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Thursday, October 21, 2010
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Have you heard? The US Currency Rate is at an all-time low!

So the other day..:

Me: Pa, is it true that the US currency keeps going down?
Dad: Yeah. It's very low now.
Me: So it's the best opportunity to shop from the US right?
Dad: You want? Ok la let's go to the US. *Very happily* When?
Me: No. I mean from the online US shops.
Dad: What?! *Chuckles* Then no.

So I take that as a yes that he'll pay for me for my F21 bill! Since he's already so willing to fly to the US for shopping, I'll help him further by NOT flying to the US but getting my goods shipped from America to Singapore!

Seriously, my parents are enthusiasts & big fans of travelling. The first time I travelled abroad I haven't even turned 1 year-old yet! I hate travelling to other countries. People call me stupid, because travelling is considered a luxury? But fuck no. I've been to so many countries, and I don't enjoy my time at all. Most of the time I'm always sleep deprived, bored out of my mind and dragging my feet wherever I go. We have to keep rushing from places to places.

The most stressful time when I travelled ovearseas was when we had to travel through all the well known & famous destinations in Europe within 2 weeks; Rome, Greece, Italy, Venice, Switzerland, England, Paris, the Vatican City, just to name a few, I forgot the rest. Everyday we're staying at a new hotel, we had to get up at 4-5am every morning to bathe, pack up, eat a hurried breakfast and the tour guide would hustle us all hurriedly into the bus to go to another far away destination. We spent more time in the bus than touring. Fuck. Imagine the stress of staying in a different hotel every night. I had to be careful with whether I remembered to pack in all my stuff before hurriedly booking out. And we all only got like 3 hours of sleep every night. NO SLEEP GETS ME MAD! And I hate looking at scenaries. It's boring. My eyes only light up when I'm at the duty-free shops in the airport.

So yeah, travelling is totally not my thing. I'm a patriot of Singapore. Go Singapore! Win the World Cup!

WAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! Ok, we all know that shit's not gonna happen, not even in a billion years.

So back to the US Currency Rate, right now, USD $1 = SGD $1.2990. I installed this application on my blackberry that enables me to check the live market rates every time. I've already got all the items I want from F21 piled up in my cyber basket, I'm just waiting for the right time to strike so that I can save daddy more money.


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