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Friday, October 22, 2010
but when the rhapsody plays; it takes my breath away

Honey's extremely spoilt rotten but she can be as sweet as.. well, honey, when cirsumstances call for it.

Dad told me that just now when I was not at home, Angel accidentally fractured/sprained her paw. She started screaming at the top of her lungs continuously. Poor Angel.. She has a really high treshold for pain, she does not scream when she's in pain, she merely growls a little, everytime she gets her annual vaccination when the needle goes into her it's as if she doesn't even feel it, while Honey either shrieks or flinches when she gets vaccinated. But Angel screamed this time, and it was ear-deafening, or so I heard from my father. So Honey got startled and she came over, Angel had her left paw pathetically held up, Honey looked at it worriedly, sniffed it, licked it, looked at Angel then repeated all those steps again and again.


Dad told me that when my family and I were having dinner at Thomson Plaza. Dad stayed back at Thomson Plaza to help out with the fish shop after dinner while Mum sent me and my younger brother home.

So when my younger brother and I reached home, we immediately wanted to take a look at Angel's paw. Poor Angel greeted us happily when we reached home but she was still in such pain, she was actually wagging her tail really vigorously but whining and crying in pain at the same time. My younger bro always likes to play really rough with my 2 dogs. So when my younger brother was just near Angel, stroking her and trying to see her paw, Honey ran up to him, jumped up and bit his nose. She then continued trying to bite him everything he came near Angel. She's so so sooo sweet. She was so afraid that he might hurt Angel further more or something.

My younger brother then went up to his room while I carried Angel up and put her on the sofa. Honey ran to their dog bowl, picked up a bone and ran back to me where I carried her on the sofa. She then placed the bone infront of Angel.

It's so weird to see her doing this because usually she's bullying Angel. Always biting Angel on the face in jealousy, snatching away Angel's bone when Angel's holding it, standing over Angel's head to attempt to gain dominance. Normally, Angel's the one being sweet towards Honey. She knows that Honey has a bad habit of only wanting her bone so whenever she bites her bone a little bit she will stand up and walk away for Honey to take. Their meals are always put on a single big metal plate where they will share from, Angel gobbles down the food while Honey will nibble at the food, look/walk around for a little bite and she will continue to nibble somemore. Angel knows this, so whenever we place their plate on the floor, Angel will just lie there while Honey eats first and Angel will join her shortly, but after gobbling down the food for awhile, Angel will walk around and lie down to let Honey eat her equal share. Only when Honey is done with eating will Angel get up to lick up the leftovers.

I have no idea why my dogs get along so well. When I brought Honey back as a puppy I did not bother to properly introduce her to Angel like how those puppy books suggested to. I just knew that I loved to place the then tiny little Honey on top of Angel much to the annoyance of the both of them. Perhaps it's an affinity between the 2 of them.

I'm so proud of Honey. I thought that she was only capable of showing affection only for me and being spoilt. It makes me so happy to know that she really concerns herself over Angel, her big sister. I always feel all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about the sweet things my precious dogs have done.

Woah did you really bother reading through this whole bimbotic, senseless but happy post? God, you have no life to want to read something as frivolous as this. But for reading this whole meaningless post, here's a reward!:

An extremely cute photo of my baby Honey smiling at the camera along with me!

Ok so that aside, why the fuck would you want to come to my blog to read an extremely embarrassing post of me being all sappy, girly and gigglish? This kind of blog posts are for me to go all schizo on myself and it's not for your fucking prying, filthy eyes to see. These are all too above you, scurry along now and go read something more suitable for scums like you.

Now fuck off you douchebag.

Just kidding.

Come on!

Why so serious?

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