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Sunday, October 11, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Me, Cong, Peixiong, Jascelyn and Perry got together 3 days ago to celebrate Perry ahkor's 19th birthday.

We took the Singapore Flyer's night flight. The view was absolutely amazing, you could really see the whole Singapore's lighted up landscape from the peak. But after that short breath-taking moment, I started to get bored and restless, I just simply don't have it in me to really stop and appreciate sceneries. Unlike my parents, whenever we go overseas or something, they would gaze at those snow-covered mountain peaks / cherry blossom trees / ponds / the Eiffel tower / other don't know what towers / ancient temples / the Trevi fountain / other don't know what fountains / the Vatican city where the Pope stays / other huge-ass buildings where royalty or someone significant resides in / old Cathedrals / old Churches / old something / etc, etc, etc, and would want to take like a million photos until it's really time for us to go. The "Wow. Wtf." factor lasts 5 minutes tops for me, after that I will start to wander around restlessly and maybe throw in a little whining.

So anyway, after the Singapore Flyer we went back to yishun. Perry, Jas and Px went to eat while Cong and I went to take Perry's cake. They went back to Perry's house first and we arrived a little later with his cake lighted up at his house's doorstep. He said in his blog that we tried to surprise him but failed. DON'T LIE PEARWEE! I KNOW WE SUCEEDED! He was grinning away from ear to ear.

Speaking of Perry's birthday cake, I got a real kick out of it when they allowed me to get the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEARWEEE!" on his cake. Totally regretted not snapping a closeup of it.

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