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Thursday, April 01, 2010
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

I'll be furthering my studies in Australia, Melbourne in a few months time.

My family would be emigrating to Australia since my elder brother is also currently studying there so that it would be more convenient. My younger brother's just finished his O'Levels so he'll be attending the same college as me. My 2 doggies would be coming along with us too. The fucked up part is that they would have to be quarantined at the customs for a few days before being sent off in a baggage plane to Australia, where we would collect them there. Imagine my poor 2 princesses alone, stuck in teeny weeny cages for hours and the roar of the plane's engine would probably give Honey a heart attack. :(

I'm somehow looking forward to living life abroad in a less conservative country but I'm also feeling really really apprehensive of starting everything over again in a foreign environment. I heard from my grand auntie and many others who've emigrated there that the Aussies are really racist towards Chinese.

I keep feeling so emotionally stressed since the day this was decided and settled. There's so much I'll be leaving behind. Great friends, not so great friends, friends who are pyschotically scary, my beloved maternal grandma, the house and all the furniture in it that I've grown so attached to. But then again, I guess that this is the only way that I'll have a much better future. The degrees there are of heavier weightage compared to the degrees in Singapore. When I've graduated from the university I would be able to come back to Singapore again to work.

Ok, that was a bad april fool's day joke. I'm not going to further my studies anyway in the world even if my life depended on it. My dad has always been urging me to join my elder brother in Melbourne but I'm just not that type who's easily ready to throw everything behind and just take off.

I remember last year on april fool's day, the first and only one I fooled was this extremely adorably stupid guy. I send him a text him saying that I'm was in hospital for accidentally chopping of my little finger when I was cutting an apple. Retarded as it might sound, I made my sms appear very genuine by mentioning here and there about how distraught I was about losing a finger. He replied my text asking me which hospital I was in, that was when I told him it's an april fool's joke. He then started exclaiming about how he even went to check his wallet to see if he had enough money to cab down.

Hahahah what a funny dude.

Happy April Fool's Day!
Screw and get screwed!

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2nd May 1992

I love my doggy, Honey. She means the entire world to me.

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