn't really have the mood to blog a new post all this time because I'm lazy and have been going out every single day to have fun, and to constantly update my blog is something so frivolous and fun-time-consuming I have been studying for my upcoming exams like mad, I simply have no time.

So, no photos. Unless I feel like it some other day. Or maybe I won't feel like it.

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2nd May 1992

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