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Friday, November 20, 2009
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Little Updates;

Still have not gotten used with the idea of myself having bangs. I just look like a retarded, fat goldfish.

Christmas is about a month away! I love christmas!!! It fills me up with inexplicable joy and a celebratory mood, even though this christmas will most likely be spent pigging out and slacking around with my usual friends, I'm really eagerly anticipating it.

And Pearweeeeeeeeeeee's coming back in a few more days! He's going to clear his leave when he gets back. Weicong and I miss him so much and we have alot of places planned to go when he comes back.

I'm twitting like crazy nowadays ever since Fishball helped me activate a twitter sms function in my phone. Thanks Fishball!

My younger bro's friends got into Changi Remand Prison, another one is still waiting for his court case with 2 cases on his hands. Though they used to be mischevious boys, they were actually good kids who used to do quite well in school. It's sad they turned out like that and ruined their futures because of bad influence.

Oh my god, I sound like a super auntie now who would in auntie protocol shake their heads and tsk-ed at the boys. No no no can't let that happen, going to change my take about this.

At least they can see what a prison looks like through the eyes of a real prisoner right? Coooooooooool....... I hope they would bring back a souvenir for me from prison (even though I have not went out or talked to them for about a year already), like perhaps a little chip off a grey crumbling prison wall? That would be awesome!

Alright, the sky has long since turned bright, going to bed now.

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